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Check out the official Tamil song video by Adivellakkaara Velaayi from the film Kadaikutty Singam. Singing Kutty lyrics, movie name: Podhuvaga Em Manasu Thangam, artist : Malayalam Movie songs that have been produced until today. Malayalam song list sung by Deepak Kutty. Kutty Govindan looked over the top of the fields at the front stairs of Thazhathethil.

Daemon seed: and other scriptures - Nair K N Y O N Nair

M. T. Vasudevan Nair, the most diverse author in Malayalam today, has written a number of shorts, books, screenplays as well as essays on the state of Indian literary and cinematic life. The core of this compilation is The Demon Seed, a new interpretation by Asuravithu, probably one of his best work.

Released in Malayalam in 1962, it is an no-compromise look at the decaying matrix order and the collapse of the common system of families. Govindankutty, a young Nair jobless kid. Govindankutty ventures to daydream for the first consecutive year in his lifetime when his affluent brother-in-law makes him the administrator of his fortune and a wedding is set up for him.

Smashed by the wisdom that his wife and daughter had tolerated his betrayal, Govindankutty goes crazy. Tightly typed and with a brilliant character, The Demon Seed is a vigorous novel about a changing world. Six of MT's best tales, among them "Vanaprastham", "The Jackal's Wedding" and "Sherlock", are also featured in the group. It also includes'The Ramanan Era', an essays on the effects of the first Malayalam fashion novel, and a wonderfully processed play on modern film.

Together, these works bear witness to the noteworthy breadth and profundity of M.T. Vasudevan Nair's work.

Outermost part - Barry Blackstone

Once again Pastor Blackstone is on a spirit voyage to the sub-continent of India. Its main aim is a three-week training service at Kerala Baptist Bible College, but its actual cause for the visit is a secretarial mission in North India. Like his other Indian novels, Pastor Blackstone's insights and inspirations include a monsunsturm, a B&B in a Kardamom wood, a beggaress, a little maiden called Nana, a prophet's room, a walk on Kerala's highest hill, an opportunity to pluck a pine apple, a young female driving a roller laterally, and a walk on Kerala's highest hill,

There was a billy goat, a fourteen-year blossom, several views of elephants, a new home chapel, an occasion to introduce five young pupils to a gospel hymn, US food in India, a Israel story purchased from an India travel bookstore, and a rail journey to a secluded mountainous area full of concealed perils.

Once again with Pastor Blackstone, journey through the clogged motorways, stinking railroads, tight side streets, and country roads of India to a faraway and remote place the Bible refers to as "the outermost part of the earth".

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