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Mr. Harrison was the original author of WP portfolio in all its size. Wp Portfolio is one of the best free plugins that you can use in your blog to present your work.

Best WordPress Portfolio Plugin for your Portfolio

Which kind of assistance do you provide? Proud to provide personal, highly qualified technical assistance. In contrast to other software engineers, we have our own technical staff and respond to all our customers' queries within one workday. How long do I get technical assistance & update? Until you get used to our products, we will be at your side.

Your Reimbursement policy? In case you are not satisfied with your order, we will be happy to reimburse your moneys. Reimbursement can be requested within 14 workingdays after the purchase. Is it possible to add all my web sites to the portfolio?

In order to display your portfolio, please generate a new page and insert[wp-portfolio] into it.

In order to display your portfolio, please open a new page and insert [wp-portfolio] into it. Makes it easy to set up an individual portfolio linkage! and more! Shrink The Web plug-in needs an Shrink The Web user if you want to be able to generate thumbnail images dynamic. For more information, please refer to the first FAQ on the different kinds of accounts.

You do not need an affiliate to use this plug-in if you are taking screen shots of your website. Take your own screen shots as pictures, post them on your website, and then in the Custom Thumbnail URL box, set a shortcut to them. You also need PHP5 or higher to use this plug-in.

This plug-in get you out of a spot of trouble? Sure. See Pinterest for samples of how to use the wp Portfolio plug-in. At the end of 2014 the administration of the plug-in was taken over by TheWeb, so that Mr. Harrison could concentrate on other interests. You can download this plug-in under the Apache license, version 2.0.

Enable the plug-in on the Plugins page. Modify a page on which you want your portfolio to appear and paste[wp-portfolio] into it. Enable the plug-in on the Plugins page. Modify a page on which you want your portfolio to appear and paste[wp-portfolio] into it. Which different kinds of accounts are there for TheWeb?

View the different kinds of accounts available at TheWeb. You do not need an affiliate to use this plug-in if you are taking screen shots of your website. Take your own screen shots as pictures, post them on your website, and then in the Custom Thumbnail URL box, set a shortcut to them.

I have a miniature view bug, I have corrected the problem, but the bug is still there. In order to try to load a miniature image again, either click on the Refresh button or delete all logs in the management area of the WP portfolio. How should I use the Lock to Account function in STW?

Lockout for the accounts is a STW function needed for free voicemail services and makes sure that only you can use your bank logon information to create a thumbnail. In order to use the lock function, you must go to STW under My Control Panel and then Security. Lock to account section is what you need to have a look at it.

When you have a free STW customer service agreement, the Block on customer service agreement function is mandatory and activated by setting the standard setting. When you have a Basic or Plus STW accounts, deactivating the Pair to Accounts function is an option but not a recommendation. So why aren't my miniatures displayed immediately? Shrink The Web (STW) server does not immediately generate thumbnail images as soon as they are called.

Usually it will take up to 2 min. for the miniature image to be generated and made available. What can I do to enforce the return of the miniature view? Are my miniatures not displayed? A number of possible causes may explain why you do not download the preview file. Make sure you have the STW Access ID and STW Secret ID settings in the Portfolio Settings.

Make sure you have chosen the right STW accounting category in the portfolio settings folder with 0755 rights as /wp-content/plugins/wp-portfolio/cache/. Verify that you have added some sites to your portfolio. Later you can specify certain groups, you just want to verify that all sites are displayed and copy the standard template from at the bottom of this page.

Verify that your web hosting is using PHP5 and not the obsolete PHP4 (see the Server Compatibility Checker on the Portfolio Settings page for this information). They can also find the ShrinkTheWeb Troubleshooter useful. STW has been deactivated for some sort of reasons. But why aren't my customized miniatures displayed?

There is no way that the plug-in can properly download the picture if you don't see it well. Other likely cause is that the existing repository does not exists (see above), WP Portfolio only PHP5, not PHP4. Ask them to easily modify your PHP5 hosting-account. I didn't add this to WP Portfolio in the master just because it could damage other plugs.

There should be no need to append this line at all, as WP Portfolio does nothing particularly fanciful in it. Usually this is because the plug-in table was not correctly made. Click the Force Table Upgrade pushbutton in the Portfolio Settings. Keys for anyone interested are to disable the "open_basedir restriction" in their Plesk housingccount.

Where can I display my portfolio in 2 (3, 4) column with the WP Portfolio Modul? Use the short code to display the website mini views in 2 columns: In order to display website previews, use a speed dial in 3 columns: In order to display website previews, use a speed dial in 4 columns: Do WP Portfolio supports pageaging? In order to display 3 sites per page, use[wp-portfolio sitesperpage="3"], or to display all sites, simply use[wp-portfolio] as usual.

Which is the WP Portfolio Group synthetic? Sequence of groups is defined by the order value for each group in the administration area. To display only one miniature image of a website, use[wp-portfolio single="1"]. This number is the ID of the website that you will find on the WP Portfolio Executive Summary page.

You can use only 6 thumbnail file formats in the settings: Micro (75 x 56), Small (90 x 68), Very Small (100 x 75), Small (120 x 90), Large (200 x 150) and Large (320 x 240). Can I get a user-defined picture dimension of 550 x 227?

Yes, but it does require the scrinkTheWeb "Custom Sizes" PRO features to be upgraded. Is it possible to customize my portfolio? ); ' × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × ×.

