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The WP Store Locator is a powerful and easy-to-use location management system. Store WP Locator The WP Store Locator is a high-performance and easy-to-use site locator system. Adjust the look and feel of the card and create user-defined names for input boxes, the default locale for the area. You can use a filter to insert user-defined metadata. Supports user-defined card style.

Works with multi-lingual plug-ins such as WPML and qTranslate X. You can move the cursor in the text box to the precise position on the card. Display Google Maps in different tongues, this also affects the description of how to get there. User can choose to return results by radii, maximum results, or categories.

Adjust maps preferences such as land elevation model, mapping control position, and standard zooming state. You can use the Geolocalization API to find the user's present position and view the nearest shops. Uses customized mail items and contains almost 30 different filtering options to help you modify the look and handling of the Storehouse locator.

Before submitting a question for help, please have a look at the installation manual of the Storage Location. CSV Manager allows you to use a CSV for importing, exporting, and updating your sites. Such widget allows user to browse from any of the widgetized areas in your topic for sites near stores and view results on the Shop Localizer page.

With the Statistics add-on, you can keep an overview of which sites your customers are looking for and see where there is a need for a new shop. Make a folder according to the location. Make a Google API Key and specify it on the preferences page. Place the starting point on the Preferences.

Make a Google API and specify it on the preferences page. Place the starting point on the Preferences. Describes how to append the Storehouse locator to a page. Include this abbreviation [wpsl] on the page where you want to view the Store locator. This can be fixed by adjusting the Browsers Keys on the preferences page.

Most likely this is due to a plug-in like W3 Total Cache that tried to reduce the HTML display on the Stores locator page. This can be fixed by removing the Storehouse Locator from the reduction on the preference page of the plug-in you are using. So, if your shop location is used on mydomain.com/store-locator, enter 'store-locator'.

May I use different Marker for different catagories or single branch sites? Instructions how to use customized marks are described here, you can also use different marks for only a few places or only for the different classes. Ensure that you have set a starting point for the chart under Preferences -> Chart preferences.

What is the reason why the site I am looking for is displayed in the incorrect state? A few site filenames coexist in more than one land, and Google will guesswork which one you mean. You can fix this by selecting the right'Map Region' on the Preferences page -> API Preferences. Doesn't charge, just shows number 1?

You can try disabling the alternate options of your themes, or disabling the plug-in to see if it fixes the issue. Conceal the From and To icons when the card is first displayed, we simply enjoy displaying an icons to determine the location of the business.

Display both site and orientation symbols only when someone asks for route description for travel from there. When both symbols are displayed all the while without a cause, it becomes simply bewildering, first only our position (symbol) should be displayed on the chart. It' s better encoded, more agile and customizable than many retail chain stores.

"The WP Store Locator" is open code game. Modified: The used co-ordinates were shortened to 5 decimal places in the JS scripts to bypass this[https://issuetracker.google. com/issues/115484101#comment3](reverse geocoding bug). 3. Corrected a "No results found" issue (based on the WPSL preferences used) when you were searching for large towns such as Los Angeles.

Modified: Change the Google Maps Maps API to 3.33 to avoid sudden breakage of card by monthly weekly updated APIs. This number can be overwritten with the filters '.wpsl_gmap_api_version' and '.wpsl_gmap_api_version'. Added: A "Export Location Data" pushbutton has been added to the Administratorditor to facilitate processing of possible GDPR file permissions.

You can use this filtering to fade it out if you like. Added: Added a filters include that allows you to create extra drop downs on the preferences page. Modified: Added: Added wpsl_address short-code to include short-code for ''directions'' and ''clickable_contact_details''. Added: An optional feature in the User Experience section of the preferences page to make the contacts (phone / email) always available for click.

Added: A filtering'wpsl_skip_cpt_template' to avoid that the script is executed in the function'cpt_template'. Modified: When the statistic add-on is enabled, the full Geocode API answer is added to the AJAXs. Modified: Modified: A CSS policy has been added to suppress double drop downs created by the Select2 libraries used by some theme types.

Modified: Modified: Bug in geoLocationTim (e)out variable corrected Changed: The fpsl. poff file was up-dated. Fixed: The postal code was not always properly extracted from the reply of the Geo-Code-API if the user site is recognized automatic. Modified: Added: A WPSL_Templates_class which manages the different template in the Stores locator and in the coming folder and in add-ons for local places.

Added: A filters'wpsl_settings_tab' that allows to insert user-defined tab pages on the preferences page. Added: An option'wpsl_settings_section' to allow you to specify user-defined boxes on the preferences page. Modified: The find_nearby_locations(), check_store_filter() and check_allowed_filter_value() now accept a $args para-m. Modified: The geolocalization requirement time-out has been incremented.

Added: The wpsl_map_tab_anchor filters now also accept an arrays, so you can display more than one map (with the short form wpsl_map) side by side in different tabbed views. Added: A search for storage devices tool within the text box that allows you to create short code properties for the short code within it. Added: Added a preference page scan that checks the provided Google Map API keys in the background when they are stored.

