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Sudan oku is a sophisticated numbers puzzler set on a 9x9 Sudan oku platter. There are nine 3x3 hexes on the Sudoku boards. Goal of the Sudoku is easy. Each line, cell and each 3x3 field in the field may only contain the numbers 1 to 9 once!

In the course of the difficulties the sudoku game becomes more difficult and you have to use a more sophisticated and strategical logical system to complete the riddles. In order to start playing 24/7 Sudan, use the base item of the pack by either entering the corresponding number or choosing it from the numbers on the Sideboard.

When the number is right, the tiles glide into the right slots. Otherwise, the number returns to the outside and the clock is added to your total playing elapsed timer. In order to emphasize numbers, click on a number that has already been placed in the sudoku puzzle. You can use your own memos as the play progresses.

Simply click on it again to go back to the riddle number registration page. Each line, 3x3 columns and 3x3 boxes contains the numbers 1 to 9 only once on the SudanGuard! There are many problems with playing 24/7! Logically use your imagination to complete this funny puzzler! 24/7 finds on all your machines - computer, telephone and tray included!

EXCLUSION: The gaming on this website uses gambling (counterfeit) moneys. There will be no withdrawals, no "winnings" as all 247 games LLC represents are free of charge. It is NOT a poker room poker room poker room game.

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