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I' m looking forward to the feedback from this WP.c ". Hello, I am Anthony Hortin and I am developing and designing WordPress web pages everyyday.

Hello, I am Anthony Hortin and I am developing and designing WordPress web pages everyyday. Creating sites that are simple to use, intuitively... and beautifully designed. I am a WordPress creator and freelance graphic artist from Melbourne, Australia who manages his own company, Maddison Designs. WordPress 2006 I found - and it was true at first glance.

Diving into the WordPress fellowship, I started to create my own topics and plug-ins. If I am not working on topics or plug-ins for customers or the WordPress Theme & Plugin Directories, you can find me at the WordPress Melbourne Meetup or Melbourne WordCamp organization. It is not always possible to go to a customer on a physical basis to offer practical trainings, I know.

Instead, give them a copy of my beloved WordPress guide and in a plain, easy-to-understand phrase, you can help your customers learn how to use their new WordPress website.

Discurs/wp Discourse: A WordPress plug-in that allows you to use Diskurs as a collaborative search tool for a WordPress blogs.

Hint: The wp diskurse plug-in needs >= PHP-5.4.0. WP Diskurs-Plugin functions as an intermediary between your WordPress page and your Diskurs-Kommunity. You can use Discurse for comments: Automatic creation of a thread for discussions when a new posting is made. Links WP authors' account with their discursive account.

Answers from the panel discussions can be integrated into the WP blogs. There is also an option for using your WordPress page as a single sign-on supplier for your discourse forums. It overrides the original (and powerful) logon process of Diskurs and is highly recommendable only for use cases that absolutely need such a facility, such as a Web site that already uses WordPress for large-scale customization.

This plug-in is developped by the scossar discourse group. If you are using Composer to administer WordPress, you are adding WP discourse to the traces of your work. You can also put it in your composer.json manually: " " " " " " " ": " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " Does this plug-in discourse for me installs?

No, this plug-in functions as an intermediary between Discourse and WordPress. In order for it to work, you must first create a discussion group. Now you can create Diskurs for yourself by following one of these two instructions: Is it possible to use old WordPress commentaries as discourse commentaries (e.g. "Reply")? Must WordPress and Diskurs be on the same servers?

It uses the Discourse-API so that your forums and blogs can be host seperately and the integrations still work. Yes, the HTML template used for posting to Diskurs and viewing annotations in WordPress can be customised in your design.

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