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8 Best WordPress Page Builder plugins against 2018 Are you trying to choose the best WordPress Page Builder for your website? I' ve worked with eight different WordPress page creators to help you make your choice. I' ll be comparing these eight WordPress page creators in five objective categories: Interfaces - how does the interfacing work and makes it simple to create nice pages?

Contained widgets/templates - what are your choices for creating your pages? Further remarkable characteristics - does the Page Builder provide remarkable USPs? You will always loose your own style, but some page creators will otherwise write neat coding, while others will not. I give the Page Builder a point value of 5 for each class.

In the end, I will put everything together and suggest what I think is the best WordPress page maker. These are the eight WordPress Page Builder I'll be looking at - you can click to go to a particular Page Builder: Elementor was initially introduced in 2016 and is one of the younger page makers on this listing.

However, although it had a belated launch, Elementor quickly installed over 1,000,000,000 installations of WordPress.org, making it one of the most beloved WordPress page creators ever. It' s glory comes from a fast, trouble-free user experience, versatile style choices, and strong other capabilities like full topic creation.

Browse our Test Pro section. Elementsor Pro begins at $49 for use on a standalone website. Part of the Itemor interfacing is split into two parts, with a third area for smaller settings: It is also possible to enter text directly in this surface and reorder various items using dragging and dropping.

The free Elementor edition contains 28 free widgets. You can also use all important WordPress Widgets. If you click a section, pillar, or widget, Elementor provides three style tabbed pages in the side bar on the right. Precise choices vary depending on which item you edit, but Elementor generally provides one of the lowest styles of any page creator.

Elementor Pro lets you apply current style sheets directly to your element. Elementor Pro provides these features: Complete themed house. Use the same Elementor interfacing to create parts of your style sheets such as header and footer, parts, and archive. Elementor allows you to create your complete design. Utilize Elementor style sheets in other areas using widgets or shortcuts.

When you ever disable Tagor, it will leave your source files untouched. If you had a headers with Elementsor, for example, you will still have a headers after disabling Elementsor - only the style of your design will be used. For quite some now Beaver Builder has been an integral part of the Page Builder family.

This is a neat source of output (for a page builder), equally loved by end consumers and developers and regularly discussed in the shape of new functionality and upgrades. You can also combine some formal add-ons with it for more versatility - especially an option Beaver Builder topic and the Beaver Themer expansion.

Browse our Beaver Builder reviews. The Beaver Builder provides a uniquely designed user experience for its front-end builder. The Beaver Builder has recently added online text manipulation, i.e. you can either enter directly on the page to manipulate your text, or use the displayed popup: The free Beaver Builder gives you 6 module options, but you can also use WordPress extensions.

Precise choices vary by cartridge, but in general Beaver Builder gives you quite good command over your items, plus customized distances and fast response controllers. Beaver Builder also has a very special switch that allows you to show or hide single components depending on whether a particular person is registered or not:

Themer Beaver. Although this is a standalone add-on, it does add the full range of topic creation features such as Elementor. Beaver Builder can effortlessly be white-labelled when you are construction site for customers. Biber Builder topic. Get even more creative freedom with this design option. Beaver Builder, like Elementor, will leave 100% pure HTML coding with the right HTML formats.

Division Builder is a favorite page builder from Elegant Threads. Although it is most often used as part of the dive topic, it is also a stand-alone plug-in that you can use with other designs. In contrast to the earlier two-page builds, you can use Vivi Builder to manipulate your contents using both a front end and a back end visual interfaces, although most people will probably want to use the front end for this.

Browse our divi builder reviews. This is the way the user interfaces to the dive builder backend: However, most of the times you will use the front end graphical user interfaces. Definitely the only one of its kind. As with the former two page constructors, you can also process your text directly on the page during online editing: There are 46 built-in module libraries in Vivi Builder that allow you to create your designs:

Just like Beaver Builder, Divi Builder allows you to create pop-up window items that you can attach to the side if you want. Divi has always been known for how much hairstyling controll it gives you. Overall, Divi Builder really pushes the limits of your modeling capabilities - they're good things.

Among the best additional functions is the integrated A/B test system of Division Builder. There is no other page builder that makes it so simple to divide the test into its kernel. The divine subject. When you combine the Vivi Builder with the Vivi theming, you have full command over the look and feel of your website. Division Builder contains powerful role-based permission checks.

WorldPress Customizer control buttons. There are many resemblances between the new user experience and the Elementor user experience that you will see in a second.