Added: A requiredFields value for the js_settings feature that allows you to customize/remove the validation of the necessary field (s) when using the'Preview Location' pushbutton in the administration area. Modified: Not used $i meter has been deleted from preference category. Modified: The treatment of bugs returning from the Geocode API has been enhanced and their significance cleared.

Modified: Now Firefox also needs SSL to be able to read the Geolocation API, so the hint text on the preferences page has been refreshed. Modified: Contains the latest release of the category EDD_SL_Plugin_Updater ( 1.6. 14). Modified: So if you are using a user-defined style sheet, make the same modification. Modified: Modified: A absent ) has been added to the countries names listing on the preferences page.

Modified: The . pots files and the translation into the Netherlands and Spanish (via Jaime Smeke) have been refreshed. Modified: Change the view modes for the wpsl-directions category to tab instead of bloc to avoid that some topics have a broad underscore. Modified: Worked over: Add the used trip modus to the created Google MapsURL that shows the route description to the Google Maps users themselves.

Added: The ability to upload your own pictures for the cluster. When it is off, it focuses on the starting point and uses the zooming point from the Starting zooming point area. Added: A verification that avoids that the maximum result value / range used in the SQL request is larger than the maximum value specified on the preferences page.

Modified: The parameter for the scan range in the AJAX call had to be renamed from scan range to scan range to correspond to the value of the preference page. Notice: If you use user-defined arbitrary codes based on the fact that the parameter you return is a radii, change its name to search_radius. Modified: The . pots filename has been refreshed.

Added: A wpsl_direction_travel_mode flag that allows you to modify the driving modes used for the direction. Added: A filename named, ? wpsl_distance_unit filter. Added: A wildcard flag to allow you to deactivate the subscription of newsletters in a multi-site group. Added: Added user-defined alternateMarkerUrl and categoryMarkerUrl information in JS files to allow you to specify a user-defined markup for each location and category.

Modified: Updated the wpsl_draggable_map flag and added Google Maps gesttureHandling to it. Modified: Make sure that the areas on the preferences page that are covered by the maps correspond to Google's areas covered by the Google Region Reports. Modified: Contains the latest release of the category EDD_SL_Plugin_Updater ( 1.6. 12). Modified: Contains the latest release of the category EDD_SL_Plugin_Updater ( 1.6. 8).

Modified: Modified: Contains the latest release of the category EDD_SL_Plugin_Updater ( 1.6. 7). Modified: Modified: When uninstalling, delete the WPSL cap and the Store Locator Manager part. PHP hint displayed when the preference page was stored with an empty starting position box. Modified: Modified: Modified: The starting point co-ordinates are now used to centre the chart in the chart section on the preferences page instead of always moving it to Holland.

Modified: Removed the current preference to prevent two Google Maps libs from being loaded at the same moment to "Enable compatible mode" on the Tools section of the Preferences page. Modified: The fpsl. poten files have been refreshed. Modified: Do not use the obsolete icl_object_id() feature anymore if the WPML release is newer than 3.2.

Add an optional feature to the Google Shop Location section to avoid other scripting embedding the Google Maps API a second use. Martinique has been allocated the right countries on the preferences page. Modified: Auto-customize the default Google Maps interface when WMPL or qTranslate XP is on.

Modified: The treatment of bug reports returning from the Google Geocode API has been enhanced. Modified: Modified: The fpsl. poten files have been refreshed. Fixed: Browsers keys were added to Google Maps JavaScript API queries in the administration area. Modified: Insert the voice mail into the AJAX application when WPML is on.

This is a wildcards flag that allows you to build a user-defined HTML pad that will replace the text 'No results found'. Ability to activate automatic completion for the site search. Hint: Please check this if you are using a customized style sheet and want to use the Auto Complete feature. This is a flag that allows you to deactivate the actual JS style for all drop downs.

Added: You can now modify the "Any" text used in the Categories drop-down box in the Label section of the preferences page. Added a filters field named wpsl_hide_closed_hours, with which you can hide the days when the site is closed from the list of opening hours. User-defined drop-down lists containing a wpsl-custom-dropdown classset are added to the AJAX informationutomatically.

Updated the Store Locator submenu to include an Add-Ons page. This is a wpsl_map_tab_anchor_anchor_return flag that lets you select between returning real and returning real when you click the tabs anchors. Modified: The drop-down list for the categorie is now generated with wp_dropdown_categories and displays the subcategories correctly. Modified: If a query does not produce any results, the maps will now concentrate on the site being queried instead of just displaying the message labeled as " No results found".

Modified: Instead of a common "API-Keyfield" there are now separated servers and browsers keyfields. Modified: You can modify the maximal altitude with the filters wpsl_max_dropdown_height_height. Modified: The text wrapping in the categories elements has been deleted. Modified: The wpml-config. xml and wpsl.pot were refreshed. Modified: If the auto-completion for the starting point failed on the setting page ("JS error"), the preset starting point is geocoded behind the scenes when the setting is stored.

Modified: One JS feature now covers all conditioned option on the preferences page instead of several smaller ones. Modified: The zoom_name and zoom_latlng preferences are modified to start_name and start_latlng. Modified: So if you are using a user-defined style sheet, make sure you set category_dropdown to category_filter in your category/command.

