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The Kutty wap ayyappa songs nithya niramaya song. Since 35 years Abba announces first new songs | Music The Abba have said that they have been writing and recording their first new songs since they separated in 1983. Sweden's Four, which had nine No-1 hit songs in the UK between 1974 and 1980 and has released thousands of million copies around the world, reported on Instagram that it had added two new songs to a show featuring the band's own avatars.

I Still Have Faith in You, one of the two new songs, will be featured in a TV spot in December. Abba's Björn Ulvaeus unveiled detail about the band's upcoming Brussels gig early this weekend. At the centre is the two-hour TV show co-produced by NBC and the BBC, in which the group appears as a computer-generated avatar.

In Ulvaeus' words, the bands were digitalized and " de-aged " to look like they did in 1979 when they did their third and last touring. From next year on, the aim is for the avatars to travel the globe. The Abba company was founded in Stockholm in 1972. Both Ulvaeus and Agnetha Fältskog as well as Benny Andersson and Anni-Frid Lyngstad, who all had a music career in Sweden.

Between the mid -1970s and separation, Abba created an impressive array of worldwide hit titles, among them, Knowing Me, You, Take a Chance on Me, Dansing Queen and The Name of the Game, all of which ranked No. 1 in the UK. Faltskog and Lyngstad were the leading vocalists, Andersson and Ulvaeus wrote the songs.

No less than flawlessly producing and performing, Abba's albums were despised then, but their continued popularity. What's more, Abba's albums are still very popular. Her 1992 release, Abba Gold, saw 30 million units sell - more than 5 million of them in the UK - and 833 week sessions on the UK record chart. Abba's separation in 1983 took place after the divorce of both pairs.

Both Ulvaeus and Andersson wrote two plays, Chess - a revival by the English National Opera opening in London on Friday - before dedicating much of their time to Abba's heir. Both Fältskog and Lyngstad have made much less of a name for themselves, although Fältskog - long claiming to be a hermit - came back to popular culture with an album A, published in 2013.

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