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Essential Ways to Create Your Template Move the mouse over your picture in the top right area and click on Template creation. In order to begin creating your template, click the New Template icon. On the first monitor, you must name your template and choose whether to base it on a clean WordPress install or on an available back-up of one of your Web sites.

If you are using a back-up, you have an additional stage in which you choose the website and date of the back-up before continuing with plug-ins and theming. WordPress neat options allow you to go straight to the 2nd stage and insert the required plug-ins. On the other side, the Back Up Alert feature allows you to choose the website you want to use as the basis for your template, as well as the precise date and hour of the back up.

You will also get an idea of the WordPress release you have already downloaded and the number (and list) of plug-ins contained in the image. Note that only those Web pages with premium backups appear in the Web site template creation group.

On the second monitor, you have several choices from which you can choose to insert plug-ins and delete some of them. You will see all the places where you can plug in on the leftside of the screen: To the right you will see a listing of the plug-ins that have been added to your template.

Click on the Modify button above to modify the current view. If you are editing the installation history, you will see an options to remove the plug-in or install it with the latest available release and whether you want to activate it or just install it.

As soon as you have finished installing the required plug-ins, please browse down and continue with the topics. Creating topics is the same procedure as for plug-ins. There is a place where you can obtain the topics, and a place where you can select the topics you want to install.

Review each option again and choose the topics you want. Go through the dropdown menu and choose which topic is enabled by setting the option. Once you are done, click Done at the bottom of the window. That' it - the template was successfully made. Cloning from a template you have just made.

If you call the Template Builder, you see a complete listing of all the templates you have made. The right side of the window gives you an outline of the WordPress release and all the plug-ins and topics contained in the template you have chosen. When this is the one you need, click the Clone Buttons.

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