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Karethi stole the show as a proud peasant. Summary of Kadaikutty Singam: Gunasingam, a family-loving peasant who comes from a small city, tries his best to keep his big household together, although he is often misunderstood. Gunasingam is a family-loving peasant. The Kadaikutty Singam review: Since Pandiraj's Kadaikutty Singam went on the floor, it was tilted as a film for the families in front of the scenery of the villages.

Faithful to its kind and expectation, the tale is about a big familiy, led by Ranasingam (Sathyaraj). Although he is a dad of five daughters, he is a bit angry about not having a child with his wif ( Viji Chandrasekhar). Bhanupriya marries another woman and is hoping to fulfill his wish to be the mother of a little child even at the age of 50.

There are two young women from his own household (played by Priya Bhavani Shankar and Arthana) and their families who want to marry her to Gunasingam. Contrary to the expectation of everyone in the NPH familiy, he does fall in love with another little woman (Sayyeshaa). As a result, there are several quarrels and misunderstandings among the members of the families, and finally many of them begin not to like Gunasingam.

Conversely, a few in the city who were always targeting Gunasingam's downfall took advantage of the opportunity. Is Gunasingam going to marry his lady's lover? It is a vivid sample for lovers of the dramatic arts, with plenty of emotionally charged scenes based on familial ties. He is a down-to-earth member of the local community who talks about the size of agriculture and the need to accept it, and the part has given him another opportunity to show off his dramatic skills.

Soori' s funny comes at many points in the movie as a release, which is overloaded with familiar feelings.

Karthi's new Kadai Kutty Singam is released.

Bhavanishankar and Sayyesshaa Sehgal play the leading roles in the game. This filmmaker published a new posters showing Karthi as a peasant in a massive cavatar and between a group of peasants. Carthage has played a peasant in the movies and he has apparently learnt to cultivate in order to present his role in an authentic way.

Bhavanishankar and Sayyesshaa Sehgal play the leading roles in the game. It is the first cooperation between Karthi and Pandiraj. It is also Karthi's first cooperation with 2D Entertainment, which owns Suriya, and the corporation has so far made movies such as 36 Vayadhinile, 24 and Pasanga 2.

The Kadai Kutty Singam, which is preparing for publication this comingummer, has recorded D Imman's soundtrack. Miryala Ravinder Reddy will produce the movie, which will be synchronized and published in Telugu as Chinnabababu, together with Suriya's 2-D animation. Karthi will have two publications this year if everything goes as planed.

Recently it was heralded that Karthi would be working next with debutante Rajath Ravishankar. Brakash Raj, Ramya Krishnan, RJ Vignesh, Amrutha and Renuka are the support actors for the movie, which also includes a unique featured performance by the experienced Karthik actress, most recently in Suriya-Vignesh Shivan's robbery-thriller Thaana Serntha Kootam.

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