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screen shots User-defined query choices for contributions: Mail Typ. Contributions in category. User-defined loop choices: -View mail title. Display posting date. Display postal name.

View postal contents or excerpts. Display the mail thumbnail. View contribution category. Display of postal tag. Display posting comment meth. and more. Any feedback is welcome. Navigate to the "Appearance" radio button with the name "New template" under the "Appearance" tab. Name your templates and choose the desired settings. save!...

"Theme File Maker" is open sourcecode software.

IT'?S THE LAST DAY: KloudPress - WorPress Theme Builders, Lifetime Membership - from $27!

Build accurate, highly reactive WordPress pages with CloudPress - the most efficient WordPress Theme Builder on the market! Or, simply customise one of the designs contained and get your website up and running in no time-and you're done. The CloudPress is an on-line drag-and-drop WordPress theme editors that creates nice WordPress theme for you or your clients.

With just a few mouse clicks, users can build new websites, easily upload them to any web site, easily upload them to any web site, and more. Pre-defined designs, block and element contents, and advanced customisation help you design the website that's right for you. Build full, highly reactive WordPress pages without having to write a line of text.

View a real-time previewer of any changes you make in the Notepad application. Nicely crafted topics, pads and items. Every topic reacts completely. Work / stage your website so you don't confuse your web site. Publish to your web host with just one click. The CloudPress is a drag-and-drop browser-based application that lets you build your pixel-perfect WordPress page without having to write a line of text.

The CloudPress offers a synchronous plug-in that allows you to upload your website to your web host with one click. The only thing you need to do is install the plug-in on a WordPress install on your computer's computer and click a shortcut. You can also keep your workspace and your web page in synchronization while you work on them.

That way you never interrupt your site. You can, for example, perform WordPress and plug-in upgrades or test features and changes in designs without affecting your online site. Is CloudPress Web Site Member for my Web Site? CloudPress does not offer webhosts. We' ll give you the stageing/working site and builders application so you can build the site, but you still have to buy web hostings for the site.

You can still edit the WordPress administrator with the WordPress web site now. The CloudPress and WordPress topics can be used for either business or private purposes, for your own website or your customers.

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