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I' ve put together this X Theme demo to give you a quick overview of the X backend and how it works. Theme | Standard & Advanced Demos + Enhancements We' ve put together a dozen different demonstrations to present each stack in X. Because each stack has its own set of one-of-a-kind functions and its own designs, all of them are integrated into the X theme! Immediately deploy the home pages of a standard demonstration with option to add blogs and portfolios. Each X buy includes all standard and advanced demonstrations.

is the only theme on the open that offers our new enhanced demo. Complete website design tailored specifically for a particular alcove, each advanced demo contains all pictures, pages, slider, menu and more. Each X buy contains all standard and advanced demonstrations. We have over 20 FREE upgrade plug-ins with each validated purchased product (over $1,000 in value).

Combining third-party utilities and Themeco, these stunning plug-ins will bring unbelievable new features to your X Buildings trip. Unprecedented WordPress Topic Subscription Unprecedented WordPress Topic Search!

Theme Review - Ultimate WordPress Theme 2018?

Calculated as the 'last WordPress theme you'll ever need to buy'. That fat assertion relates to the fact that it contains several styles in one bundle. This theme's creators have named these piles those uniquely designed and the pack currently contains four different piles, with more scheduled for the year.

In contrast to some other styles that contain skin and the possibility to modify the look with user-defined preferences, these batches are truly original styles. And the X theme also contains a number of batch customization features, which greatly helps ensure that no two installs of the theme look the same.

To create this theme and its piles, the designers have sought the help of a number of experienced web business owners. A place to share tools to get tips on what functions and designs to integrate to make this the best WordPress theme on the web for anyone wanting to create a winning website.

Starting with release 4, X now contains an amazing, specially designed front-end page creation utility named Cornerstone. It gives you even more power over what your website will look like and makes sure you can create the website you always wanted. Given such high aspirations, this definitely seems to be a topic with great promise that is definitely deserving of close scrutiny.

Continue reading for our detailed examination of the X topic by themes. X's revenues have risen from around 32,000 to just over 61,000 since the last updates on this topic. One of the highlights of the X 4 releases was the Cornerstone Page Builder feature.

Even though the third-party Visual Composer plug-in is part of the X theme, the suite now has its own user-defined page creation utility. X designers have redesigned Cornerstone from the bottom up and it's engineered to fit into the theme perfectly. That means X customers now have easy acces to a specially developed Page Builder utility instead of relying on a third-party plug-in.

Cornerstone can be covered later in this test, but right now it's an amazing 100% frontend and an intuitively WordPress Page builder that makes it very simple to build your own customized page layout in no more than a short while. However, this does not mean that you cannot use an established third-party page creator on your X-based website.

Indeed, the Visual Composer plug-in is still part of the bundle, giving you another way to create all the customized page themes your website needs. But if you've tried Cornerstone, you probably won't want to use anything else with X when it comes to designing customized page layout.

Others fixes in release 4 contain enhanced interoperability with a variety of favorite WordPress plug-ins. The latest releases of WooCommerce, BuddyPress, Visual Composer, Slider Revolution and BuddyPress are included. It' good to see as it shows that X designers are making sure their theme continues to work with these cutting-edge e-commerce, discussions and builders when they are up-dated.

In order to underline the developer's dedication to this topic, release 3. X's 0 was recently published and contains some great new functionality. X's development group has worked on over a dozen new WordPress plug-ins that cover a variety of applications, from the creation of customized subscription newsletters and the immediate inclusion of e-mail lists to the development of X's own labeling tool for use on customer websites.

Those premier expansion plug-ins are now available to those who have bought the X theme, which gives them many additional useful features. In order to make the installation of these new premier plug-ins as simple as possible, they can be added to your website via the add-on section of the Theme Control Panels on your WordPress dashboard.

Prospective X projects involve partnership with other WordPress plug-in programmers to apply their plugins directly to the topic. X's X franchise quickly became the most beloved new addition to ThemeForest (the marketing platform from which it is available), selling 25,000 copies in no more than a short while. of this very beloved but extremely customizable WordPress theme.

One of the new additions that have found their way in this release is a new pile that increases the overall number of piles to four. To those not familiar with the concept, the piles are the singular styles that make up this theme. These are almost topics within a topic and offer you a range of template layouts that you can use to create your own WordPress layouts.

This is the new batch added to the X theme 2. The title of 0 is Ethos and is intended for those who want to use a magazine-style page for their WordPress website. Among the main characteristics of the Ethos stacks of magazines - this new theme within a theme - are a feature rich editorial cousel, real-time filtering capabilities, and various ways to display feature rich image for blogs.

