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Academy Pro 3 $69 High Educational WordPress theme with customizable layouts. $59 Amalie A easy-to-use, distinctively styled blogs theme inspired by the Twenty Fifteen WP theme. $59 A beautiful, eye-catching WordPress theme that is great for Portfolio & WooCommerce stores. $99 Beacon A $99 socially responsible topic with a one-of-a-kind homepage outline.

The broadsheet $99, a 4-column motif for the crowds. a brave staple motif with a broad slide control. {\pos (192,210)}Carmack $99 A mag topic for auto enthusiasts. Chronicles $129 A 4-column clip on the subject. Didi $59 A versatile design optimised for websites in trendy, fashionable and magazinestyle.

Exponat $99 A really small design theme for a designer. Explorers $59 An easy-to-use WordPress theme, great for creating crisp and teen tourist or clothing blogs pages. $59 Girly A Basic & Elegant Posting Topic. A classic 1-pillar umblog for WordPress.

Kentucky Free A minimum blogs topic. Labels $99 A blogs theme for the trendy. Objective $99 A photograph and WordPress portfolios theme. $59 Liberal. A versatile theme for restaurateurs and business. £59 $59 Literature A versatile design optimised for websites in fashions, lifestyles and magazines.

Beautiful $59 An easy-to-use WordPress theme, great for your home page, your healthcare and lifestyles blogs, or even a small store. $49 Magazine A multi-column motif for the crowds. A highly adaptable design optimised for charitable and nonprofit niches.

{\pos (192,210)}Opti $99 A classic periodical theme for newsgroups. Passagier $99 A journey topic and adventure story journals.

$59 Pena A versatile theme optimised for charitable and nonprofit purposes. Jigsaw $99 Jigsaw puzzles is a visually rich theme for the photographer or artist who wants to tell a story. {\pos (192,210)}Romero $99 A theme from a video game clip. A WordPress theme with full Easy Download support, ideal for your sales of your on-line product.

Spatially $69 a minimalistic theme for blog ging and portals. Thinker $59 An easy-to-use WordPress theme, great for blogs. Traveller $99 A motif for photos of travellers. Yorks $59 A minimum WordPress theme for the wallet that is perfectly suited to share your work and get more orders.

$59 Zeko An easy to customize design optimised for charitable and nonprofit niches. I' m sorry - no topics here meet your needs. WordPress topics - why? These are handcrafted by theme boutiques. These may not be the largest businesses, but each theme is designed with diligence and attentiveness. You' re not gonna find inflated topics here.

Everything is straightforward and works perfect for the use. They are the opposite of those on ThemeForest - they probably have less than these topics - and they can even be more expensive. However, what they don't have, they compensate with rugged, well-tested codes and easy-to-learn theme-setups.

Surely you can buy one of these topics, knowing that you can replicate the demonstration in a few moments - not within a few working hours. Take a look at the fantastic WordPress Theme Developers we support! Would you like more help selecting a WordPress theme? Are you having difficulty locating the right WordPress theme for your website? Please note that I am offering a (non-binding) free WordPress topic referral servic.

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