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Have a look at how to create it in five steps in Webnode. The Webnode provides a tool that allows users to create, design, develop, and run Web sites and Web applications. Terms of use for the partner program | Webnode.cz

Registering as an affiliate in the Webnode Affiliate Program ("Program") you agree to the following General Business Agreement ("Terms of Use"). The Webnode is a web-based service/product owned and sponsored by "Webnode AG", a corporation located at Gartenstrasse 3, 6304, Zug, Switzerland.

The Webnode Company has the right to modify and revise these General Conditions from period to period without prior notices. Each new feature that complements or enhances the existing program, as well as the publication of new utilities and ressources, is governed by the General Conditions. Your continuing use of the Program after such changes will be deemed your acceptance of those changes.

They can download the latest versions of the General Conditions at any time: Failure to comply with any of the following conditions will lead to your cancellation of your balance and your lapse of all pending fee payment made during the breach. Partner Program at your own peril.

Must be 18 years of age or older to participate in this program. The login may only be used by one user - a login that is used jointly by several users is not allowed. It is possible to register separately for any number of persons. The Webnode cannot and will not be held responsible for any losses or damages resulting from the breach of this warranty.

Do not use the Affiliate Program for any unlawful or non-authorized use. In using the Service, you must not infringe any law in your jurisdiction (including, but not restricted to, intellectual property laws). Do not use the affiliate program to make funds on your own Webnode products account.

In order to ensure the safety of the account, Webnode requests that you check your email before we can ship the money to you. As soon as you sign up for the affiliate program, you will receive a one-of-a-kind affiliate code. It is allowed to you to place on your website, in your e-mails or in other messages left, banner or other diagrams, which we make available with your partner code.

Webnode provides you with policies, linkstiles and graphic templates that you can use when connecting to Webnode. While we may modify the work of art designs at any times and without prior notification, we will not modify the image size without prior notification. In order to enable us to track, report, and differentiate fees accurately, we offer you specific linked file format used in all our web site and product page linkages.

Be sure to make sure that each of the connections between your website and the products pages uses these specific linking styles correctly. References to products pages that are placed on your website in accordance with this Agreement and that make proper use of such specific linking format are designated as "Special Links". "You will receive recommendation fee only in relation to subscriptions to a Webnode products page made directly through specific hyperlinks; we will not be responsible to you for any failures by you or any person prompting you to use specific hyperlinks or enter your affiliate code wrongly, even to the degree that such failures may lead to a decrease in the amount that would otherwise be payable to you under this Agreement.

Associateinks must refer to the home page of the advertised products. We do not accept liability for dead or linked pages within the products page. In order for a sales transaction to be entitled to a Refer a Friend Commission, the client must click on a special link from your website, e-mail or other communication to a Products page and register for the Products during that meeting and for the next 60 calendar nights.

No timeframe exists in which the client has to buy his first subscription. Subsidiaries are liable to tax all revenues from the Webnode partnership in their state. The only commission we give is for those hyperlinks that are monitored and notified by our system. The only commission we can charge is for transactions that have been created through correctly reformatted specific hyperlinks that have been followed by our system logically.

Payment does not begin until 3 or more premium plan purchase (s) are made by Webnode clients who are recruited by you or you have more than $300 in your bankroll. Your commission will not be recognized or refunded if your partner accounts never exceed the $300 mark or make less than 3 premium plan referrals from Webnode clients.

Our only responsibility is to pay for those who have exceeded the $300 limit or received 3 premium plan purchase orders from Webnode clients recommended by you. When you don't have a PayPalccount, you can always register for one, but you won't be charged until you have one.

In no event may you publish a news announcement relating to this Agreement or your Program membership; such activity may terminate the Program. Furthermore, you may not in any way falsely portray or beautify the relation between us and you, say you are developing our product, say that you are part of Webnode AG, or represent or implore any relation or allegiance between us and you or any other individual or corporation, except as specifically authorized by this Agreement (including making a statement or suggestion that we are supporting, sponsoring, supporting or endorsing a charitable organization or other cause).

Do not buy a product through your own affiliated link for your own use. Said purchasing may (at our absolute discretion) lead to the retention of royalties and/or terminate this Agreement. So long as your actual Affiliate Income is above $300 and/or 3 or more premium plan buys are made by Webnode subscribers recommended by you, you will be remunerated approximately every 45 trading day.

So if you haven't made $300 since your last payout or have made 2 or less premium plan shoppings from Webnode clients recommended by you, we'll be paying you about 45 workingdays after your last payout. Clients who purchase through this program are considered our clients.

Accordingly, all our regulations, guidelines and operational practices for client orders, client services and the sale of our goods shall be applicable to such clients. Our guidelines and operational practices may be changed at any times. We will, for example, set the price of our own goods within the framework of this programme according to our own price policy.

Pricing and availabilities may change from period to period. You should not view item pricing on your website because changes in pricing can impact products that you have on your website. While we will make economically sound effort to present accurate information, we cannot warrant the unavailability or pricing of any particular products.