As I said before, you'll see some resemblances between the Thrive Architect surface and the Agent surface (Agent came first, if you're wondering): It is also possible to enter text directly in this surface and reorder various items using dragging and dropping. I copied it from the elementary area and inserted it.

Thrive Architect also provides real in-line text processing. Indeed, in my view, Thrive Architect has the most complete set of Page Builder features for smooth page editing: There are 40 different Thrive Architect Widgets, some of them nice, such as an alwaysgreen count down time. Throive Architect aborts Elementor when it comes to dealing with style.

The Thrive Architect will leave 100% pure coding like Elementor and Beaver Builder. The SiteOrigin Page Builder has been around for a long time. In this " eternity " it has been possible to gather over 1 million installations of WordPress.org, which makes it the most favorite page builder plug-in in this folder.

SiteOrigin Page Builder is a bit lighter than most of the other features on this page, but provides excellent features and many useful stylesheet control. The SiteOrigin has two interface ports that you can use to create your own designs. SiteOrigin Page Builder has added a real-time editing option for this page preview:

It is not the same as the other page builder on this page because you cannot simply move the items to the LIVE previews using Drag & Drops. In addition to the central WordPress Widget, SiteOrigin Page Builder also provides a free widget bundle plug-in that includes a free 23 -widget kit that you can use.

There are also ~25 ready-made patterns that you can use, although these are quite naked bones compared to other side growers. WebsiteOrigin Page Builder's style choices will be frustrating compared to other page builder styles if you don't know how to use CSS. Page Builder is quite easy, but you get a simple customized Mail Page Builder in the SiteOrigin Premium Pack.

Page Builder SiteOrigin Page Builder provides a mixture of pure HTML and shortcuts. Formerly known as Visual Composer, WPBakery Page Builder is another very favorite page builder. Much of this is due to the fact that WPBakery Page Builder is clustered with 99% of ThemeForest topics.

The WPBakery Page Builder, like Divi Builder, provides both frontend and backend processing. Use the backend interfaces if you like: The WPBakery Page Builder has 39 items and all standard WordPress Widget. However, some of these items would be merged into a different Page Builder, so the real number is more like ~33: you also get ~86 masters.

In comparison to Elementor or Divi Builder, the WPBakery Page Builder styles are somewhat narrow. I' m not sure if the WPBakery Page Builder itself has any particularly remarkable one-of-a-kind functions. Whilst many other page creators have third-party add-ons, WPBakery Page Builder is one of a kind in the number, well over 250+ add-ons.

WPBakery Page Builder, like Divi Builder, will leave a number of shortcuts in your contents if you ever disable them. Not surprisingly, Thémify Builder is Themify's offer to the page creator. Thémify combines it with many of its topics to offer clients simple customisation possibilities. You can also buy it as a stand-alone plug-in and use it with any topic.

As with Divi Builder and WPBakery Page Builder, you can use them to create your own design using both back-end and front-end interface. This is the back-end interface: However, even here, most probably will want to use the front-end that works like this: Thémify Builder provides 21 moduls as well as all common WordPress wide pages.

Another great thing is that Itmify Builder allows you to adjust your fast response stopping points (if only on one layer of Sitewide). A great thing about Thémify Builder is that it still lets you use the normal WordPress editor, while other page builder software forces you to use the Page Builder API for everything.

In the WordPress Editor, the contents of Thémify Builder are highlighted so that you can place contents around them: There has been a massive improvement in locking performance with Thémify Builder. If you now disable it, it will leave your contents with clear HTML. Brizy was founded in April 2018 and is by far the "youngest" side manufacturer on this rank.

In addition, it simply provides a one-of-a-kind touch to some parts of the page layout, making it an interesting offer. Only Brizy is a front end page creator. In order to create your page, you must first create a pad. Part " uniface " is what happens when you begin to append items.

This results in a really fast way to create pages. Currently Brizy is offering 17 Items. Due to the way the Brizy surface works, there is no fixed formulation for style choices like the other side growers. Brizys user interfaces are already quite new. If you ever disable it, Brizy usually will leave HTML behind you.

However, there still remains a pile of Brizy CSS classed divers in the source which would confuse the distance a little and necessitate purification. What is the best WordPress Page Builder? Which of these eight page builder should you use? I use a mixture of Elementor and Thrive Architect on my own pages, according to location.

Well for you - which in your opinion is the best WordPress Page Builder? is a free-lance author with a history in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Affiliate Branding. Helping customers increase their web presence by mainly written about online advertising and WordPress.

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