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View the largest collection of free news WordPress topics. Best 25 News WordPress Topics 2018 If you create and curate a news page, designing is everything. Therefore the choice of the right topic is crucial for the career, after all there are many badly crafted news topics. Although the functions you need to search for when selecting a news topic differ depending on the intended use of your site, you will certainly want to select a topic that gives priority to legibility and easy browsing.

They will also want to ensure that the topic is perfectly optimised for searchengines, as users want only the most pertinent and up-to-date news contents. In order to help you make the right choice, we have put together a listing of the 25 best WordPress news topics. Given the high volumes of traffic on your news site, it's important that the layouts are neat and welcoming - otherwise your users can go elsewhere to their everyday news fix.

MH Magazine is recommended for a topic that provides a clear and concise theme with flexibility in terms of page layout choices. More than 26 broadget positions are included in the theme, among them a fully dedicated front page style sheet for creating highly customizable designs and distinctive ad viewing areas. There are a large number of user-defined Widgets available to view contents such as category-based or tag-based reviews, postings, social networking, YouTube video, and more.

The FlexSlider 2 plug-in provided allows important news to be shown in a prominent way, and a jQuery news sticker is also contained, in brief, scrolling news. To make further adjustments to MH Magazine, the developer has added a file to make a sub-theme. Overall, MH Magazine is perfect for those who need a clear look combined with a nimble lay-out to provide everyday news feed.

Frequently, the best topics are those that have been created for a particular use, taking into consideration the needs of a particular kind of use. Newspapers are one such topic - they are deliberately conceived for news and journal web sites. More than 65,000 satisfied clients and many more make the paper available to novice readers while offering many advanced features.

It is a mobility optimised concept that is clear, concise, fast and focuses on power and function. It can also capture a lot of contents and high-resolution pictures while minimizing loading time. With over 50 ready-made demonstrations to select from, the user friendly and easy-to-use user interfaces make the designing experience just as rapid.

After all, Newspaper is fully optimised for Google AdSense and comes with a system that automatically recognises and responds to advertisements. If you want a quick and reactive website to post multi-channel contents across your web site, this contemporary, appealing theme could be just what you're looking for. It is important when creating a news website to have a homepage that presents a wide range of eye-catching items.

Many news topics, however, are not aimed at minimumism. PenNews distinguishes itself from the rest of the market by the wide margin you have for customizing the format. You have the ability to choose from more than 40 different theme blocks, over ten raster designs, and a wide range of user-defined movie list and galleries to choose from.

Whether your news site is focusing on a particular market segment, PenNews is great value for your money and should be part of your theme selection! If it'?s news coverage, call is everything. Fortunately, there is one topic that can help you set yourself apart from others - Jannah. One of the main concerns of the developer of this topic was clearly to help you get your website up and run quickly.

If you want to further modify (or completely redesign) your layout, you can switch to the integrated drag-and-drop page creator. Whilst many other topics stop there, Jannah provides some elaborate supplements that could be a dealer. As an example, there is an automatic removal facility for double contents - without this function you could see adverse effects on your search engine optimization (SEO).

This topic also contains a desktops alert feature so your frequent users can get the latest news without having to browse your website. It would be forgiving for you to think that Jannah is just another "me too" topic if you were to browse the demo and sale pages in passing. It does, however, contain some very useful functions, all packaged in a classy look.

All in all, Jannah is a topic that we heartily commend! If you create a news website, you want it to be quick, reactive, and agile. It is a topic specially conceived for news websites and similar recesses, and this emphasis is paying off. It is well optimised for portable equipment and has very quick charging time.

In order to help you create a website that attracts readers' interest and keeps them coming back, there are many ways to optimize their outfit. MagPlus has your back if you want to quickly create a quick, classy news site. This theme will get you up and about in no time and your guests will have an outstanding adventure every year.

As you browse through the voice theme, the term "elegance" may come to you most. "Combining a slim, box-shaped look with vibrant colours makes for an appealing effect - perhaps not particularly artful, but certainly pleasant to the eyes. Like some other subjects in this compilation, Voice provides color-coded category information that can be useful when your site is publishing article on a variety of subjects.

Type - probably of decisive importance for a news topic - is perhaps not as conspicuous as one would like. On a theme that tends to radiate much more often, the typefaces seem a little uninspired and sober. Apart from that, Voice provides easy type adjustment, so if you have the amount of free will to find your own distinctive typeface combinations, you can add your own personal touch to the look.