Where can I turn off the categorie heading and descriptive page on the portfolio page? Navigate to the layout options in the WP Portfoliodmin area. Modify the value of the group HTML template to and store your preferences. This removes categorical detail from any page that displays your portfolio of sites.

Just loving this plug-in. This is not only because it's a great plug-in that gives the users enough room to modify the layouts, but also because of the assistance you get when something goes terribly awry. It is the help desk that takes this plug-in to another plane. My automatic screenshots feature provided by my hrinkTheWeb services is very efficient and versatile.

The use of scrinkTheWeb is totally voluntary and scrinkTheWeb standard account is free. Also you can add your own customized pictures next to or instead of the web page thumbnails. It is a great plug-in. Thank you for a great plug-in...!! Following persons have added to this plug-in. This is a new feature: Updated the new arraysyntax ([]) to the old arraysyntax(array()) to accommodate PHP 5.2+.

PHP warnings and hint reports about the number of administrator pages were avoided. PRO functions "Custom Resolution" and "Full Recording" added (STW V2 interface compatibility). Add administrator options to use http instead of http to get the thumbnail. Raster layouts function added (possibility to display the portfolio in 2, 3, 4 adaptable columns).

light box added feature (possibility to display full size miniature views in a light box with one click). The user-defined picture management options "Do not scale" have been added. Add extra exams to hide scrinkTheWeb errors from non-shrinkTheWebs. Corrected a problem where user-defined miniature views on the "WP Portfolio" administration page were not resized. Corrected a problem where the update of the mini ature view would display the placeholders for the mini images instead of the placeholders in the queue.

Enhanced PRO function "Custom Sizes" (STW V2 compatibility added). Enhanced troubleshooting system to display intern message on administrator pages instead of PHP bugs and alerts. Enhanced retrieval of thumbnails by using wp_remote_get() instead of cURL/fopen directly (remote inheritance administration option). The Inside Page Capture inheritance check box has been cleared because the scrinkTheWeb utility now verifies that it is available on the active page, no specific parameters are required.

Implemented a features health check-er. All older supporting link have been superseded by a plug-in. Upgraded obsolete. pots to the current plug-in state. Update plug-in dokumentation. User-defined field assistance added (see our FAQ section for more information). Enhanced embed thumbnail display capabilities that are simpler to use and do not require a cache.

A new function has been added to update the thumbnail views of the website from STW. The possibility to show individual miniatures instead of whole groups has been added. First multilingual suport added. Function added to show or hide preview thumbnail' URL. Due to a modification in the STW-API thanumbnails got hung up as "queued".

Corrected a problem where debugging would cause the thumbnail views to appear once and then failure when using bugging. When you get data base bugs, just disable and enable the plug-in to fix it. Correction added to make sure editing labels are not included in a portfolio collapse in the administration panel. Updated bug when trying to use'Inside Pages' without the correct user name.

Instead of just displaying'Thumbnail Queued', a more educational news is displayed. Corrected the defective thumbnail images on the front end of the website that I accidentally destroyed. Corrected the JavaScript issue in the administrator area that caused the extended area to not be displayed. Keep up to date with the latest STW accounting changes, so there are plenty of document update available.

Corrected a problem where the preferences were overridden when updating the plug-in when the current preference was empty. Add more verbose bug tracking to help detect problems when downloading a thumbnail. The new chargeable modes added extra safety added to TheWeb. Chargeable STW accounts only - Now supports ShrinkTheWeb's user-defined picture sizing.

Cleared abstract of the web sites in the administration area. Enforced update of thumbnails added from the overview page of the website. Option added to allow turning off WP Portfolio CSS without deleting any CSS style. Corrected a problem where an error was detected when you installed the plug-in. Add a new templating tags to get only the preview thread root (%WEBSITE_THUMBNAIL_URL%), not a full image?HTML thread root (%WEBSITE_THUMBNAIL%).

Add an item to resize the user-defined miniature views according to the styles required (adjust only the width of the user-defined miniature views, adjust only the heights of the website miniature views, or make sure that the website miniature views are never bigger than other website miniature views). Supported ShrinkTheWeb.com's new CDN and API added. Add full page display capability for your Shrink The Web site using the chargeable Shrink The Web function.

Additional page handling feature added to display the number of pages of multiple sites. Add web page ordering assistance. The error to display Web sites by default when a new Web site is added to the portfolio has been corrected. target= "_blank" for the authors credits left at the bottom of each portfolio rendering. The possibility has been added that buffered miniature views never run.

User-defined mini views have been added so that you can overwrite the screenshots with your own picture, such as user-defined graphs and photographs. User-defined miniature views are sized to fit other miniature views as well. A 10 second time-out for downloading miniature views has been added so that the pages are finally loaded. Portfolio display coding has been modified in[wp-portfolio] to enhance system behavior, mitigate bugs, and enable new features.

The possibility to perform portfolio rendering from your topic file in PHP has been added. PHP has been added so that you can randomly select your portfolio from PHP. Corrected the fractured normal phrase to allow the initial way of displaying all sites. Add functionality to the Portfolio Administration pane that allows you to view only sites within a specific group.

Massively clean the codes for the administration area to minimize bugs and make upcoming functionality easier. That means you can select which groups of sites you want to display on any page. Corrected a problem where standard miniature views were not displayed when the miniature view was not available. Added preference to use URL instead of open for retrieving miniature views to manage stringent severity of servers secure state.

The Portfolio reformatting choices have been shifted to a different preference pane. Add icon to clear thinumbnail memory.

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