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It is a fully reactive WordPress Gallery plugin with extended functionality. Best-of-Breed Photo Gallery Plugins for WordPress The most widespread gallery plug-in is NGEN. With 5 million downloaded files and an avarage 3 stars score. 3/5 it is a good option for almost all use cases. What I particularly like about NextGEN is that it is in the process of being actively developed.

UPDATING: With a number of pro plug-in price choices, which include gallery, light box and e-commerce enhancements, users can quickly resell their work directly from their WordPress-based website.

It' a big leap forward for Nextgen, and positions them far ahead as the definitive premier gallery plug-in. If you don't want to resell your pictures now, if you think you might want to in the near term, the Nextgen Plus plug-in would be an great choice, so you'll have the upgrading pathway later if you choose to go e-commerce.

The Envira is a new WordPress Gallery plug-in that quickly gains in importance due to its good looks and the really well thought-out workflows that make it really simple to administer and deliver a gallery on your website. We haven't seen anything groundbreaking about the gallery design or UX, but there's a great deal to say for advanced, neat coding that works quickly, is very interoperable between web browsers in general, and appliances in particular (of course it's fully responsive).

Also we like the module based concept of the "addon" functionality that extends the functionality of the kernel plug-in app. Created with creators and performers in the back of your minds, this is a great plug-in to show a gallery of your work to clients and prospective clients. Wherever your advertising strategies include a strong focus on online communities and online communities, the Gallery should go right to the top of your plug-in wish list.

Focused on making it simple for your audience to like and annotate your photographs - and post them on their favorite online sites - this quick and reactive Flashlight plug-in provides a variety of goodies, including: Multi-browser support, 90% of WordPress topics are supported by Gallery.

The Social Gallery is available through CodeCanyon for $24 for a full licence. Are you looking for a WordPress Gallery plug-in that provides tens of thousands of layout changes, hyper-effect changes, and a variety of adjustment controls? The Fancy Gallery allows you to easily build your own picture kitchen using a user-friendly AJAX-controlled administration system or a straightforward pull & drag surface.

Easily build limitless galleries and blogs that appear in articles, pages, and widgets, and conserve your precious attention with the plugin's automatic miniature view function. Avaliable for only $25 with a full licence, Fancy Gallery also offers: To get a fast and adaptable gallery plug-in that delivers great value for your investment, visit the Thursday Gallery, which costs just $18 for a full CodeCanyon licence.

This plug-in, interoperable with all web browser and device, and managed by AJAX, allows you to create limitless gallery pages and postings with an easy-to-use built-in speed dialer. Main features included a compelling look, socially integrated usability, light box customisation, HTML and Flash compliance, and the ability to embed YouTube and Vimeo videos.

Would you like to drag the pictures you have spread all over the web into slim galeries on your own website or your own blogs? The Justified Image Grid allows you to build nice, highly reactive photo gratings from existing source files while maintaining full line spacing, look, special effect such as saturation, colour superimposition with magnifying glass, frames, multi caption, mouse-activated and more.

This ingeniously engineered gallery plug-in is engineered to make your gallery eye-catching and clean. It sets up your thumbnail views with jQuery in a justifiable raster while drawing pictures from Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, 500px, Pinterest, deviantART, Stumbleupon, Imgur, Tumblr and more. Being the bestselling gallery plug-ins available through CodeCanyon, Adjtified Image grid is a theft for only $29 for a normal licence.

It is a relatively new plug-in for me. Immediately attracting my interest is the clean way of approaching more demanding masonry-style art gallery with assistance for miniature views of different sizes. Essential Grid is Codecanyon's best-selling ride-gallery plug-in with more than 30 sample skinins and unlimited custom skin options to view pictures, YouTube and Vimeo movies, HTML5 self-hosting movies and iFramecontents.

The Essential Grid was bought by more than 23,000 people and has an avarage user rating of 4.76/5 Sternen. Would you like to build a 100% photo gallery in a few moments? The Gallery is an enhanced free plug-in that is optimised for fast display on various mobile phones. Boasting endless gallery and album possibilities, a basic light box, five different view modes, embedding of community content and more, it offers support for a variety of photo styles and allows for a variety of customizations.

The Gallery has more than 300,000 installations in use, an avarage 4.6/5 star ratings and is periodically reviewed after being upgraded this past few months. WP Photo Album Plus is engineered to make it easy to organize and view your photo and slideshow albums and provides a broad range of functions, plus limitless photo and album options, subalbums, job specifications and more.

