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With its flat design, WP-ClearVideo also offers space for advertising banners. The plugin also supports WP-PostRatings, which allows users to rate videos. Video WordPress themes overview to launch professional video websites to present your video content or create video platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Top WordPress video topics for embedded and hosted videos 2018

WordPress is the best WordPress video theme for creating the next Youtube, Vimeo or present your video, movie with class. Videotapes have become an important part of goods in our company. With the increasing acceptance of smartphones and tablets, lower cost information rates and better camera technology, humans have begun to make many video games.

Several of the most beloved Youtube video clips are recorded on smart phones. If you are serious about video ography, it might be the right moment to build a one-of-a-kind and professionally designed website to present your work. It will give you more lead and other businesses than videographers, filmmakers or amateur video capturers.

Here we have gathered topics that can be used to build Youtube front-end video submitting clones, topics for professionals in movie production and other WordPress topics to help you host your own video or embedded from Youtube, Vimeo and other common video resources. The Vlog is a one-of-a-kind and high-performance, imaginative and attractive, sleek and sleek, easy-reacting WordPress video blogs website theme.

It is a meticulously designed tool for Web masters and video loggers in general who need a good-looking, able and expert viewing experience on which they can view a variety of different procured video contents in a variety of different style and configuration to ensure that each video is seen in the most appealing setting, with perfect maintained, fast response page proportions and screen-oriented, delicate layout and arrangement. This is at the top of their agenda when it comes to video blogs and related, similar sites.

Never before have video-tutorials, video-lessons or reporting been so uncomplicated and straightforward and with such professionally designed results coupled with imaginative versatility. The Vlog automatically recognizes video mini views and shows them e.g. as headline of a video contribution, if you wish. It can also group your video into a playlist.

Virtually every video share platform is supported and Vlog is interoperable with many others, including YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion and Twitch, making different market niches easier to reach, while over 200 post-layout permutations ensure that your Vlog always presents your visions faithfully. The Soledad is an unbelievably diverse and beautifully adaptable, easy-to-use and very intuitively reactive WordPress multi-purpose blogs website theme.

It' been developed with an awesome array of imaginative, expert editing features, high-performance premier plug-ins, and a vast library of beautiful demonstration sites and feature-rich page layouts, just wait for you to find the right solution for your own blogs site and let the rest of the community know what's going on, in a truly personalized, adaptable and uniquely styled way that promotes a feeling of authenticity and privacy with your audiences.

It' designed to integrate two different, just as straightforward web designing administration interface, the WordPress Live Customizer and the Visual Composer, so you have the liberty to create your website, but you are most convenient. Featuring over 300 template and demo files, Soledad is a beautiful way to communicate that fits your content's sound and styling.

And Soledad is the theme for those who need to be listened to! The MagPlus is a highly customizable and cutting-edge WordPress web log and review website theme. It' the best way to create elegant, persuasive new Web sites. Especially videocentric sites look razor sharp with MagPlus and can be loaded quickly. Fantastic video slider, gallery and portfolio presentations present your artwork in stunning lighting.

Automatic translations take your entire website to new target groups within a few moments. Get through your voice barrier and make your video become virtual. Unparalleled postal style makes your contents glow. Videooly is a new video devoted to the WordPress theme. Videooly's layouts offer 6 different slide control style, infinite side bars and +10 user-defined widths. Videooly has support for most video file types to be as versatile as possible.

It' a netted design with infinite colour choices to achieve the best graphic viewing experiences. Videooly is portable and can be used with most web browser! Videooly uses the well-known Visual Composer and +20 shortcuts for its panels. Videooly is very well documentary, especially with (can you guess?) video tutorials.

You will be thrilled by this theme bubble theme and the elite writer work! It' gonna bend every video digger out there! Test Videoly now! The Vlogger is a video and WordPress topic video guide. When you are a YouTuber or make video blogging, this topic is for you. When you do on-line classes or video tutorials, you are at home.

It' simple to use and you can easily create video merrys, grid or list with one click! You can also enjoy attaching slide shows to any video formats. It' s portable - first, so it' s quick and reactive. The T2G ReAction plug-in integrates this topic. The Vlogger has an exlusive video course training tool. The Vlogger offers a video-tourorial, series blended with the drag-and-drop page creator Visual Composer.

They also have 12 ad spaces to monetise your video. When your company is involved with video, get Vlogger now! VideStories offers you useful pre-configured Widget to get your creativity going. MovieStories has a contemporary and minimalist look with a customisable and adaptable design. Video should be the protagonist of this tale!

