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Terrible services, practically no after sales and border fraud. So you' d think a web host would have the ability to offer a web host a lived chats facility to resolve customers' requests, right? They cannot receive support from a web host via webcam, webcam, e-mail or just by telephone. Yeah, that's right, telephone.

The only problem was that I wanted to void the automatic extension of all my registered parcels as they were no longer needed. Found the ability to do this in my bankroll, and then continued to void all automatic extensions for all my packs. They were all successfully aborted, but one of the services (domain name) was not aborted.

There is no clue why, and I haven't been given an answer as to why I can't abort the automatic extension via the Domainname Services, the only notice I get when I try to abort the automatic extension is literal: this is the only one: I can't: For more information please call our support team' So essentially I have to call you, be put on ice for at least 20 mins, there is a charge for the call, everything to reverse the automatic extension I have in any case, and the ability to reverse without calling the firm directly, and they tell me that via a trouble number.

I then thought, hey, I'll simply delete my pay information from the site so that when the automatic extension comes, it fails, I've made screen shots showing that I've tried to terminate the site many unsuccessfully without success. Can' t delete the billing information because I still have a automatic renew Pack.

If you want to use Godaddy for EVERYTHING, be extra cautious. You will be included as much as possible, and for no other purpose than mere lust they will ensure that you cannot disable the automatic renewal or termination of all your subscriptions without having to pay more to contact them to terminate the subscription on the telephone.

I' ll never use a GOODADDY facility again, and I certainly won't be recommending it to anyone I know. Meanwhile, I'll call my local banking office for free instead to clarify the issue and make sure Mr. Gottaddy no longer withdraws money from my accounts.

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