Newsgroups must be functionally designed and focus on your assets. In this sense, Newsmag PRO is just the thing and could be the perfect theme for your news website. We immediately noticed that Newsmag PRO was missing when it came to customisation choices. Normally topics clearly show the available demonstrations and adjustment choices.

No, not on this subject. Furthermore, there is no drag-and-drop page creator combined with the theme, while the layouts are created using a user-defined administration pane. There is a newsticker for viewing small news clippings and a variety of sliders and carousels to present your contents in a prominent way.

In addition, your readership can easily socialize and collaborate with your audience via your web site, and there are even integrated searchengine optimization (SEO) preferences to improve your rankings. Overall, Newsmag PRO is lacking in versatility and adaptability. The design is perfect for those who want a practical design that is immediately operational.

Purchasers looking for a contemporary theme, however, will want to keep searching. News paper is a nice news topic with stylish type. This has the same name as the previous topic on the above listing that was bought on ThemeForest, so don't get carried away - this is from the people at MyThemeShop.

It' s a breathtaking piece of art, combining a very photographic surface with a matching amount of whitespace. Fast-response layouts focus on a front-end functionality, giving you a number of choices for filtering contributions by tag such as pop, tag, specially tagged contributions, and more. And if you plan to monetise your news site with Adobe NewsSense, you're in the lucky position because Newspaper has a high-performance Adobe Photoshop ad Sense engine that optimises ad placements for CTR.

The topic is also optimised for searching machines, speeds and translations as additional bonus. The Herald is a business-like, uncomplicated news topic. Although it is less stylish than some of the other available news topics, it does manage to put a great deal of contents on the page while being simple to use.

As with many of the items in this range, Herald has a large number of custom designs. The Herald also comes with a Theme Translator, which allows you to translate all parts of your website in the Theme Options section. The NewsTime has a kind of "flat" look that becomes more fashionable every time.

Combining the appeal of celebrity photographs with a easy to navigate interface that isn't always found on news pages. Silhouette is continued in the various pages, with palladium scrolls on the picture and a basic but practical content/sidebar outline. This topic contains features that would normally be considered important for a news page, such as the Related Articles Widget and an Authors Business Line Widgets.

NewsTime can be customized to your liking using the Topic Options control box and the drag-and-drop homepage layout manager. With only 35 US dollars it is a fierce competitor among the top topics of this series. Voux is a beautiful news motif with a very flowing look. Designed with a variety of back-end features that are perfect for news topics.

The Voux is an outstanding option for any up-and-coming newspaper page, with a distinctive look that attracts the eye of every newcomer. It' s hard to summarize Grand News' look in one phrase because the theme has so many possibilities. However, the connecting principal is a clear and contemporary styling.

Where this topic glows the most are the ready-made demonstration layout. This includes general news, technology news, lifestyle and magazines, fashion news, sports news and design magazines. Every one of these pages is a fully functioning, nicely crafted news page that you can download with just one click. That makes Grand News a great choice if you just want to get going and concentrate on your work.

However, Grand News offers many customisation possibilities for those who want to mess around with it. Using a drag-and-drop context builder and a short code generating plug-in, you can change your website layout in virtually unlimited ways. Additional customizations are also possible, as over 500 Google fonts and a wide range of slide show and parallel view galleries are integrated.

WorldX is yet another breathtaking news topic that is well supplemented with great functions. Stylishly designed, it combines whitespace, iridescent typeface and many pictures into a rather cute frontend. It' s designed for fast performance, searching and AdSense. Also, the developer of ThemeShop says that they have thoroughly tried the theme to guarantee a low rebound time.

The WordX application provides assistance for postal rating, community share, authors' biographies, and the built-in 630+ typographic option. Another news topic is Woohoo, which offers you many possibilities for customizing. All of this can be installed with just one click, so you can concentrate on your work. Notice that all of these demonstration topics contain many scrolling, hovering, and transitions that may not fit everyone's designs.

The Woohoo contains and implements many different plug-in types right after unpacking. After all, the topic does support the WPML translator plug-in and WooCommerce. It is also possible to customise the website layout with a simple page creator and 11 different mailings. The 15Zine is a varied news theme that is perfectly suited for a website with several categories of magazines.

This theme comes with some really awesome stuff from the speaker, like the built-in reviewsystem. There is also a front-end evaluation system that allows website users to rate the web site contents they use. It' s designed to reflect most of the latest fashions, such as thick type, lots of whitespace and huge pictures.

