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A plugin that allows you to place a banner (skin, image and link) behind the divs on your homepage. Now Ultra comes with design skins and ready-made demo pages! Any section It is a plug-in with which you can place a small ad (skin, picture and link) behind the dive on your homepage. Originally designed by http://embat.es to be used in http://theventan.

com, but it is now free to use. "WP Skin @ Home" is open code game. Following persons have added to this plug-in.

Creative Blog & Shop with gradients WordPress Topic from NordWood

  • SKIN is a great topic for blogs who want to make a great first impact on their audience with soft, fashionable color transitions, a completely unique circular slide control, colourful detail, a truly GIF-friendly design and socially appealing functions. The SKIN has 5 pre-defined locations where you can easily insert Google AdSense or the key from another large adware programme to view automatic advertisements that monetise your blogs in no time.

SKIN provides new ways to direct your visitors to your profile with unique functions such as a drop-down list of search results, dedicated search results box and search results tool. The SKIN comes with an embedded suite of more than 45 SVG SIcons, which cover all of today's important and less important community sites. The SKIN comes with stylish, pre-defined colour sequences that make your blogs cry "2017".

A few mouse clicks are all it takes to optimise the colours to make SKIN even more suitable for your make. As well as the new fantastic colour transitions, you can modify all the colours in the SKIN themed. However, from the user's point of view, the most important complement is that you can allocate different mail types to different colours, which makes your blogs look better organized later on.

The SKIN also handles that. Select from multiple layout and build pop-up pages to showcase your product, reviews, social link, event OR something about yourself in an eye-catching way. Do you make cash with affilateinks? The SKIN is useful here because you can open your postings in a new tabs with our customized web page options for each posting.

The new Skin features a lightning-fast full screen scan that shows results as you type. SKIN's self-brewed custom box design lets you lose the side bar, but still shows the most important Widget's (Most Popular & Latest Contributions, Social Links, Banner Advertisements and Popup Pages) in your post.

In this way, your audiences will be remembered to explore more of your contributions and contents or join you on your community sites. Easily make it easier for your users to twitter your contributions by using our built-in twitter with selector. Just by choosing any text within a message (just like copying), users get a pop-up icon that they can use to log in to Twitter or Facebook and immediately twitter the message with the text they chose and a hyperlink to your message.

Since our first topic LAZE we have been creating and incorporating GLIFs into our topics. Now SKIN provides even more detailed GIF animation choices, so get your own picture. A new full-screen SKIN navigation system maximises user-friendliness and displays all of your favorite submenus, hyperlinks and copyrights.

The SKIN is delivered with a giant embedded support: We' ve prepared extensive documentary so you can set up your own blogs and control all aspect of the topic quickly and easily. - New Option added: Latest feature area entries, tagged.

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