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The WP Jurist is a bold, responsive topic developed for law firms. The Codium Grid is a Wordpress theme based on a grid. Wedding Photography Responsive WP Theme. The JPhotolio is a first-class Wordpress theme for wedding photographers.

There are 7 free WordPress themes out of twenty thirteen - WordPress Tavern

The WordPress 3.8 project is progressing and we should see a full version very soon. In this coming version is Twenty Fourteen contained, a new WordPress standard theme. The Twenty Fourteen is a popular lifestyle theme. Since it is a alcove, there will be room for twenty thirteen and others.

Prior to adding a new standard theme to the mixture, we'll take a look at some interesting spin-offs from Twenty Thirteen. We' ve gathered seven free designs using the standard design. While some of them are current children's topics, others were designed with Twenty Thirteen as a basis or source of inspiration. Others were designed with Twenty Thirteen in mind.

McKinley was made by the people of ThemeTrust and is a blogs theme from Twenty Thirteen. The 2013 Blues is a tasteful version of the standard theme in turquoise. It' acting as a children's theme for Twenty Thirteen. Designed by WordPress artist Joen Asmussen, who recently contributed to the new WordPress Dashboard display, the 2013 theme is r2d2, a children's theme by Twenty Thirteen, designed by Robert Dall.

Said he loved the typeface and appealing Twenty Thirteen designs, but wanted to create something more dark and keep the mail title above the contents. There' a demonstration you can watch online on his blogs. The Holi was made by the people of Themato Soup and can be found on wordpress.org.

It is a Twenty Thirteen Children theme available in nine different colour patterns. Design was made with Sass, so it's simple to simply include more colour scheme if you want to customise it further. FlatThirteen was founded by the people at Crayonux. It' a TwentyThirteen childs theme which is supported by TwitterBootstrap 3.0.

Have a look at the demonstration on the Crayonux page. The Flat Portfolio is another twenty thirteen children theme. The design blends into Twitter Bootstrap 2.3.2 style. There is a webcast available on the topic's homepage. The 2013 Black and White is a very light children's theme by Twenty Thirteen. It' conceived as a simple point of departure for the creation of your own unsaturated theme.

Have you ever imagined how many shots were taken of Twenty Thirteen? Are there any other sub-topics that you would like to include in this group?

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