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Understand the difference between the topic and the template term in WordPress. Explore what the WordPress theme and template are responsible for. Template definition in WordPress. Creating templates for WordPress. Use templates to define the layout of a WordPress Web site.

WorldPress Theme vs. Template: Get to know the differences before the next steps.

2 words in WorldPress can be bewildering for a beginner - theme and template. I' ll tell you the differences between the theme and the template concept that both are related to WorldPress, but the meanings are clearly different for each. Which is the WorldPress Theme? WorldPress theme is in charge of the entire WP website for you.

This topic is also in charge of page layouts, e.g. which side bars we have, where they are, what page width, etc. See the example of how you can modify the WordPress theme layouts using the topic layout's locations and the way you map widgets to them. What can I do to modify the location of the page layouts? It is possible to either retrieve a zipped theme document and place it in your WP-Dashboard or install it directly from the Wordpress.org theme library (free themes).

Every theme has inside file and folder. A few of these data sets can be template data. A WordPress template - what is it? In WordPress, a template is a page specific page specific page specific design. Most topics contain the file single.php or archive.php - template for the individual mail item overview and archived overview. With the exception of these standard WP template programs, there are specific template programs for certain pages (not every topic has these specific templates).

In WordPress, these are individual documents that can be used on each page. They can be used by choosing the template you want in this selection when you edit the page: You can use a template for pages where you need a totally different look, or you can just want to show the right and right sidebars if a topic has only one side bar.

Keep in mind that you cannot simply set up templates like a theme in a Dashboard. The template is part of a design and if you want to create a new template and attach it to an already created design, you need some programming skills (HTML, PHP, CSS).

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