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WPExplorer.com designs and develops premium WordPress themes. Elegant and beautiful theme for bloggers and entrepreneurs.

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The Elegant is a neat and lightweight WordPress topic created by Themify. It' s a great topic for a photographer, artist or blogger who has a ton of great pictures to show and communicate with their readership. So, why not fill your website with million of words with the beautiful portfolios that are contained in the Elegant WordPress topic Portfolio.

It' encoded for you ( and your staff ) to create a blogs full of hints and ideas, your works and even an e-commerce store to be shared when there are goods you want to be shared with your readership. The elegant range is pre-designed with 6 different colour skin options, but there are also integrated colour choices if you want to create your own colour schemes.

Plus, because the page layout contains Themify's drag-and-drop page generator, it's simple to build customized pages with just a few mouse clicks. What's more, you can even add your own pages to the Themify page layout. With all these simple to use choices, the Elegant range is a good option for all creatives. Others feature themes such as user-defined widgets, many shortcuts, three picture filtering modes (sepia, blue, and grayscale), user-defined headline choices, soft inclusion, and of course an appealing look.

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WPExplorer Premium WordPress Topics

Our great love for the word press has been in the business since its inception. WPExplorer also runs one of the most favorite WPEPress blog! Altogether - Used by 32,000+ humans - Is it the best Word-Press topic? Not only is the topic of our best sold article our topic, but also our most up-to-date and efficient one.

We are not the only ones who enjoy this topic, our clients also do ( and you will too ). Below, however, you will find some of our most beloved articles (in addition to our bestseller Total, which we listed above). The New York is a really neat and minimum (even very fast) WordPress topic that can be used for any kind of blogs.

There is also full WooCommerce plug-in functionality so you can build your own shop. It' just a matter of updating or launching your website with the New York design - stylish, very well encoded to the highest WP standard, quick, minimal and very elegant! One of our most favorite topics for magazines and newspapers is Spartan.

WooCommerce Noir is a very fashionable and fashionable WordPress topic that is perfectly suited for any blogs and contains full supports and style for the famous WooCommerce e-commerce plug-in so you can build your own webstore. Chicago is a very elegant and stylish WordPress topic for Blogger who also want to have their own product sold on-line through their own store.

Naturally, the store is 100% optional and can easily be used as a neat blogs. Select from different headers and grids and fully customise all topic colours using the Topic Customisation tool. One of the most favorite blog/brickwork stylistic topics is Fashionista. It has been around since 2012 and is still a good salesman.

Updated and backed up, the topic is ideal for all types of weblogs ( photograph, fashions, travel, affiliates, etc.). The Fabulous is a brick-style WordPress topic that lets you build a breathtaking blogsite in just a few moments. Completely customise all the colours on your website using the Living Topic Customiser and select from different raster column and page layout options.

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