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With Jimdo, users can create a website on a computer, smartphone or tablet through a simple, intuitive user interface. Look how employees say it feels to work at Jimdo. Worldwide DIY website creator Jimdo announced today that all of its templates are now fully customizable.

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Make your own website with Jimdo Website Builder for Android! The Jimdo Creator application lets you set up a free website, blogs, or business without programming or engineering knowledge. Simply use the application to manipulate your website anywhere and from any device: your phone, your laptop, your tray or your desk. Over 20 million Web sites have already been built using Jimdo's do-it-yourself Web site Builder.

Simply register and build a new website directly from the application. Jimdo sites are all optimised for portable computing and look great on the big screen. The Jimdo Creator App's functions include: processing shop orders, SEO, add a custom contacts and more. Jimdo Creator for Android lets you:

Modify your page structure: Modify the site browsing and build new pages. Build a photo album, text, prompt for actions, or video. Paste single photographs or build a multi-picture photo album. You can then manipulate and trim your pictures directly in the Jimdo Creator application. JimdoPro or JimdoBusiness customers can view the most important stats for your website directly from their own devices - traffic, page impressions and more.

Enjoy an attractive look on any device: Your Jimdo website is designed to be fast to respond and automatic for smart phones, spreadsheets and workstations. Easily author, modify, and post your own blogs: Post and post to blogs by writing text, pictures or gallery on your portable devices or spreadsheets. Easily include category in your submissions, select which submissions to view in different areas of your site, and then part them.

We' re always upgrading our Jimdo Creator application and will be adding new functionality on a regular basis. Jimdo Blogs offers you all the latest information and advice about your website:

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The Jimdo is the simplest way to build a website on a desk, smart phone or tray. Today, more than 25 million Jimdo sites have been created by Jimdo users around the globe, and that number is growing. The individual employee is very much dealt with. Competence is recognized and promoted. To-getherness est très bien.

Average. I applied on-line. Interview réalisée à Jimdo. You work at Jimdo?

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