A click on the highlighter on a particular page / [wpsl_map] page caused a JS failure if the site permission links are on. Fixed: Filters wpsl_map_tab_anchor do not work with shortcode[wpsl_map]. Added: A shortcut to the Add-Ons page has been added to the plug-in line. wp_editor " is supported with the filters set to the standard WP editor: fields are displayed with the filters set to fields.

Modified: Modified: If you use the attribut "category" on the shortcode[wpsl_map], then the shop name in the highlighter information dialog links to the shop page or the user-defined URL as well. Added: You can now use the attribut "category" (use the catagory plug as values) on the shortcut[wpsl_map] to display places that are part of one or more catagories.

This is a wildcards _marker_props filtering that allows you to modify the defaults of Anker, Scaled Size, and Source for the markeder picture. Using the filters you can limit the results of the geocodes by administrative area, city, postal code, administrative district and itinerary. This is a draggable wpsl filters that you can use to turn drag on and off.

Notice: Please check this if you are using a customized style sheet! Modified: If you need to encode the full URL ("new memory") and a value for "state" is given, it is now contained in the Geo code query. Modified: When the Geo-Code API return a REST_DENIED state, the return failure notice is displayed that explains why it fails.

Fixed: Rarely the SQL request would return double positions with the same Post-ID. Absent tool tip text for the launch flag and the information pane for aborting the launch flag when the Geolocation API has successfully identified the user site. Modified: When a WPML-compatible plug-in is recognized, a message appears above the labeled section that the "String Translations" section should be used in the used multi-language plug-in to modify the labeled part.

Modified: The " sensors " setting has been deleted from the Google Maps JavaScript API. Modified: Update translations file. Modified: Modified: Corrected the locations and sizes of the map/current locations resets icons to conform to the new controls implemented in v3.22 of the Google Maps API. Modified: This made it more difficult for designs to change the symbol fonts used to display the default resource map/icon for the currently selected area.

Modified: Added removal of card pan controls and zooming controls from the preferences page and short code attributes[wpsl_map]. Both are obsolete in version 22 of the Google Maps API. Worked around: Not all user always see the hint to change the 1. x positions into user-defined mailtype.

Resolved: The auto load transient is not deleted after you change the starting position on the setup page. Modified: Modified: If you use the Stores locator in a tabs, the tabulator doesn't have to be 'wpsl-map-tab' anymore. Using the filters 'wpsl_map_tab_anchor' you can use anything you want. Fixed: Road display does not show the right position after being used more than once, via marijke_25.

Removed from a user-defined DB spreadsheet, the storage location is now recorded as a user-defined mail type. Notice: The update process prompts you to transform the actual location into user-defined mailtype. The process lasts about 1 min per 1000 branches. Ability to enable/disable permalink for the shops and create a customized slot on the preferences page.

This is a text box on the preferences page where you can insert JSON codes to customize the card you use. This is a wildcards file containing a wpsl_geolocation_timeout filter. Choice of different addressing format and a filtering feature to include your own. Filtering that allows you to insert user-defined shop information and modify the HTML structures of the information pane and shop list templates.

Ability to specify a maximum site workload when automatic site loads are on. The names on the preferences page have been extended to 'E-Mail' and 'Url'. A general preferences and document linking has been added to the plug-in actions hyperlinks. Ability to specify a different kind of site view maps.

This is a wildcards file format (wpsl_thumb_size) that allows you to adjust the thickness of the file on the front end without having to edit your own custom styles. Ability to suppress the removal in the branch list. JS added to the JS to prevent a gray card when the store locator is placed in a tabs. Modified: Improved troubleshooting for the Geolocalization API.

Modified: Irrespective of the chosen pattern, the branch card is always placed in front of the branch listing on smaller monitors. Modified: The file wp-content/languages is verified for translation before using the translation in the plug-in-directory. Modified: The Restore Card toolbar now uses a symbol fonts and is placed in the lower right hand edge together with a new symbol "Current Position".

Modified: The clusters highlighter picture will use HTTPS if available. Modified: The standard geolocation time-out has been raised from 3000 to 5000 ms. Modified: The Google Maps geocode queries always use HTTPS. Modified: Instead of using file_get_contents or cursorl the Google Maps API query now uses file_remote_get. Modified:

The ' wpsl_capability' flag has been superseded by the' Store Locator Manager' part. Modified: Modified: The filters wild_templates now expect an ID box to be present in the arrays. Modified: Removed the name of the filters from'wpsl_gmap_api_attributes' to include them in the file named back to us. Modified: A problem that prevents the preferences page from storing the changes on a server that used the mod_security engine.

Fixed: On the front end, the pan command does not work if it is activated on the preferences page. Drag ged the branch position mark in the branch editors to get the wrong co-ordinates sometimes. A click on the marking does not open the information dialog anymore after a Google Maps API up-date. Worked around: The "Discard" button does not work in the note that reminded the user to set a starting point.

An html day that has interrupted the shop list in IE7/8. Modified:

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