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Learn what users are saying about the WYSIWYG Web Builder. Check out the user reviews of WYSIWYG Web Builder, price information and what features it offers. Web Builder WYSIWYG Web Builder is an all-in-one web builder that lets you build entire websites, unlike liquid (dynamic) layout (generated by conventional HTML editors) where the location of an object is dependent on the location and scale of its surroundings. Web Builder WYSIWYG Web Builder creates HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), HTML5, or XHTML tag while you point and click on the features you want; you can build a Web page without having to learn HTML.

Simply drag and drop items onto the page and place them "anywhere" you want, and when you're done, post them on your web site (with the built-in publishing tool). Dragging and dropping HTML objects: High-performance forms utilities with integrated PHP forms processors. Publishing your whole website, a singular page or a group of pages (on a locally installed disk or a web/ftp server).

Navbar, Slide-MenĂ¼, Mega-Menu and many other navigational utilities. Supports third-party add-ons with the Extension Builder utility.

Web Builder WYSIWYG 14.0.4

The Web Builder is a WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) application that can be used to construct entire websites. This means that the final page is displayed exactly as it was created. Simply simply drop and drop items onto the page and place them "anywhere" you want, and when you're done, post them on your web site (with the built-in publishing tool).

The Web Builder gives you full command over the contents and layouts of your web pages. A Web Builder projectfile can contain more than one Web page. Simply generate a form with the integrated form wizard, form validating tool and integrated CAPTCHA. Enhanced graphic utilities such as shape, text type, rotate, shadow and many other picture effect.

Completely jQuery user interface (accordion, tabs, etc.), motion graphics, animation, effect and themes roller themes editors. Lots of navigational aids available: Incorporated slide shows, photo galleries, rollover pictures, banners, etc. The HTML5 file category (optimized HTML5 output). Supports HTML5 Audio/Video and YouTube HTML5. XHTML5 forms: natively validated HTML 5s, new entry styles and choices, web stores.

Forms and other drafting utilities are supported by HTML5 Canon and SVG. Integrated content management system with many plug-ins (guestbook, frequently asked questions, links, photos etc.). Use the HTML tool to customize your HTML by adding your own HTML tags. Embed the jQuery UI widget in the jQuery UI. jQuery UI Manager lets you design your own UI Widget for the most powerful and easy to use jQuery UI tool.

Web Builder WYSIWYG 14.0. Position the modal layer in key points.

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