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MNKY Fintech WP - Technologie et services financiers WordPress Thema von MNKY All about Fintech WP: Fintech WP is a high-performance online website creation software for the creation of breathtaking web sites. Full of fantastic functions, easy to use, designed with a view to solving problems and surprisingly quick. Specifically designed for finance tech and service web sites, it is targeted at companies in the finance, assurance, payment, investment, consulting and other finance service industries.

Multi-purpose and Corporate Business WordPress themes by Stylemix Themes

The Pearl is the first real bundle of Multi-Niche Business WordPress topics on the shelves. The Pearl is truly unique. All of the demos associated with this topic have been meticulously customized to the specific type of business and conceived and developed in such a way as to provide all the features and functions you might need for your use.

Get the best multi-purpose WordPress topic today! You can now start creating a fully featured Business WordPress website without a line of programming! Versatile and easy-to-use topic choices and a user-friendly surface allow anyone to easily design a breathtaking and powerful website without programming skills.

With over 200 user-defined, time-saving user interface moduls, Pearl lets you select and select the functionality you need and create a website that fits your particular marketplace. Pearl is the most multifunctional and user-friendly topic on Themeforest, with endless options and excellent 24/7 live chatsuit.

You can use the panels for advanced themes options in the WordPress panels with all available options very intuitively. The Pearl is a fully optimised Business WordPress theming developed with the help of Pearl WordSoft' powerful analytics and Pearl WordSoft' powerful analytics engine, so you can be sure you will be ranked high on keywords, attracting more traffic than ever before. Grab the best Business WordPress topic today!

Every Mic Legends Topic contains custom functions like music player, online booking, donation system with PayPal, events, sermons, menu, Google Map Multi-Location and more! As much as we take great pride in your website as you do, we will do everything we can to help you get the most out of it.

Each Topic Upgrade is FREE for anyone who has purchased a licence. The Custom Demo Content Importer makes it fast and simple to quickly and easily create a complete demonstration and all associated plug-ins with a single click. More and more stunning demonstrations are included in every larger upgrade due to client response and favorite requests.

WordPress's Welcome dialog allows you to search and previews each demonstration before you click the importer. Blogs in any Niche topic is AMP applicable and AMP prepared. Pearl lets you work with 55 shortcuts in 3-6 different style settings, so you can create practically any conceivable outfit.

The Pearl is available in the following languages: Netherlands, Russia, Italian, French, Germany, Spanish, Portugese and Turk. The Pearl Theme Option are tailor-made preferences that allow you to modify almost any part of the website so that you can create a unique customised website without programming skills. Those choices are universal and valid for every page or contribution.

Site page choices work in tandem with topic choices, but only apply to a single page or posting. In this particular case, they overwrite the topic choices and allow you to create a clear page or posting that does not match your overall preferences. Networking together these features gives you the power and versatility to create extraordinary Web sites.

Adjust side bars and side bar locations for each page or posting. Service Customizing Mail Type with user-defined mapping, archiving, and line mail layouts.

Tags and testimonials customized mail type with user-defined mead, archival and line mail layouts. Musical customized mail type with its own mead, archival and single-post layouts. The Stories Customizing Type with user-defined formatting for metadata, archives, and line items. Job offers customized mail type with user-defined mead, archives and line mail layouts.

Adjustable Video Customizing Type with user-defined Metro, Library, and Line Mail Layouts. Streamlined Visual Composer Builder has a redesigned backend API that gives you access to all your Pearl user-defined moduls. Store user-defined page lays to re-use on other pages or postings. A dozen of designs make creating pages quickly and easily.

Explore over 55 shortcuts in 3-6 different styles and designs - the creativity is limitless! Topic choices allow you to fully customise font styles and colours across the entire topic to match your corporate image. Infinite colour choices with the back-end colour selector. We' re proud to introduce the Pearl Slider, a customized, easy-to-use slider encoded on Angular JS.

Completely built in, Pearl is fully interoperable with some of the most popular plugins on the shelves! Important: Please take a look at the demonstration and ask any question before you buy to learn more about the topic's functionality (you can use the comments forums or the forum: https://stylemixthemes. com/forums/ - for all pre-sale questions).

Feel free to get in touch with us at Themeforest.

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