News WP From January 2017, interesting, useful and instructive Western design related stories will be available free of charge on-line. From January 2017, the journal will no longer be print or electronicized. Instead, the items will be available to everyone on-line on our new website. We send new items several days a year.

Papers will still be evaluated by experts and AICP points may be awarded to writers for publishing.

News and Scrolling Widgets - Documentation - WordPress Online Support

The WP News and Scrolling Widget adds a menu tabs on the WP Admin page called "News" where you can create, modify and remove a new message. They can also create news category. On the following page, you can see how to create a news item. Simply click "Add News" and paste a news heading and content when adding for WordPress Mail.

Displaying a page of our latest developments is very easy. Simply go to Pages-> append New and append the page heading, e.g. Our New and Shortcode. Notice: Please make sure that the permalink is not " /news", otherwise all your messages will go to the archiving page. Give it a different name, such as "/ournews, /latestnews etc" 3) Show messages by category:

Below you will find the parameters of the News: Limits: [sp_news limit="10"] Displays the last 10 posts and then the page break. Show all posts from limit="-1". Choose the page style for messages, i.e. "numeric" OR "next forerun". Class: Show [sp_news category="40"] messages published in a given subcategory. Show [sp_news grid="2"] messages in raster form. show_date= "false"] Displays the message date OR not.

Option are "true OR false". Display content: Show message contribution Brief contents OR not. Option are "true OR false". Display full content: The [: ] [sp_news show_full_content="true"] Display the full message contents on the home page if you do not want a text boundary. Display the name of the category: The [. sportnews show_category_name="true" ] Displays the name of the message mail type OR not.

Option are "ture OR false". Contents word limit: [sp_news content_words_limit="30" ] Control of messages that publish brief contents, word boundary. The WP News and Scrolling widgets contain 3 widgets. Widgets are added, such as Show news date, Show news categories, Choose news categories. Simply go to Appearance-> Widget and choose Widget.

Novel Widget's preference has been given with the IE option. Scroll direction widget, number of simultaneously viewable messages, type deceleration, type velocity.

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