It has an avarage User Rating of 4. 6/5 Sternen, has 40.000+ installations and was last updated last month. The Gallery Bank is intended to help WordPress editors create rich visual raster palettes, lists, masonry designs, thumbnails, and more. Avaliable in 36 different tongues and engineered to be highly reactive, it features limitless pictures in every photo book, photo uploads, visuals, animation and effect, contacts and more.

The Gallery Bank has more than 30,000 installations in use, an avarage 4.5/5 star ratings and is constantly monitored and upgraded after this month's update. Simply by name and type, this is a very much loved free options with great ratings on the plugins folder. Simplest Gallery Plugin's appeal lies in the way it works so smoothly with the gallery's normal kernel functions.

Simply deploy and enable and you will see the advantages with a really cute jQuery font boxes effect in your current gallery. You can also use the plug-in to create a number of other gallery types such as light boxes, cover flow type (as above) and thumbnail views with side scroll. The Simplest Gallery has over 6000 installations, an avarage 4.1/5 star rated users experience and is fairly well kept since it was last upgraded in December 2016.

The Gmedia Gallery is developed as the world''s fastest, most reactive photo management software, offering a variety of functions and flexibility to create slide show art gallery, as well as a variety of slide show functions, tools and functions, which include pull and drag sort, tags and categories sort, photo edit and filter. The Gmedia Gallery has more than 20,000 installations in use, an avarage 4.6/5 star ratings and is periodically upgraded after being last upgraded this past monthly.

An easy, quick and efficient plug-in to build a gallery of your Flickr images, this Flickr-focused gallery utility provides an easy yet customizable way to build neat and professional-looking Flickr art gallery. Supports shared and personal photo, multi-sorting, easy-to-use menu, easy to navigate functions, and more.

Avg. Awesome Flickr Gallery has an avg. rated user of 4/5 Sternen and has more than 10.000 installations actively. Built on a boatstrap frameworks that allows you to easily upload limitless pictures to photo galeries optimised for fast response display, response Photo Gallery offers photo animation fades, lightbox previewing, short code integration and more.

The Responsive Photo Gallery has more than 10,000 installations in use, an avarage rated user experience of 4.1/5 star, and is constantly up-dated after being last refreshed this month. 4.1/5 star Ratings. The WP Gallery is an easy-to-use gallery plug-in that allows your customers to easily build and maintain more than one gallery with one single administration screen. Functions included advanced picture share functions, WordPress ShortCodes for ease of media delivery, and more.

The WP Easy Gallery has an average user rating of 3. 6/5 Sternen, has more than 10.000 installations and was last updated in December 2016. The Unite Gallery Lite is a fast reacting picture and videogallery for WordPress, basing on the Java script of the Unite Gallery. The Unite Gallery Lite has more than 10,000 installations and an avarage 4.6/5 star ratings.

Have a look at the Unite Gallery Lite demo to get a feeling for this free plug-in. With Huge-IT Gallery, you can build a gorgeous gallery in just a few moments - a completely reactive and portable plug-in that even allows your users to evaluate and "like" your pictures with a built-in cardiac switch.

Just copy the gallery's short code and insert it directly into a WordPress mail or page. With more than 80,000 installations and an avarage 4.4/5 rated users, Huge-IT Gallery is fully compliant with YouTube and Vimeo. Are you looking for a high-performance plug-in for your multimedia and picture galleries that processes everything from photographs to sound and videos?

Gallery Grand Flagallery not only lets you build beautiful picture galeries, it also gives you the ability to easily attach your own audio and videoplaylists that are displayed on every single one. Grand Flagaller Gallery's main feature is its own custom iPhone application that lets you easily manage and share your pictures from anywhere.

It has more than 30,000 installations and an avarage 4.1/5 star ratings. Would you like to motivate your website users to join and interact with you on the world's largest photo sharing community? The Instagram Feed is a user-friendly utility for viewing your website's custom or hashtag-based feds and galeries with just a few mouse clicks. Instagram Feed is an easy-to-use application that allows you to create and edit your own web pages.

It has 60,000 installations, an avarage 4.8/5 star rated users experience and is serviced on a regular basis, with a current updated in January 2017. Reviews, installation statistics and information about the last updated at the date of release are accurate.

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