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WWE: Monday Night Raw Theme songs all play. WWE: SmackDown LIVE Theme Songs Play All. Part of the big gimmick is your theme song. Unpublished songs from the greatest RAW and Smackdown superstars.

34 greatest WWE themeongs of all times

Three things a pro wrestle needs to be a success. First of all, you really need to be a great fighter in the ring. And last but not least, you need to have a great look and a great look for your characters. Part of the big leap is your theme track.

This is usually one of the first ways to make an impact, so a great title track that not only sound great but also fit the personality can really make a big deal if you're just an ordinary wrestle to be one of the best. WrestleMania 34 is honored with the 34 greatest WWE theme tunes of all times.

Most of the WWE members are on this page. This page is full of WWE-experts. Ranging from midcardern to legend, each topic on this roster bears a distinctive mark as it plays a central role in the career of these wrestleers over the years. At first I rated these 34 only by the title track itself.

Whilst some on the mailing lists may be known for the resulting input and/or audience response, this had no effect on the rankings. Also topics of other organisations (like the Four Riders of WCW) were not considered, but if a topic comes from WCW and found its way to WWE (like NWO), it can be on the listing.

Indeed, the issues were assessed on the basis of three points. So how well did this subject go with this wrestle? What was the memorable/iconic nature of this topic in WWE corporate memory? Sounds good to me? It could be if there ever was a subject that embodies the era of posture. Having left his dad to his "own" WCW, it didn't make much sence for Shane McMahon to come to the ring on the same subject as his dad Vince.

Instead, Shane is dancing to this theme, which really suits him when he is a heel or a face. If you can keep the same topic, if you are a villain or a good fellow, you know you have something. It makes perfect sense if you have Motorhead doing your theme music. Motorheads underestimated theme is probably their theme for evolution.

It was a simpler idea than done: a theme that this group presents as the Four Riders of this age. Just didn't have the same life span as some of their better known subjects. However, the musical content still contained the vampire-like nature that was Gangrel. No, a no-nonsense ass-kicker like Ken Shamrock needed a no-nonsense ass-kicking title track.

For someone who was a man with few words, this theme fitted Ken Shamrock. Mr. Perfect's theme is royal, but not too sumptuous and that suits the character in a way. "Eddie Guerrero was able to integrate these normally evil qualities into a baby face for a theme about lies, fraud and theft in a playful way, and the supporters chose to do so.

Bryan Theme, a variant of Richard Wagner's "Ride through the Valkyries", fitted the maker of the "Yes! Movement", and now that he's approved for the medical in-ring contest, I could get a second shot at Daniel Bryan and come to appreciate him. I' ve discussed adding the NWO to the mailing lists because their WWE times have been terrible most of the times, but this topic is really a classics and merits being somewhere on the mailing lists.

It may not be as iconoclastic as the WCW theme, and if I wrote an essay on the best WCW topics, it would probably be number one. However, this is certainly an issue that will be kept in mind in WWE despite its brief durability. "Booker T's theme may have come from the WCW, but left a permanent mark when he came to WWE, making him one of the few who successfully moved from the end of the WCW to a WWE carrier.

Altogether a topic, which corresponds to the five-time WCW champion. It is a disgrace that Matt Hardy "Deleted" Bray Wyatt Matt because it means that we will probably no longer hear this subject. The theme is scary and plausible, and that's how Bray Wyatt's personality would be described. The theme also offered a rare feature that not many other wrestleers had, an exiting theme consisting of a recital and string instruments played after the victory of a game.

During Brock Lesnar's full-time and part-time WWE races, he only used this theme. In many ways this was the only topic Brock Lesnar ever needed. Really, this is the big, impressive title track that a big, impressive warrior should have. "Think of Tony Montana as a wrestle and you'll get razor Ramon.

When you think of razor Ramon, you think of this subject. Probably the person who plant the seed that brought WWE into the more angular attitude of Era, Goldust was... weird. However, despite repeated adjustments to the characters and many abstractions and return to WWE over the years, Goldust has always had a very epic-sounding theme that seems to be part of a Cecil B. DeMille-movie.

Only a few years into WWE, Bobby Roode has won the WWE jacket with an incredible title track that everyone will love. When there is a problem, it's that Roodes theme is so good that it's hard for supporters to boot and make it a paragraph so he can really take on his "Ric Flair-esque" personality.

It is very seldom that WWE licences theme tunes for its stars. On the one hand, it cost a lot of cash, and if WWE pays them to make songs for them, why would they buy someone else's songs?

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