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Topic evaluation by our specialists The theme, is one of the best-selling WordPress topics in the theme forest. We will examine X| The Topic in this paper by looking at its functionality, versatility and ease of use. The theme is produced by ThemeCo, a US WordPress theme store. It' their only and most popular product on the market place themmeforest.

More than 78000 people bought this theme from all over the world. Get more information about this product This was the best-selling WordPress theme for the weeks, for the months, and has more than $2 million in value of objects in the theme forest on sale. These statistics are unbelievable and are a testament to the breadth and depth of X| The The The Theme.

WorldPress has all kinds of people. X WordPress is one of the best things Cheers Creative has ever done. You can do everything from commercial and corporate web sites to corporate and e-commerce sites with X. X. | The theme meets the needs of this large audience by offering a versatile approach that can be used with any type of web site.

It' s so feature-rich that most likely most people won't even use half the functionality of the theme. We' ve chosen to concentrate on the key characteristics of the theme that make it singular and so strong. Batches are totally individual designs that allow you to make your own custom, individual designs.

X-Thema comes with four stack and there is more in the pipeline. Imagine a stack as a topic within a topic. X| The theme comes with another uniquely designed function named Enhancements. Enhancements are plug-ins specially developed for X Theme. They can be downloaded and installed in your WordPress administration area.

Add-ons are contained in your Theme licence, i.e. they are free for X Theme customers. The Cornerstone is a high-performance WordPress Frontend Page builder. It' contained in X Theme as an expansion. Enables a user to work on their website directly at the frontend in a WYSIWYG-network.

You can use a lot of shortcuts with your X theme. The X Theme comes with some uniquely new shortcuts. There are so many functions, as we have already said, that we cannot handle all of them. You know, we were really excited about how big and feature-rich the subject is.

What's the easiest way to set up X Theme? A lot of people believe that more functionality means more complex things. A lot of website owner don't need so many functions so they might think that X| The theme is probably not the best for them. We' ve chosen to find out how simple it is to set it up for people who want to quickly build a nice website.

The design works immediately after unpacking. User can simply enable the design and select a batch. Each topic is only a barbone without the contents. The design adjustment menus are quite simple to use. User can modify their website while watching the real-time previews. X| The Theme Theme is a WordPress theme so it comes with 6 month free support with every licence.

They sell it in the theme forest, they check thoroughly the documents on each theme listet on their market place. There' so many things I can do with X. The subject! Client liaison and help videos are better than any other topic I've tried. Theme comes with a comprehensive set of instructions that covers every aspect of the theme.

You' ll find clear directions to set the theme on your website the way you want it to be. Thémeco, the enterprise behind the X-theme, offers direct assistance through the theme forest. User can ask a question on the Theme website and a member of our technical department will respond as soon as possible.

On the basis of our evaluation of functions, user-friendliness, usability as well as user friendliness and our evaluation of our product range, we give X | Theme 5 of 5 Star. It' an outstanding WordPress theme that is strong enough for intermediate level and simple enough for novice use.

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