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WorldPress Support| WorldPress Maintenance You' re working really hard to keep your company developing. We have a dedicated staff of WordPress professionals to make sure the right WordPress technologies don't get in your way. We are proud to offer great WordPress support and practical upkeep. Every effort is made to make your company a profit every single months. We are pleased to be your WordPress coordinator.

It is our responsibility to make sure that the data base, data and pictures of your website are saved every single working days outside the website. Not only will sluggish websites be frustrating to your traffic, they will also punish you by Google. Enjoyment of a quicker website.

WordPress 24/7 Website Maintenance & Management Support Services

"Our last big job was to move all our locations to HTTPS. It' s something I postponed because of the size and complexity of some of our locations, but we felt we were ready to move forward because the buffs were on it." "The signature of the buffs on e-mails is, "We got your back," and that's exactly how it feels."

website builder system for worpress sites

Today, many suppliers are offering an ONE-CLICK WordPress install to win and keep new customers. If you are a WordPress designer, agent or cross-seller, you will loose these customers. Instead, you make the profits yourself by letting your customers build WordPress sites on your servers through a plain template on your agent's website.

With our WordPress Website Creator you can do it now - and it's simple! Best of all, everything stays under your direct supervision as the sites are directly hosted on your servers or hosts. All your customers and WordPress installs are yours. This way you can keep up with the big website building agents like WIX or JIMDO and win your own part of the web at the same time.

Beaver Builder (FREE or PRO) and Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder are pre-installed as our editing solutions on all our prebuilt Sites. We' ve designed a customisable WordPress template with the fantastic Caldera Forms (free plugin). Then we added some features to the forms engine that allow you to submit the contents of the forms to our servers via our application programming interface (API).

The system will create a zipped document with the selected topic and all the contents that the user has sent via the contact page. Once the install is complete, the system will send a registry email to your customers and a message email to you. What does the Website Creator do? Once one of your customers has signed up on the built-in template, a WordPress website will be directly uploaded to your server/host with the custom look and feel you choose.

When you have cPanel or plesk, the system installs the website via the application programming interface (API) itself. There is a 39? fee for each of the designs we add to our system. If you want to work in a professional way, we suggest a licence "WP ASTRA AGENCY BUNDLE". This licence gives you the right to download and use WP ASTRA's pre-built web sites.

In addition you will get an "Ultimate add on for Beaver Builder" and an "Ultimate add on for Elementor". You can use it to create a professionally designed website sales channel. Is it possible to have a website installed on a TLD? Sites directly on the host of my clients installed? Yes, your client completes the TLD and the TLD availability check forms.

Once the domainname is available, the website is built, then you or your clients can sign up and refer to the servers. Is it possible to make cash directly after sending the application forms? It will be launched as soon as the final payments have been made. It is you and/or the user submitting the request who are the administrator.

100 percent white labelling is only possible with our BIG PLAN membership and a Beaver Builder Agency version. Is it possible to create the layout of the forms myself? In addition, you can clear all boxes that are not required in your application anytime. Of course, it is also possible to customize a Caldera template visually via the CSS.

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