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Which is the ZOOM Framework? The ZOOM Framework supports seeds! This article will help you find answers to all these frequently asked question and tell you everything you need to know about the ZOOM framework and how it should influence your choice to buy one of our WordPress topics. ZOOM Framework is basically the "basis" on which all our topics are based.

This means, as a basis for all our WordPress topics, that it is integrated into the design and you don't have to care about it being there, you don't have to bother with the purchase or the separate installation and you don't have to care about whether framework upgrades change your design.

ZOOM Framework is integrated into all our WordPress topics. This means that you can take full benefit of the framework's stunning functionality, no matter which framework you use. When you are a programmer, it also means that you can work with one of our topics without any problems, as they all use the same source tree.

Most conspicuous is the topic option pane. ZOOM Framework Option Panels in operation. Using the option window, which you can access from the WordPress Dashboard, you can design and modify your design without having to tap a cipher. You can do things like uploading your logos, changing colour scheme and setting theme-specific choices.

In particular, this last function is very convenient to get your website up and run quickly after installing your new design. Several of the layout, button and box types that can be generated using the shortcuts of the ZOOM framework. Did I mentioned the automated updating with one click? The ZOOM framework can be updated directly from the Topic Option panels, so you can take immediate benefit of new functionality and up-grades.

We have also integrated a number of shortcuts, badges, slide shows and customisation possibilities into the framework. You can find all informations in this framework-trip. What's best about the ZOOM framework is that you don't have to be afraid. If you have further question about the ZOOM Framework or one of our topics, please visit either the ZOOM Framework Technical Resources if you are already a client, or contact us if you are not yet a client.

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