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In WordPress, you can also customize your title page by creating a custom page template. Easy-to-understand instructions on how to make changes to the settings of your WordPress homepage. From time to time LeadPages publishes a new template as an HTML download.

Creating your own homepage in WordPress

Once you begin working on your new WordPress Blog, you need a topic first. No matter whether you opt for a free variant, opt for a free version or begin with the construction of a new variant, you need a homepage. It' easy to find good designs, but you can still customise the title page.

According to which contents you are confronted with, the home pages can be totally different. Whilst message blogs will probably display the latest messages on the home page, a small corporate website will have a corporate logotype and some important detail about the corporation. It' s clear that every homepage should be different and so should yours.

When you can't make one from a template that comes with your selected design, or when the graphical builder you're working with is missing detail, it's your turn to make a customized home page for your WordPress Web site. In order to begin, you must begin by creating a customized page template. Be sure to name your template as "homepage" or something you can recognize, because you will need it later.

If you follow the previously referenced article's guidelines for how to build customized page styles, you can build a page that meets your needs. To get the look and feel of your homepage, you need to be familiar with PHP, HTML and HTML and to know how to use PHP and HTML. In order to get a starting aid, we recommend that you copy page.php from your design to your new template, which you can then change more quickly than reprogramming the template from the ground up.

Once you have finished customising your new home page template, perform these simple tasks to actually release your new home page: If you hurry to see what the homepage looks like, you will still see your old page on your computer monitor. This is because you still haven't said to WordPress that it should use a new page as its home page, so let's do that:

Successfully converted your homepage into a user-defined page of your choosing. If you want to edit the page further and if you want to insert or delete a feature from your homepage, just open the template and do the programming. Yes, as you can see, the setup of the site is very simple, but the creation of a template that will be a good homepage will require some skills and additional work.

Don't be afraid, you can still create your own homepage. Have a look at our WordPressutorials, which can help you to enhance your homepage and make it easier.

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