Ensure that your website provides accurate and appropriate disclosure, either through a Visitor Privacy Statement or otherwise, of how you gather, use, save and share visitor information, and, if appropriate, that third party (including advertisers) may provide contents and/or advertising and gather information directly from users and place or recognise cookie (s) on visitors' web browser(s).

Notwithstanding the above commitment, you acknowledge and agree that your Program membership is subject to compliance with all relevant state, provincial, state, and other governmental and regulatory provisions governing e-mail communications, which include, but are not limited to, the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 and all other anti-spam legislation. This Agreement will be effective upon our receipt of your Program Request and will terminate upon termination by either of you.

You or we may cancel this Agreement at any moment, with or without cause, by giving your prior consent in writing to the other contracting parties. Following cessation of this Agreement for any cause, you will immediately discontinue and discontinue the use of any link to a product page and any of our brands, trade dresses, and logo and any other material provided to you by or on our behalf under this Agreement or in conjunction with the Program, and your website.

The Webnode company has the right to stop the programme at any moment. At the end of the programme, Webnode will repay all pending winnings in excess of $300. Webnode has the right, in its absolute judgment, to suspend or cancel your Membership Balance and to decline any present or prospective use of the Programme or any other Webnode Services for any cause and at any moment.

Cancellation of the Service will void or delete your account or your entry to your accounts and forfeit and forfeit all prospective or payable commission in your accounts if they have been generated by deceptive, unlawful or excessively harsh, dubious selling or advertising practices.

The Webnode has the right to deny the services to anyone for any reasons and at any moment. Webnode acknowledges that Webnode does not collaborate with any Webnode Affiliate through any Webnode Affiliate domains or subdomains that contain a confusing resemblance to Webnode Affiliates or any other proprietary right and/or right to a name owned by Webnode Affiliates.

Webnode's brands and name copyrights will be taken into account by the Contractual Partner when implementing a pay-per-click search in order to enhance its ranking in SEOs. Contractual partner undertakes not to use any keyboard words similar to "Webnode" or any other proprietary right and/or right to a name of Webnode, even if not restricted to:

Where Webnode, in its absolute judgment, finds that the Contracting Parties have in any way spammed or otherwise advertised Webnode's Service in an unauthorised manner, Webnode may retain (without limitation any other right or remedy available to it) any fee otherwise due to the contracting Parties under this Agreement and/or immediately upon notification thereof immediately cancel this Agreement at any point during the period of this Agreement.

Both you and we are freelance contractor and nothing in this Agreement creates a partnership, a joint venture, agent, subsidiary, franchise, agent or employer-employee arrangement between the contracting partners. Neither will we be responsible for any direct, incidental, indirect, punitive, incidental, special, punitive, or punitive damage (or lost revenues, lost business, or lost data) whatsoever that may result from this Agreement or the Program, even if we have been informed of the potential for such damage.

In addition, our entire liabilities under this Agreement and the Program shall not be greater than the entire brokerage charges or commissions due to you under this Agreement. There are no guarantees or assurances, either expressed or implied, regarding the Program or any product offered through the Program (including, but not limited to, guarantees of suitability, marketability, non-infringement or implicit guarantees resulting from a price of service, trading or commercial use).


THAT YOU HAVE ADOPTED AN INDEPENDENT ASSESSMENT OF YOUR ELIGIBILITY TO PARTICIPATE IN THE PROGRAMME AND THAT YOU HAVE NOT RELIED ON ANY REPRESENTATIONS, WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OTHER THAN THOSE SET FORTH IN THIS AGREEMENT. All disputes arising out of or in connection with this Agreement (including whether or not you actually or allegedly infringe this Agreement), any transaction or activity under this Agreement or your dealings with us or our affiliated companies shall be subject to strict liability in Brno, Czech Republic, except that if you infringe or threaten to infringe our IPRs in any way, we shall bring an action in a state or federal tribunal in the Czech Republic (and you agree to a non-exclusive forum and another appropriate tribunal) or another tribunal in the Czech Republic for an injunction or other appropriate remedy, in which case we shall not be liable to any party, except that if you do so, we shall not have any liability to you for any loss or damage whatsoever arising out of or in connection with your actions or your actions under this Agreement or your dealings with us or our affiliated companies in Brno, Czech Republic.

Except to the maximum permissible under current legislation, no award under this Agreement shall be combined with any award by any other Party to which this Agreement applies, whether by means of classical award or otherwise. The present Agreement shall be construed in accordance with the European Union and Czech Republic legislation, without regard to the provisions concerning the selection of jurisdiction.

Neither by statute nor otherwise may you cede this Agreement without our previous agreement in writing. Except as limited herein, this Agreement shall be effective and binding upon and may be enforced against the applicable successor(s) and assignee(s). Your default in enforcing your absolute compliance with any term of this Agreement shall not waive our right to exercise such term or any other term of this Agreement later.

Webnode's omission to execute or assert any right or regulation of the General Conditions does not represent a renunciation of this right or regulation. Disclaimer The General Conditions represent the whole understanding between you and Webnode and governs your use of the Service and supersedes all previous understandings between you and Webnode (including but not restricted to previous revisions of the General Conditions).

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