There are 3 different kinds of individual video pages and 2 film pages to be played with. The theme is delivered with the WPML plug-in and is therefore ripe for compilation. The result is a multi-functional and easy-to-use design. Test VideoStories! WordPress Video Blogs is a nice and profoundly imaginative, contemporary and tech-savvy, imaginative and refreshing, reactive WordPress video blogs website theme.

Created to serve as a knowledgeable and thorough toolset for quickly and easily creating video blogs in a variety of niche, interest or industry sectors with wonderful video experiences. TeMotion is full of stunning templates pages and home page demonstration sites, which have been beautifully crafted to appeal to your audiences at different tiers, and are suitable for different sounds and types of contents.

TheMotion is based on sophisticated, state-of-the-art HTML5 encoding and is amazingly light and imaginative when it comes to handling today's mediums, from locally and locally harbored video to video streaming and beyond. TheMotion has what it takes to keep track of the big picture. With a beautiful featured slider utility, you can create your own imaginative, vibrant slider for your blogs in just a few mouse clicks, working with sleek, sophisticated results every turn.

Unbelievably powerful channels of online and offline messaging allow you to seamlessly incorporate your website into your online and offline messaging strategy to make it easy to viralise your music. News paper is a nice, neat and stylish theme developed to make your website stand out. These templates give you the opportunity to transfer your video in the most exciting and appealing way.

No matter if you want to create an on-line message board or a website containing proprietary video contents, Newsspaper is the right decision for you. Made by an élite writer, Newsspaper has become the best-selling WordPress newsletter of all times. Its user friendly layout and attractive styling make it easy to use.

By using the tagDiv-Plugin "Mobile theme" your website will look fantastic and at the same time offer excellent service on any small monitor. Completely in YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion, this design allows you to generate video contributions and view them on the homepage of your site, on pages, super malls, side bars, large screens, catagories, footers and so on.

There are three video poststyles, a special video pad and two user-defined video play lists with auto-play. The design is able to handle large volumes of contents and contains over 20 one-of-a-kind demonstrations that can be uploaded to your website. Using the high-performance and intuitional theme area, you can simply modify the look & feeling of your website without any programming knowledge.

Developed with best practice content management in mind, Neuespaper Theme has an advanced ad system that gets your website up and running in seconds. He also added a user-defined plug-in, Dynamic Counter, which has been developed to make your activities on the mobile phone networks more visual. Incorporate the latest story-telling technology with premium coding, stunning styling, power and durability to deliver the most compelling experiences for your audience!

And Jannah is a WordPress theme, designed for video enthusiasts. The only thing they have to do is emphasize the video they want to release. And Jannah is a powerful solution (Blazing Speeds) that lets you instantly split your video. And your contents are optimised for mobility and are quickly loaded everywhere, with the AMP project.

And Jannah has great matching capabilities like video play lists. Creating video play lists for your audience is a great way to keep your audience longer. Video Box is a visual aesthetics WordPress theme developed to display video contents. Not only does it respond to browser, but also to device and screen. The Videobox was developed to provide access to well-known platform and to benefit from the offered service.

The video box has specific functions such as auto video thumbnail and video tab. The video box is a great motif for on-line streams, newscasts or on-line magazine. It' a multi-faceted theme designed for any kind of shop where video is presented. Video box provides several header, sidebar and widget areas on the homepage.

Go get the video box! The VideoMag is a contemporary and innovative, vibrant and highly interacting, deep -functioning and highly imaginative, efficient encoded and soundly engineered, safe and dependable, technically advanced and visually agile and fast to respond WordPress multi-purpose video theme. It is a multifaceted theme, meticulously designed with rich functions and crude power that allow it to satisfy the requirements of a whole range of different website uses, archive types and easy apps, but that has been unique and especially equipped with the ultimate suite of utilities for the creation, management and maintenance of beautiful and strong video magazines sites, video aggregation services sites and all kinds of video reproduction and video related industries.

No matter if you are a fashionable video blogger broadcaster or a video pipe pro, VideoMag has the key functionality you need to make your online-based video page a success right out of the box. VideoMag is a video blogging tool that lets you create, publish, and share your video blog. Out of the Box compatible with YouTube, DailyMotion, Vine, Vimeo, Twitch and self-hosted video capabilities, VideoMag keeps everyone in the building looking at your video assets, with minimalistic and appealing layout and graphics that get the most out of your website while concentrating your user experience.

Turn the power of the earth on with VideoMag! WordPress The Passion is an epic and fast-reacting multi-purpose WordPress theme website for musicians and videos. Passion is a fantastic theme designed for great people. The Passion has it. The Passion has it. In addition, the Passion has advanced functions such as video parallaxes or 80 individual items.

