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Main advantages of the free WordPress Theme Maker: Qoob is absolutely free of charge. The WP theme generator: Creating WordPress Topics without Programming Rebuilding WordPress topics from the ground up goes beyond the engineering skills of many individuals, even designer. At this point, a WordPress theme generator can make your job about a million easyaps. In the past, theme generator were often clumsy and didn't work so well. The WP Theme Generator is different.

It' s unbelievably simple to design with a collection of over a thousand ready-made items, all of which include wallpapers, menu items, scripts, slider controls, borders, color, patterns, and more. The WP Theme Generator contains more than fifty scripts, all of which are readily available for use in your design. It is also possible to design a wide range of layout with seven different positioner combination.

Adapting designs is easy. First select a theme from the galleries you want to begin with. Once you're done, you can store your designs to work on later, or you can download both the WordPress theme file and the base HTML/CSS file. Add your own custom items - menu items, designs, wallpapers, and more - that you can use for your designs.

They can even be saved for later topics. The WP Theme Generator's great advantage is that all topics are based on a unified, high-performance platform. You will always be up to date with your theme and work with the latest versions or WordPress. Plus, new functions added to the framework are available for all your topics, even those you've already made!

It also means that you can now make a new design, and if you choose not to use it for six month, it will still be up to date when you come back to download it. Store your designs for future reference and download them at any time so your design is always up to date with the latest frameworks and WordPress versions.

There are many favorite functions in the frameworks, among them widgets, five different foils, image galeries with lightboxes and catagories, products web sites with trolleys, a spam-free online help and more. Learn more about how the WP Theme Generator works in this video: Since it was developed by the people behind Iconshock, when you register for WPTheme Generator premium, you also get permission to view Iconshock's premiums!

These include 30,000 Iconshock items, 107 themeshock topics and 500 logos! The WP Theme Generator only costs $29 for six month for a temporary period! The designs you make can be sold to your end users and used as often as you want, even though you cannot market them (they will soon set up their own marketplace).

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