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The WP Remix is not easy to integrate into an existing blog, is full of content and uses a regular WordPress theme. You can find some of the remix demos below. A lot of Wp Remix Theme users ask me or in the Wp Remix Forum about their topic and the cooperation of vSlider Plugin.

The WP Remix Review: Don't squander your cash.

Okay, so I do a whole bunch of different things with WordPress. At the moment I have at least 50 private web pages, all of which run on WordPress. I have designed WordPress blog for HTML and Joomla pages, I have designed customer pages with WordPress. I' m really not the kind of guy who deals with prime topics at all.

I' ve had a few sites here and there that I have purchased from Digital Point, but I have never bothered to buy a WordPress Topic from them. Nevertheless, I was always a little bit inquisitive about the WP remix themed. Its free WP Premier Topic is a very high end design that I have used several time in the past.

There was a specific I was working on and I chose to push the button and buy WP Remix to take the job to the next stage. However, I'll begin with a few things why I purchased WP Remix, and what I like about it, I'll go into my cattle.

It was really great to be able to integrate my blogs into a BBpress board and keep the look 100% coherent. After trying out the topic, the only thing I can imagine that I really liked was the fact that you could open a WordPress temple.

It' definitely a really awesome thing, although I don't know how important it is, and I don't even know if it's an asset to anyone who uses the subject. Now, to what I totally disliked about the subject. The WP Remix is not easy to embed into an already established blogs, is full of contents and uses a WordPress topic.

I had a blogs of almost 100 entries, probably 75% video and a handful of pages. Initially, what I wanted to do was turn my blogs into a regularly looking website with a multitude of different pages next to the blogs. Bhavesh also included several different magazine styled blogs with the WP remix pack as part of the deals, so I thought I'd try it instead.

Again, not only did it seem overly complicated, but I really don't have the feeling that there's anything really about the look and feeling of the remix topics he recorded in journal-type. Nowadays, such topics are a dozen, tens, and the major issue with magazines topics in general is that they are a fucked-up issue that needs to be solved, many of them take longer to publish, and they still don't look much better than normal free WordPress topics.

Last thing that really bothered me about the subject was that he put in a WP remix favoricon. I' m really not a big fan of integrating a brand icon into a thematic pack. I can now take out a favicon in 10 seconds, but not everyone knows how to do it, and I think it's just a little brazen - especially for a subject that someone has to spend $75 on.

Briefly, I spent a good part of my weeks working with WordPress and I found it hard to use. But if you are not a WordPress expert, or if you have a plan to move an already well anchored WP Remix site to an online site, it might not be a game.

First I was fascinated by the "WordPress as a CMS" line that they launched there. Unfortunately, if you're in the web developer industry, or plan to start a web developer firm, and your company's policy is to use WP Remix as a site for all your customer pages, the real thing is, I don't think you've really thought the concept through.

I think it would be much more difficult to design all your websites with WP Remix and try to make them all look 100% original than it would be to just learning how to encode PSD in WordPress. I always had the thought of starting WP Contempo - a site where I could divide my WordPress topics and give away WordPress points.

After all, I don't have any need not to divide them with others, and I don't have any need to use them. I sent an e-mail to R.Bhavesh before I even began this blogs. WP Remix was not reimbursable before I purchased it, I already knew very well.

Bhavesh that I had bought the subject, tried it out, and found it wasn't something I could use. He asked me if he would allow me to give away my licence in a competition on my blogs. So, instead of giving away a free WP Remix licence that would have given both him and me free publicity and a win-win scenario, I write this Review, and I have a copy of WP Remix in a file that collects dirt on my computer.

WP Remix I don't think is necessarily terrible, and it has many functions, upgrades and supports for only $75.00. Conversely, I think Electant has some of the finest top -of-the-line topics and Woo has great things if you can buy them.

When you need to use a premier topic, that's probably what I would suggest. Really, I do not support any other type of WordPress topics than the free ones. That' s why you don't see 125×125 Woo Banner in my side bar like any other WordPress page does.

When you don't know how to create a WordPress topic, you make it good again by investing a great deal of your free effort in finding the right free topic for you. In fact, your website will be much less inventive if you use a prime topic because there are a ton of users who use the same one.

There are probably 10's of a thousand free Worpress topics out there right now, since nobody has ever used them.

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