When there is an area in which the topic is not covered enough, then it is the Mega Mamenu that is somewhat slowly to be loaded. 95% stars on ThemeForest after 1500+ divestments. You know, therefore, that this is definitely a high-quality subject overall. WellLife is a theme that keeps things neat and easy. Uncomplicated typesetting and minimum texture backgrounds keep your contents in focus.

As with many of the items in this compilation, GoodLife contains several built-in demonstration pages (seven to be exact). Above all, it contains a music and game setup, so it might be a good option if you want to publish on one of these subjects and not mess with your own styling choices.

GoodLife also contains all the functionality you would want in a news theme, including integrated ad sites, multiple ad layouts, and galleries and videos assistance. Eventually, the Visual Composer and Essential Grid plug-ins are included with the site, giving you full pull and droop controls over the site layout.

The Multinews is not for the weak. Naturally, busying isn't necessarily poor, and its action-packed styling can fit your needs very well. There are also neat eye-catching features throughout the theme, such as the awesome use of feature enhanced imagery on item pages and zoom effect on the canvas. Although the "box-shaped" lay-out is not suitable for everyone, it gives the theme a neat and organised look that could otherwise seem like a relegation to mayhem.

But underneath the seeming ease is a whole bunch of powerful features and functionality for as many different layout and type of medium as your contents require. This theme contains six homepage template files that you can download with a single click, and it also works with Link, Quote, Audio, Video, and Gallery mailforms. You can use the theme to design category-specific layout and page bars to supplement these user-defined mail styles.

The newsroom's offering is rounded off by subtile functions such as a "Breaking News" widget, a "Back to Top" key and dropdown menu functionality that supports video, image and wide screen content. The free integration of the Visual Composer plug-in makes it easy to adapt the system to your needs. LEGATU is a very strong news theme with a stylish look.

First, the only thing that distinguishes this issue from all the others we have considered so far is its clear societal mediation, even more than NewspaperTimes. However, the typeface of the theme is a little classic, as different type styles wander through each page and make it look a little bumpy.

Visual Composer, the theme's built-in page creator, allows you to build sophisticated page layout in just a few moments. NewPost is an outstanding news topic from the magazine3. Everything about the theme remains basic, everything about it is geared to function. NewPost follows the same back-end paradigm, reworking the WordPress natively designedustomizer.

It has been transformed into a much more complete option pane that still maintains ease of use and usability. The Magazine3 widget library, which supports everything from stock counter to pop mailinglists to ads, is also packed with the theme. But the only significant disadvantage is that the topic doesn't provide mother tongue functionality for MW, which is quite an important thing for most news websites.

Sahifa is undoubtedly a fully-fledged theme with literally thousands of possible designs and functions. Unfortunately, the wealth of contained feature has priority over the theme's real theme which is very preoccupied and optically stunning by standard. Nevertheless, Sahifa is still a worthy consideration for a news site. User-defined admin panels allow you to manage all your scene choices in one place, and a page creator is available to customize the home page.

There are eight standard skin types in, although, as already said, their standard designs are a bit too full for our taste. We have some truly breathtaking designs in this range - the standards are high. To put it in a nutshell, this subject seems very preoccupied. Full -width designs are characterized by densely packaged pictures that convey the feeling that everything has been squeezed together in the tightest of spaces (without any apparent reason).

NewsCore offers you three different homepage choices and a high degree of adaptability. Nowadays is a nice news theme, perfectly suited for contemporary web sites in magazinestyle. Today's designs are just astonishing. It' all perfectly - consistent texture, very complimentary typeface, the right motion and roller-over effect, and different shading of backgrounds.

Provides a variety of slide control choices, as well as a rotate function. Photogallery, youtube and vimeo video assistance, and hundred of adjustable theme choices are included in Today. The majority of news websites can't miss being quite "busy" considering how much they have to show. For theme creators, the keys are to present this stuff in a way that doesn't make it look overpowering.

Unfortunately, Top News doesn't seem to have prioritised this, as there is a great deal of information (both graphic and textual) that the readers can record immediately after visiting your site. The Top News is a well-designed and appealing theme, but it can simply be a little too much to be as appealing as other topics in this series.

NewPlus is a slim WordPress theme with a complete, textured outline. There is a small issue with the news plus theme - even though all items in the theme are very textured, they are not very different. What is more impressing is the performance of NewsPlus: both full screen and box formats are available, as well as two positions for gooey naviation.

The theme is 100% optimised for SQL and features proportions scale, translatable file types, two user-defined mail types, Flex Slider and a short code generation tool.

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