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This MASSIVE Premium WP Theme & Plugin Bundle saves you money for a limited time....

. Receive a cool discount on this premium WP theme and plugin provider. Get this WP Toolkit Coupon from here.

More than k Themes & Plugins inclusive!

More than $25k Themes & Plugins inclusive! Spacious license conditions allow you to also download and use the software on customer sites! Do you use WordPress? More than 15,886,000 web sites are operated on WordPress. The WordPress is the most widely used CMS system in the world with a 50-60% slice of the CMS worldwide CMS audience. Explain why "free" WP plugins and themes can be expensive.....

I have been using WordPress for over 12 years to create custom pages for customers and my own business. Many WP publishers have browsed the WordPress repository to find topics and plug-ins for their Web pages. This seems to be a great suggestion - almost all topics and plug-ins in the library are free.

There are, however, one big pitfalls to consider when using free WP topics and plug-ins. Designers contribute topics and plug-ins to the repository for free. As there is nothing for the developer, topics and plug-ins are left in the WP repository without updating or supporting. Therefore, you should use premium plug-ins and topics to protect your sites as they are regularly refreshed.

That' s a big help to the security of your websites, as often a hacker uses topics and plug-ins that have not been upgraded to the latest version of WordPress. The use of Premium WP plugs and theme is definitely the right thing..... WP premium products are delivered with premium price tags!

Premier WP plug-ins can be $99 or more. Only because you pay for topics and plug-ins. That means you have to be coughing every single times you want to add a plug-in or theme to an extra website - even if you pay good bucks for it.

Luckily, there is a better, more cost-effective way for WP people like you to get the designs and plug-ins you need for your Web site. Better yet, you have all the permissions to use these premier topics and plug-ins on more than one website. You also get the right to use them on your customers' web pages without having to pay a penny extra.

I' ve received innumerable complains about how hard it is to find the right Plugins and Topics for WP pages. I' ve also listened to the groans about the additional cost of premium tooling if you have more than one website. To say nothing of how costly it is to use premium plug-ins and topics on the customer's site due to restricted license conditions.

I' ve renegotiated the permissions for a MASSIVE of PREMIUM Wordpress theme and plugin libraries. Anyone who has enough free space to search innumerable pages of the WP repository to find the right topics and plug-ins for their pages? WordPress $25,000 dollars in WordPress toolkits are available in the toolkit. This are Premium GPL (General Public Licensed) plugs and topics with development permission.

We also offer 12 month free update with the topics and plug-ins. We used to publish these premium topics and plug-ins as seperate packages. Especially the plug-in package was full of many important features for every WordPress page. Thanks for one of the cheapest items I've ever come across, and I've purchased literally hundred of items in the WordPress environment.

You get an ample selection of Premium WP Plugins & Themes to make your WP pages run like high-performance, precision-engineered workstations. You can charge not only for the primary install of your customers, but also for the maintenance of their websites. The PREMIUM plugins: Regardless of your market segment or sector, you are sure to find the right topic in the toolkit.

We have also ensured that these topics have a zero learnerurve. There is nothing more disappointing than to find a nice design for your website and discover that you have to be a fashion design to make it look right! Keep in mind that you can use these premier topics on as many of your own and your customers' websites as you like.

Regardless of the type of buisness, you are guaranteed to find the right motif in this premium range. Select from: great topics for groups, solos, nightclubs, recording companies, journals and all music-related companies. Whatever your and your customers' niches, this premium line is sure to have the right topic for your specific style of work.

{\pos (192,210)}I don't want the whole premium tool industry flooding. Total value of all toolkit items is over $25,000. Please keep in mind that you not only get these Premium WP plug-ins and topics for your own use..... They can also be installed on an infinite number of Clients.

I offer 3 price schedules for the toolkit for your comfort. Possibly you won't have to buy an extra WP plug-in or themes for years. Since these Premium WP Themes & Plugins are GPL-licensed, they have full development permission. Installation on any number of customer pages.

Get the toolkit before the prices rise in the near-term. P.S. One of the major disadvantages of buying WP topics and plug-ins is that you don't know exactly what you're getting until you have it up and running. You pay too much for Premium WP theme and plugin? Are you trying to find a new "no-brainer" offer that expands your customer offering and gets a raw deal?

F: Am I restricted to how often I can add topics and plugs to my own pages? You can use the theme and plugin as often as you want without paying a penny more. F: What about customer pages? Are there any restrictions on how often I can use the topics?

You can use the theme and plugin on as many clients as you want. The WordPress kernel usually refreshes about twice a year. In this case, plug-ins and Themes may encounter compatibility problems with the new WP release. Therefore, we will upgrade the plug-in and theme for you for free during the first 12* month after your order (*for annual members, one-time members receive unrestricted current updates).

It also gives you the assurance that your customers will get the benefits of current topics and plug-ins. Q: Can I redistribute these themes and plug-ins unchanged? But since these premier topics and plug-ins come with GPL licenses, you can rent your own encoder to modificate them and yours to sale.

Remember - we cannot give our full help for topics or plug-ins you change. F: Is full accessibility to all extra "Pro" service for each topic and plug-in provided? Please be aware that while we give users free entry to the trial version of our plug-in & Theme, some vendors also allow us to add trial service that requires an Apache programming interface code that we cannot do.

Exclusion of liability: Woo, WooThemes, WooCommerce, Elegant Themes, StudioPress & StudioThemes are all brands of their particular owner.

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