In just a few moments, you can create your own on-line library of video or soundtrack. Truly Mag is an excellent WordPress theme developed for video and magazine use. There are 11 home pages and a great responsive outfit. It is specially designed for video advertising. Tru Mag was developed with UX alongside Visual Composer.

You' ll also get special functions to make the event as professionally as possible. There is a video scoring system, previews bladder, instant viewing and more. In addition, True Mag manages built-in Widget for video such as Popular, Top Categories and Top Categories. Its focus is on graphs, file compatibility and the best video ever.

You can also use this theme to create a page with the page resolution of YouTube or Vimeo. All in all you won't get such a specialised topic anywhere else! The Video Pro is a high-quality, specialised WordPress theme. There is a tendency to post and manage videos of all kinds. Like Vimeo, Video Pro allows users to post articles.

There are many special functions like play lists, channel, streaming and more. Video is also equipped with a database for films, TV programmes and the like. Define a personalised watch-late setting and get individuals to rate video. The Video Plus application allows you to import video from other popular video sources, such as YouTube.

There is also a great Membership Plugin through the integrated membership and subscription capabilities of HPMU. YouTube, Video Pro, like the portable YouTube, allows you to view video while browsing for contents. This theme allows you to incorporate the best functions on the shelves. Representing a new way of life in video surveillance. With Video Pro, the user can easily upload contents (depending on the administrator's choice) via easy button downloads.

More than 10 pre-configured layout and endless color matching possibilities! Begin now with this crowded, stunning theme! Video Activate Video Per! The VideoTouch is a super-fine and highly customizable WordPress Theme based on the Twitter Bootstrap Platform. WordPress video theme is absolutely fast reacting and makes sure that your website works perfectly on all web-enabled mobile phones incl. smartphones and tables like the iPad to give your audiences a great visual sensation.

Comes with a Touch Layout Builder that lets you build websites that meet your needs. The theme also contains boundless text adjustment capabilities, header and footer controls, side bars, and high-performance user-defined Widgets. The VideoTouch has 2 built-in faders (Flexslider and Slicebox), but the design is still fully compliant with any fader that can run over shortcuts like Revolution faders, Layer faders, etc.

In addition to its highly intuitive design building engine, this design comes with an easy-to-use user-defined design option pane. The VideoTouch comes with . po and . mo data that make it simple for you to convert the subject into your own native script. The demo contents are also included in the theme pack to help you with the installation and optimization of this video theme.

The Malabar is a contemporary and reactive high-performance publication with a universal website theme. Malabar is also a theme for a sophisticated, fastidious audience. Crammed with advanced functionality, Malabar processes multi-media contents like a professional. Provide video galeries and video contributions and create a video magazines plattform. And Malabar easily takes care of your video stream, hosting, and hosting.

You' re not gonna get sweaty when you drop your musical video or your trailer. You can also check and annotate popular cultural activity with great video choices. Videobackgrounds and slider controls make Malabar stunning. In addition, the audience is connected with your contents in a sensible way with Malabar. And finally, monetise your video magazines with easy-to-use advertising income system blocs.

Bring your journal projects to the next stage and reach a wide public with Malabar! The Snaptube is a neat and elegant video portals theme that you can use to showcase your best video on the web. Every icon and image you see in this theme is retina-ready and fully optimised to look great on your HDPi display.

In addition, with this beautiful video galery site you can WordPress theme YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion and even host video embedded in your site. The system also handles video advertising such as Preroll, Postroll, Midroll and IMA advertising. In addition, the Page builder is easy to use and allows you to build the desired page layouts for your website without programming.

There are also 13 useful user-defined side bar widgets as well as tonnes of high-performance shortcuts that make customizing designs a cakewalk. This theme incorporates the Furthemore, Nivo, and Flex faders, which let you quickly build faders with stunning transitions. It is also fully compliant with the BuddyPress WordPress plug-in to help you set up a free online video site.

In addition, this topic is written with neat and current HTML5 and CSS3 encoding to help you comply with the latest web industry norms. It' also conceived to work well with all popular web browser. Further functions in this topic are: The Viduze is a video magazin WordPress Theme, which was created for the development of video rental sites or softwares.

The design is very reactive, so you can be sure that every single bit of information will react to every single piece of equipment your users are using, such as a desk, tray or telephone. Comes with a page generator that allows you to simply build your pages with its simple pull & pull GUI.

This also allows topic editors to build endless page and page style with short code visualization. In addition, this design offers limitless color, Google Font, multi-layer PSDs, more than 22 backgrounds, a built-in Logomanager and Font Awesome symbols that help you get the look and feel you need for your video site.

