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Shinsuke Nakamura won 2018 Royal rumble with WWE Royal Rumble Although Shinsuke Nakamura has joined the fan base and had good - sometimes great - games since leaving NXT for SmackDown, it felt like something was missing: a definite date or a definite point. Sunday evening, Nakamura ended both in a single instant when he won the men's 2018 Royal Rumble game. Having started the game at Wells Fargo Center right in the middle, Nakamura finally defeated the Roman rulers to earn the prestige of a Rumble win. The Royal Rumble games are long. Sequence of participants provided many fun scenes throughout the game and surprising participants provided occasional bursts of power.

That was a good rumble game. As Renee Young went into the ring after the game and asked Nakamura who he would be challenging in New Orleans, it was child's play. "The AJ Styles," stressed an tired Nakamura. This was an unforgettable, rapid rumbling, and although Reigns' participation in the last two gave the partisans in Philadelphia a break, Nakamura finally came through.

Instead Reigns must be content with a second, first, third, second and second in his first five rumbles. The Aiden English opened the 2018 Rusev Day event, and Rusev walked into the Wells Fargo Center after a huge response from the crowd, shouting "Rusev Day" every 30 seconds and then throughout the game like mad.

When Finn Balor followed him as number 2 in the ring, they continued to explode in ovation. Two of the company's most mass appeal boys in the ring to start the game, the mob immediately collapsed into "This is awesome" singing. A " "E-C-Dub"" song soon resounded from the chevrons as Rhyno took both Rusev and Balor into his stranglehold.

Corbin Baron came out at number 4 for a choir of booing, and saying that he could be the penultimate beloved contestant in this rumble for that particular amount wouldn't overstate it. While Corbin foiled a groin test in a Deep Six and threw Rhyno out of the ring, the first big crash of the evening came when Balor almost immediately killed him.

Corbin, angry, assaulted both Balor and Rusev, pulled them out of the ring and met them with several outrages. Everybody remained down until the watch for starter number 6 ran all the way down, and that gave Elias enough elapsed dancing hours to give the Philadelphia throng a good one. Beau Wyatt was number 8, and Balor and Rusev eventually recuperated and rolled back into the ring.

Shinsuke Nakamura rolling into the ring and they kept chanting as he caused chaos over everyone who got in his way. As the vocals subsided, "Nakamura" songs superseded them as he brought Zayn into the room and recorded the removal of his former NXT rivals.

It was Cesaro who completed the first half of the men's rumple by leaving right after New Day and Finn Balor, but the ball went back into hibernation with 10 boys in the ring. In order to fill the calm, the mob collapsed into Rusev Day songs - and Rusev paid tribute to them in the same way.

The Philadelphians saw Jinder Mahal as the second last to challenge populist stature when he joined number 17. When Matt Hardy reached 19. place the audience once again went crazy. Him, Rusev and Wyatt went back and forth in the center of the ring before Hardy and Wyatt got together to end Rusev Day to the sincere frustration of the mob.

Cena made his attendance visible with great success and came in with number 20, but the participants all felt it as much as the multitude and joined him. However, it didn't take long for Cena to recover and send Elias out of the ring with an attitude adjustment.

Hurricane 21 was the first "legend" of the evening, and even Cena could not stop his scare. When Hurricane tried a throttle gap, Cena assisted the Hurricane in flying with an outward posture stab. The English came back, without his fellow Bulgarians, in 22nd place, and the mob confirmed Rusev day one last of all.

The second NXT record in the night brought the crowd back on track as Adam Cole made his Royal Rumble début with glued-on fins and everything. And Balor dumped English out of the ring, and the rumbling came to its home straight. Defence rumble champion Randy Orton made his way out to 24th place, and after a stop in the pits against Cole and Cena, Almas tried a jump and Orton ended him with a sparkling little red knockout, which he followed by throwing Almas out of the ring.

Titan O'Neil finished Titus Worldides listings in the Royal Rumble at No. 25 and left only five more men to join the game. Miz followed at number 26 and immediately blended it with Rollins and then Cena. But then he met Rollins and Cena with spinning "it" steps, missing the last one on both, but nailing a skull-breaking final on Cena.

Roman Reigns' 28th place finish, as anticipated, provided tremendous momentum for one of the supposed favourites. Gentlemen slapped upward hooks on everyone and removed the ring -- and then he gazed down at the Miz, who was freshness off hitting gentlemen for the intercontinental Championship. Reign's first removal sent O'Neil out of the ring like a much smaller man, and then Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas got a twin Super Man blow for trying to help their chief.

Then he and Reigns together beat a shield power bomb that Miz sent out when he ended up on Axel and Dallas. But there are no boyfriends in Rumbles, and Reigns quickly blinded his boyfriend and threw rolls out as if he was nothing for him.

Golust came out at number 29 and left only one additional individual left to take part in Royal Rumble 2018. Immediately he met Orton and Cena with super kicks, but Goldust got him for a current slam before Ziggler scored a third super kick and killed him. Ziggler was knocked down by Nakamura and Balor, so six men remained in the ring and no further knowledge about where Ziggler's futures lay.

On the one hand, Cena, Orton and Mysterio, and on the other, Réigns, Balor and Nakamura stared at them. The Mysterio ended up in a 619, while Orton Nakamura entered with an R6 in the center of the ring. to take out the title defender.

When Mysterio struck a 619 on Cena and Reigns and let the 619 drop on Cena, Balor stormed in and threw Mysterio out. Nakamura and Balor went to fight and Cena and Reigns fought. As Balor chased Cena, Reigns and Nakamura with a threesome of sling knives and Nakamura lashed to meet a earthed Coup de Grace - it all ended badly when Cena blinded him and threw Balor out.

Nakamura " was singing vociferously by the audience, and when Reigns and Cena accompanied him twice, the boats became noisier than at any other point in the game. Without Nakamura, Cena and Reigns exchanged a five-joint muffle and a Superman strike, but when Reigns set up a javelin, Nakamura just kept Reigns' legs long enough for Cena to come back and strike an attitude adjustment on reigns.

Cena was pulled over the centre line with her protruding face through a string of unhappy incidents - a great formula for a Kinshasa bend that ended Cena's run in third place. Nakamura songs were raining down from the crowd as Nakamura and Reigns walked face to face with a WrestleMania cover image on the line.

Nakamura was brought to the false side of the ring by Nakamura's guide, but Nakamura used him as an occasion to attach himself to a suspended arm bar as he was pulled over the top cable. The gentlemen fought back with a power bomb, and both men lay vulnerable in the centre of the ring. The lords first ascended and sorted Nakamura for a javelin, but ran with their heads first into a Nakamura-bend.

Though Nakamura met with a second knuckle that flew from the second cable, his Kinshasa trial ran directly into a Reigns javelin. Nakamura was thrown over his shoulders, but Nakamura resisted when both men went into a full-grown dash. The Reigns got his javelin but was flushed by Nakamura's Kinshasa.

Using his last ounce of energy, Nakamura led Reigns to the brink and threw him over the top wire - thus capturing the decisive moments of his WWE carrier to date.

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