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Creates shortcuts, custom post types, menus, taxonomies and more. Create an admin menu with the registration of the menu page and the handler class. Hastig " Generate excerpts of WordPress codes The Hasty is designed to accelerate your WordPress authoring. Many WordPress plug-ins are available to help you generate shortcuts, user-defined mail type and other useful things. There are other on-line generator, such as GenerateWP, which can also help you generate your own coding easily.

However, ease and quickness can always be enhanced.

And so I made Hasty for my work. Hastty will generate shortcuts in seconds, while other utilities require time. Or, with Hasty you can select a preferred programming interface in the user-defined Mail-Type Generator, with other generating utilities you have to compile standard expressions yourself. After a few week with Hasty, I finally resolved to rebuild it so everyone could use it.

Generate wp mail

Produces some contributions. Create a certain number of new contributions with your own database. How many contributions have to be created? The type of the created contributions. This is the state of the contributions created. Returns the name of the posting. default: --- [--post_author=] The name of the creator of the posting. default: ---[--post_date=] The date of the posting.

Standard: actual date[--post_date_gmt=] The GMT date of the created contributions. Standard: Value of mail_date (or actual date if it is not set) [--post_content] If checked, the function will read the mail_content from STDIN. Use [ --max_depth=] For hierachical contribution kinds you create subordinate contributions up to a certain deep. Generate contributions. Generate contributions with retrieved contents.

Adds me to every post it generates. --ssh= [:][@][:][]Perform an action against a distant host via SSH (or a host with the schema "docker", "docker-compose", "vagrant"). Skip plugins[=]Skip the load of all plugs or a comma-separated listing of plugs. skip themes[=]Skip downloading all topics or a comma-separated listing of topics. PackagesSkip does not load all package (s) that have been loaded. --prompt [=]Ask the operator to specify a value for all instruction argument (s) or a substring specified as combated value.

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