In addition, the Viduze WordPress theme has a built-in sharing feature to help you and your website users easily distribute your contents to community networks. In addition, it offers video assistance with Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion You can publish your video with Youtube and DailyMotion in your own video web site. Or you can submit and hosted your own Viduze-themed video to create your own Youtube-like website.

Finally, this theme comes with an efficient Testimonial Manager, BuddyPress compliant, WooCommerce plug-in support, translations prepared and optimised for advancedEO. The Video Theme is a WordPress theme designed specifically for the creation of video web sites. The topic is full of functions you need to develop and manage a video portals. You can also quickly personalise your website and modify the logo, colours, graphic etc. with the integrated theme creation tool.

Identical, the addition and removal of contents from your homepage is simple thanks to the Drag&Drop function of the homepage. It comes with a very convenient custom video up-load option that allows you to set up list packs in which video up-loads can be free and/or purchased. There is also YouTube video importers which will help you to bring YouTube video to your website.

In addition, this topic has a built-in feature for publishing users' reviews and keeps track of the number of offers made. The video website artwork also contains video teaser timeout, adjustable member packs, repeating payment and order managers, and adjustable offer packs. In addition, this topic is constructed with the best possible selling techniques in the back of your head to make sure your site gets more visitors and works well in popular webmasters.

Are you considering monetising your video website? Generate additional income from your video portals by posting Google ads on your website. The theme also contains an Advertiser Leader that allows you to copy and past your promotional codes directly into the core areas of your website. The Magellan is a contemporary and imaginative, simple to use and very user-friendly, technically skilled and quick, quickly responding WordPress video newsletter and review website topic magazines.

It is a special plattform for on-line video newsmagazines, an incredible asset for today's Web masters looking for a place to tell tales and bring their audience together around new mediums in an elegant HTML5-based presence, with fantastic technology capabilities and imaginative use of premier plug-ins to make your Web masters expertise easier while providing a variety of powerful tools.

Visual Composer, the easy-to-use page creator that integrates with Revolution Slider Sileshow Builder, provides everything you need to refine the look and feel of your website, while Magellan's powerful web publishing engine meets all your video message publishing needs with a variety of features and style choices, smooth YouTube integration, and video contributions that can be remotely or locally-hosted, all in an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface,

Plenty of exciting, fast-paced layout and website template options for a variety of recessed apps, all with your video top, front and centre, a beautiful contemporary Frosted Glass screen and stunning slides, Parallax wallpapers, intelligent side bars, trendy items widgets, tonnes of online community capabilities and even fully featured BuddyPress and BuddyPress fora.

The VideoTube WordPress theme could offer you a fully reactive and working website submission for your video sites. Designed with modernity in mind, this site offers stunning and sophisticated functions that you can use to collect, post and share great video clips on-line. The Videotube is a multi-faceted theme that can be used on both video and audiovisual streamed sites.

The VideoTube has tonnes of functions, plus the built-in player, tonnes of skin inclusive, colour choices, solid layouts, member system and so much more. In addition, publishing and splitting video via Videotube is quick and simple. Permits other persons to post their video or post to your website.

In addition, it contains functions such as integrated system, societal meta data inclusion and a graphical composition. Video Zoom is a sleek designer with an easy-to-use contents control that can playback all the video you want to include in your post. JW Player Integrator even lets you watch your own host-video! Launched some time ago, the video zoom theme has recently undergone a fundamental revision to keep pace with WordPress developments and the latest designer fashions.

Present your work with this easily customized and fully loaded WordPress theme. If you buy this topic, you will get a detailled help and lifelong help via the help forums. It is also a very adaptable design with infinite colour variation, multiple mail sizes, a great contents control and much more. Present your work with this easily customized and fully loaded WordPress theme.

With the purchase of this topic you get a help document to help you get familiar with the topic. The theme has 3 distinct colour themes that can be further optimised via the extended option panels. ProgressionStudios is developed by Pollero, the same firm behind the aforementioned topic of sun.

The Vidiho is a neat, cutting-edge and highly reactive WordPress theme developed and developed for video blogs. The design uses the integrated video capabilities of WordPress, which makes video embedded very simple. The design also includes a full-width contents control that lets you present your video in high-definition directly from Vimeo, Youtube and other sites.

It is a neat, contemporary and fast-reacting film-oriented WordPress theme for studio and manufacturing firms. It has been completely conceived by the makers for the presentation of video. Provides a scroll effect and a classic credits scroll effect. In addition, theme provides support for the WP Theme Customizer to customize the design in a real-time previewer.

In addition, the producer theme will be created byMOLITOR, the best ranked theme designer on Themeforest with several best-selling theme titles. The Aware is an engaging, highly reactive theme that is ideal for freelance professionals, web professionals, professional and professional photography as well as video professionals.

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