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The WP Magazine New Jersey PERCUSSON S, in residency at William Paterson University, has been a New Jersey performing powerhouse for new Jersey for five years. Formed in 1968 by Raymond Des Roches, a 2002 retirement professorship musicologist, the company now consists primarily of William Paterson faculties and graduates, has commission, debuted and conducted a number of works composed for drums, and has toured the United States and Europe.

On February 5th, the 50-year jubilee concerto marked the continuation of this traditional event as the orchestra presented a number of international debuts and made its debut with its latest record, the New Jersey Percussion Ensemble at 50, vol. 1: A Volume of Concertos by Peter Jarvis and Payton MacDonald.

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TownNews is a premier WordPress Magazin topic.? Unrestricted colour scheme, unrestricted gallery, 11 page styles, 2 free and fully customisable Premium Widget - UrbanNews is based on an attractive, contemporary raster design that provides a great way to view a lot of great contents and images. There are no user-defined mail type, the ability to turn attractive posters on and off, easily added art and videos, 125 fully customisable symbols available - the choices are abundant, simple to maintain, fantastic to use.

Do you need galleries? The UrbanNews is continuously developed and actualized.

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