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Waiting wet and freezing for the Supreme Court's Same Sex Marriages ticket

For those who waited Monday before the Supreme Court for one of the few sought-after seats to listen to oral argument in two same-sex marriages this weekend, it was also chilly, wet and arduous. On Monday, a storm of snow in the snow in early September that was blowing through the city seemed to do little to stop a few tens of locals from crouching under wet sleepingbags, plastics sheets, and oversized parasols as they were counting down in the last few hour before the conflict began on Tuesday mornings ( "the second case was planned for Wednesday morning").

Meanwhile, in today's real-time civilization of streaming web and Twitter news, verbal argumentation before the Supreme Courts remains isolated from the rest of the online universe, making it possible to get 400 places in the courts. However, the only publicly available copy of the case which is not a copy is a sound file which the Tribunal will publish only after the argument has been made.

Most of the passes are reserved for persons with particular ties, such as members of the Supreme Courts Chamber of Lawyers, journalists or guests of the judiciary. Approximately 100 places will be reserved for those standing in line - or paid for. According to the court's information bureau, 60 to 70 of them are reserved for persons who can see the whole case, while the remainder are reserved for persons who turn into groups and spend three to five min watching.

In spite of the poor climate, believers on both sides of the same-sex wedding debates on Monday were inspired by their milieus. Mr Schwarz and about 10 others had stood before the Supreme Court on colourfully painted wooden seats - red, yellow, green, red and red - with US flag.

All she had done was plan to take part in a few demonstrations on gays before the argument was put forward. And then she listened to the wireless - somewhere in Virginia, she said - that there might be a possibility for them to get places. Ms. Hudgens said that she realised that her rejection of same-sex marriages made her a rare occurrence among her age-mates.

"She said, "I know some guys who are gays, yes," and she remembered a recent Facebook interview with someone who' s queer who pointed out the objection that she would refuse gays equality even if she smiles at them on the streets. A Tuesday piece about a few tens of folks strung up to get a Supreme Court tickets to allegations of same-sex marriages eventually spelled the last name of a lady who went cross-country for the case.

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