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The Total is a very modular design that makes it easy to optimize and customize it according to your needs. WordPress Blogger Theme Functions Blogs Blogger is a neat and neat free blogs WordPress theme that was designed for just that - blogs. It revolves around your blogs and uses screechingly neat coding to keep it quick and user-friendly. Blogger's funny boxed-in design makes your postings unique. The theme also offers great blogs supporting great functions like gooey postings, password-protected postings, endless scrolling and even integrated extra place in theader.

The Blogger is the ideal theme to help you get off to a great start in your own blogs game. Since the design is so simple to use, it is ideal for beginners and WordPress enthusiasts as well. Simply installs the design, adds your reviews (don't forget to add your category and tags) and then goes to the Appearance > Customize to use the built-in WordPress theme customizer.

In order to see what else BLogger can do, take a look at the functions below. GPL theme for free!

WordPress Theme status magazine by WExplorer

State is a WordPress theme developed for all kinds of magazines, messages and other blogs. Don't spend your valuable hours on clumsy, unwieldy, and inflated blogs. Installation of the design, selection of your settings via the customizer and publication of your contents. When you know and like WordPress, you'll like Status.

The design uses the WordPress Customizer kernel for all built-in preferences. Here you can design your primary logos, menu, standard layout, site width, Google customized font, and of course various parts of the design with the colour of your choosing. Simply choose your highlight colour via the customizer to change the preset colour throughout the website!

Also, choose all your customized colours for the headline, the main window, the bottom window, the side bar.... etc. Integrated option in the frontend allow you to customize your own colours for each of your catagories with a colour picker. It makes it easy for your site users to see which catagory a posting is, and it gives your site a colour cast to make it look different.

The Status feature provides a built-in socially shared feature for your blogs, which gets tacky when you scrolls down and reread the posting. In this way, your readership stays active and shares your contents. The design defaults to support Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest because it's shown that the fewer choices you offer for socially giving, the more likely it is that individuals will actually participate in your work.

Naturally, you can deactivate the built-in community share feature and use your favorite plug-in instead. State is fully located (.po/. mo file included), so you can simply translates the topic into your mother tongue. In addition, the WordPress theme status contains the built-in RTL CSss theme, so if your blogs use an RTL locale, it looks just as good.

WordPress status magazin's theme has been encoded to the highest standard and is inflatable-free to guarantee top performance. It also shrinks contained Java script to make things faster by default, and it has built-in features so you can select your precise picture section on the website if you want to further enhance things (we use large pictures on the demonstration to make them look good on retinal equipment (but you can decide on a retinal plug-in because the theme fully support them).

Totally is a versatile WordPress theme with pull & dropping capabilities and hundred of customized options so you can build practically any website. So, if you're looking for more than one topic for a particular issue, or if you need a different topic for other stories, you should take a look at the WordPress Theme.

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