Besides the new stock, another great complement to the X theme in this upgraded release is supporting super menu, a function that has become famous through the UberMenu plug-in. That means with this new function, you can easily create stunning looking and sophisticated menu items for your WordPress page and make sure they are designed to fit seamlessly into the X 2.0 batch you are using.

Indeed, each pile has its own distinctive design for these huge meals to ensure that they fit perfectly into the remainder of the theme. The X theme 0 has build on the initial release's successful approach to adding a good range of choices and functionality to an already very versatile WordPress theme.

One of the most important sales arguments for this topic is the capability to provide several styles in one bundle. Another X theme feature is the way you customize your website. A lot of premier topics have their own design page, which is not included in WordPress and therefore can be a pain to use.

This theme, as already noted, contains four different styles known as piles. Although they can all be very personalized, they are the basis for everything you do with X. Although there are more piles on the way, they are the four available at the moment of writing: In contrast to children's topics, the piles are individually designed and very different units.

You can still continue to design submotifs for each batch. In this way, you can make changes as with any other design. Indeed, there are a number of submenus in the X Theme Pack to help you get on. X 0 sees the launch of the new Cornerstone Page Builder Tools.

Designed by the Themeco makers of X, the Themeco staff, Cornerstone integrates smoothly with X and your WordPress website. The Cornerstone is supplied as one of the many add-ons for X and is available as a stand-alone plug-in for X theme-user. It is a necessary add-on for X because many of the new page layout were created with this utility and its shortcuts.

Visual Composer Page Builder plug-in is still available as one of the optionally available add-ons in the X theme pack. The X developer recommends using their Cornerstone Page builder instead. The reason for this is that it was specially developed for use alongside this topic.

All pages you have previously created with Visual Composer will continue to work properly provided you keep the plug-in running on your website. As soon as you have X on your Add-Ons monitor, you can start building your own customized mail and page layout. Xustomizer may look trusted because it is based on the WordPress natively customizable design menus.

Beauty and refreshment are over with this theme. That means you can build a website exactly the way you want, then choose to configure it, expand it, and then go to another website where that design is already in place to quickly get the same look and feel. What's more, you can even design your own website and upload it to another website where that design is already there. A recent upgrade to this already very multifaceted topic added the possibility to build one-page homes.

A page home pages have become a very much loved web designing fashion in recent month and by incorporating this kind of layouts to the theme, there is even more believability of the developer claiming that this is the last WordPress theme that you will ever need to buy. Unilateral home pages that can be created with X have a permanent vertical navigational menue that elegantly leads the user down to the appropriate subsection of the page when clicking on it.

Thanks to this upgrade, another character chain has been added to this feature-rich theme. A few premier topics contain many of their key features as part of the theme itself. That means that when you modify designs, most of your contents are corrupted and no longer rendered as they were when you made them.

Fortunately, the X designers have integrated a user-defined plug-in that contains shortcuts (40 on the last counter) for much of the theme's feature set. That means if you ever change to another topic, you won't be faced with a huge cleaning task to help you correct mail-contents. Being unattached to a topic makes it simpler to even do it.

It is also a good option for anyone who wants to build an e-commerce storefront as it fully blends into the free and increasingly fashionable WooCommerce Storefront plug-in. Every pile comes with its own unique web storefront theme, so anyone who builds an web storefront doesn't miss out on the opportunity to choose from a variety of custom web site themes related to the subject.

As the number of visitors to web sites on their smart phones and tables grows, it is not feasible to provide a theme that cannot be used on small displaytops. Fortunately, the piles that come with this theme react quickly to game displays of all shapes and sizes thanks to their smooth layout. The X theme has many functions related to looks, and it seems a disgrace to throw them into one pot, but for brevity's sakes, here are some of the highlights:

X is installed in the same way as a WordPress theme. Just unzip the files from your WordPress accounts and use your WordPress Administratorashboard ( Appearance > Themes > Add New ). How many premier topics does it need and recommends the install of some extra Plugins.

The theme provides an easier way to deploy these plug-ins during deployment and set-up, so you don't have to find them yourself. Sometime when you buy a premier theme, it can be a little disappointing once it's in place, and it doesn't look like the trial release that advertised you for it.

Topic sponsorship also included some great walk-through video on how to configure the topic. Due to the choice to use an advanced copy of the WordPress natively customizing tool to configure the design, there is no complicated page with the design choices you have to deal with. But if you want to dive deeply into the preferences and really want to make your own design, such as change the button styles, change text size and edit borders, you need to try to navigate through the variety of available choices.

It' s noteworthy that if you use the piles as they are, you can't spend the whole amount of your free moment researching the available choices. You can, however, import every batch's config files and layouts to make these adjustments to your Web site and overwrite any changes you've made to the layouts and looks.

