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You' ll find it in the directory /wp-content/themes/. <font color="#ffff00">Description wp.template is used to build Underscore.

js template features that generate parameterized HTML for rendered when used. Just like using _.template() by default, defining your template as such within a custom tag: All after the title is the real name with which you want to refer to your template.

Then, to retrieve this template from JavaScript at run time, hand the name of the template to wp.template(), as follows: var template=wp. template('my-template'); This searches for the item with an ID of tmpl-my-template and will return a command to display this template and even interact with all datafields. wp.template() will return a command, so don't try to append the call results to an HTML item or even console.logout.

In general, you associate the wp.template() output with a tag, and then use that tag (which is a function) with the information you want to be interpolated. This example starts from using jQuery to paste the results of the rendering into an HTML item (stored in $el in this example). var template = wp.template( 'my-template'); $el.html( template( { name: "World" } ) ) ); $el now contains "Hello World".

Interpolates the value of the attribute "name" of the item given as arguments of the template variables (because of the {{{{ }}} in the template). In order to adjust the output structures of wp_send_json_success and wp_send_json_failure, wp_template ties the interaction variables to the variables themselves. As a result, you need to prepend all your interrupt characteristics with information to prevent the feared Uncaught ReferenceError:

Underscore. js - The offical Underscore. js template documentary.


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