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To add a rewrite rule to a permalink and use a custom template for that rewrite rule. php-Take Wordpress Kid Topic Trail in Wordpress I' ve got a parents and kid issue. Inside my kid topic I have defined a CHILD_DIR tag so I can include customized JS and CSS executables in the directory tree of my kid topic. I' ve done this in my functions.php in my kid topic by doing this: I also added some extra directories to my kid topic that I want to use within a Wordpress page.

I' ve tried to do something like this:'/Zend/Loader.php' ; I get an issue because it tries to specify a URL, and I want a mealath to contain PHP and not try to make it a HTTP-query. Instead of a URL that is used by defaults for my kid topic, how can I specify a PHP pathname?

Loading images from the topic file with the CSS

Hi, I tried several different ways to download my pictures from my topic directory, namely: wp-content/themes/domainname/images via CSS. How do I do? Example: Background: url('images/clickhere.jpg') no repetition; does not work because it results in -> wp-content/themes/domainname/css/images/clickhere.jpg. What is your image file and where is your image file in comparison to the wp-subfolder? Okay, so in your background style sheet, you would do something like this: Background: url('.../images/image.jpg'); Adds:

Using an existing picture, substitute the name of the picture. When your style sheet is in a files in the style sheet directory, it should just work: But if your styles are in stylesel. cos (the one that is not in the styles directory, but in the topic's home directory), this should work:

On my page or in my contribution I use the text editors and the id tags to insert pictures into my page. However, this is for a template and not just for a page HTML Editor. The displayed picture URL should not be where? You can use this if you want to insert an picture URL into your template:

Just wondered if you thought you didn't want them to see the full picture paths when they choose "View Page Source" for example.

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