The Cornerstone solution works with both WordPress and page mail and can be started from either the Mail or Page Editors single monitors or from the Show All Mail monitor. Once you have switched to the Cornerstone Notepad display, you can run the Builders to begin building your customized page layouts. When Cornerstone is downloaded, you will see a full-screen interface where you can edit your page layouts.

Cornerstone Page Builders consist of the primary screen and the edit side bar. You should be aware of this if you have used other edit applications such as Photoshop or even the WordPress Customizer utility. A major advantage of using a front-end page creator like Cornerstone is that you don't have to keep saving your work, switching your browsers and reloading pages to see what your page will actually look like when it is released.

The Cornerstone page building experience is divided into four major areas or parts: layouts, items, inspectors, and general page setup. You can use the section area in the edit bar to apply a section to your page theme. Basically, these paragraphs are lines, and each line can have its own user-defined columns structure.

X and Cornerstone not only create your own custom page designs from the ground up, they also contain some preconfigured page partitions. They can be uploaded from the lay-out area so that you have a lead when you create a particular page style. Predefined template designs include: an info page, available items, price schedules, and a sell-side one.

The Cornerstone also contains a good range of prefabricated ingots. They can be added to your user-defined page design, while the predefined page designs take the place of your current one. When loading one of these predefined page style sheets or pads, you can just click on the items to create your own contents using the Cornerstone user interface.

But if you create your own page design from the ground up, after you've added a section to your page design, you can add one of the available items to it. You can then look for or navigate through the items to find the right one for your design. The Cornerstone is supplied with a good choice of side panels.

These include: Akkordeons, button, rotating maps, call to action, icon list, price table, slider and much more. Once you have added an item to your design, you can click on it to adjust it and add your own to it. In this area, you can adjust the section, column, and item that you have added to your layouts.

Or, you can click one of the items that you added to your design to manipulate its contents with the Examiner. Several of the options include modifying the page or posting header, set the posting state, control commenting, and set a parental page - all things you would normally do using the WordPress posting or page editing screen.

X and Cornerstone give you a good choice of page styles to use. These include side bar and sidebarless choices, as well as a sidebarless, header-free, footer-free design that' perfectly suited for target page creation. For example, if you want to use Cornerstone to build a destination page, you can just pick the appropriate page style.

Once you've saved your changes, you'll have a completely empty projection surface where you can work without displaying the WordPress tradition. Cornerstone Editor's screens also include a fast-acting viewer previewer. It makes it simple to see how your website will look on a variety of screens in different size and resolution.

When you' re done, you can store your page design and upload it to your website. A topic as comprehensive as this, in regards to functions and functions, requires good supporting materials to help you get there. A variety of video tutorials are available to guide you through the process of configuring the theme, from installing to using the customized software and beyond.

Even, as already noted, this topic was created after the council of successfull web businessmen. Topic creators have added the inputs and tutorials from 10 of these professionals to the Text and Video Forums. Adding this extra piece of information will give you a good idea of why the topic was designed the way it was, and how you can make sure that your website is realizing its fullest potential.

Definitely this topic is well represented and the extra video offers good value for money. Although this topic was only published in November 2013, it has already promoted the developer to ThemeForest' top writer due to its high level of sale. And not only that, but it made them the quickest writers of all time to achieve élite rank on this premier WordPress platform.

Despite this widespread use, there is little likelihood that you will find another WordPress site with X that has been set up the same way. The reason for this is the wide range of possibilities available for establishing this theme. In addition to the fact that the four stack offers you innumerable possibilities related to the overall look of your website, but also the various preferences, layout, backgrounds, colors and the added possibility to build a homepage, this means that no two websites created with X will look like this.

When you want a topic with powerful user assistance, but without the risks of your site looking the same as everyone else's, X definitely has the credentials. What does that mean? X Theme is available from ThemeForest at a cost of $64, although this is slightly more than the normal cost of a prime theme on ThemeForest, considering what you get for your buck, but it's a reasonable one.

It really does bring something more to the dining room in the way of the custom, distinctive design that comes in a box. Now, with the Cornerstone Page Builder Tools added, you get a truly rich design that lets you build almost any website with WordPress.

Whereas many other multipurpose topics can involve a third-party page creation utility, X goes a little further and offers a special utility that has been conceived to work seamlessly with the design. Not only is Cornerstone simple to use, it also has a wide range of page items as well as pre-built layout and block contents that allow you to quickly create and operate a customised website.

ThemeForest' one of the best multi-purpose topics has become much better thanks to the integration of its own frontend pagebuilder tool. If you' re looking at the extra video from web professionals that are provided, the bundle contains everything you need to build a website that not only looks good, but also works well.

Summary: X is a best-selling multi-purpose WordPress theme that contains many pre-built layout and configuration options as well as an amazing front-end page building tools.

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