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Allows you to filter the current topic directory URI. wp-includes/plugin.php: apply_filters(). Wonder what "Theme URI" we need to insert the style.css file of a Wordpress theme before sending it to TF.

Haupt-Stylesheet (style.css) ( "Main Stylesheet") and "Theme developer Handbook".

You can find details on how to embed the style.css into a theme in the "Stylesheets" section under Enqueuing Scripts and Styles. This is an example for the head part of style.css. The standard theme for 2017 works in many different tongues, for all skills and on every machine.

Name of the topic (*): Thread name. Topic URI: This is the address of a web page where the user can find more information about the topic. Name of the person or organisation who created the theme. This is a brief outline of the topic. Licence (*): Licence of the subject. Licence URI (*):

This is the topic licence address. This is the character chain used for the text domain for translating. Word or phrase that allows a user to find the topic using the filter. For a complete listing of those tag types, see the Theme Review Handbook. style can contain everything that a normal style sheet has after the desired section of the headers.

When your design is a children theme, the template line in the style.css headers is used. More information about how to create a theme can be found on the page Themes.

Can I get the theme URL in PHP?

Which @EAMann said, with one reservation. Eric is right about the general way the bloginfo() and get_bloginfo() function works and how to give the'template_directory' argument to get the value you need for (most) topics. However, there is a limitation and this limitation applies to the newer Child Topics.

When you use a subordinate design, the'template_directory' is probably not what you want, unless you are actually trying to point to an image located in the subordinate design folder. Rather, you probably want to hand over style sheet_directory (I know, I know, the name doesn't tell you what it is, but hey, that's just so!).

Loaning something from Eric's response with stylesheet_directory would look like this (I truncated the example to avoid wrapping it): Run first with a normal design like TwentyTen, then with a subordinate design:'rss2_url','rss_url','siteurl','stylesheet_directory','stylesheet_url','template_directory','template_url','template_url','text_direction','url','version','wpurl', );

{$info}";'' ; If you see things, you may find that there is much more you can hand over to bloginfo() and get_bloginfo(); check the source file and screenshots below for your idea. If you look at the screenshots, you will see that stylesheet_directory will return the same function for a normal design as'template_directory', but a different value and probably the value you need for a subordinate design.

It' currently an instance of WordPress 3.0.1 and it' s on my notebook set to (like localhost) and I use it to test ad hoc samples like this. Incidentally, if you are not familar with child themes, where are two more WordPress responses that might help?

Make the header for the twenty-ten topic smaller? Customize a WordPress theme without modifying it?

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