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Learn why the editorial note: We no longer recommend the use of the X theme. It has been a while and tools have been developed that are easier to use and better fit the community. Do you know any other nice examples of live sites that use the X theme? X-Thema is a powerful WordPress theme for multi-purpose websites.

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//The forest. The X theme as a church motif is a good option for a variety of purposes. Not that I used it to create a church website, but I used it to create two places of service. The first is the New Breed Revivalists website, and the second is a project of mine, TheChurchPlanter. org, which will help us document our own church planter trip and support other planners and directors.

An ecclesiastical theme, it has a great attraction, a strong frame, tonnes of "how-to" videos, and can be quickly taken up when dedicated. I will begin with some drawbacks to use this as a church motif and then design some of my positive elements! I use it on two sides myself, so it's something I actually use and love with great results.

Disadvantages: Can be daunting if you just hop right in. There is a small learning-wave with this topic that can seem daunting if you just click on Option and begin to play. Also after the video the Options-Panel at the frontend can look a little overloaded.

Perhaps I'm just used to doing everything in the back end of my back end, but I like to edit my theme choices. Obviously this is rated a little higher than the other topics I use. Usually I don't do by subjects in the $40 route. The most designs have it in the front of the customizer....for a design with such a strongly adapted frontend I couldn't find it.

Let us now explain some of the motivations why this topic is fantastic. Hopefully, reviewing the use of X as a church theme will help you make the right choice for your church or service. A thing I like about this church theme is that there are tonnes of clean places where information can be inserted that is already there.

Sometimes, if you're not a special topic for a church or company, you need to build a Widget area somewhere where you can view hours of attendance and other relevant information that needs to be over the line. There are several areas in this topic where you can include information in the head area.

The main advantage of using X as a church motif is that it can be integrated into BuddyPress! Humans want an on-line fraternity, and you can put it on the website of your fraternity. You can find costly church management software, like The City, that makes a TON of cash by basing it on this concept...and you just did it for $63 and downloaded BuddyPress for free.

The church planting site is about resources, but just as important for resource procurement is the fellowship it offers. Think of your small groups having their own on-line communities to interact within your church site. Pushing it as a place where you can purposefully relate to those in the church, a place where you can divide what God moves, and a place where you can relate and empower all your leadership to use it.

And the X theme will do it better than any other theme I have come across. The X Theme comes with 4'stacks. Essentially there are 4 topics in one. In the end, I always recommend integrity for church locations. For me it simply looks best what the church issues should achieve.

You can customize the page heading and images on each page. When you go to my church plant page, the first thing you see is not some headline with the menus and logos, it's a big screen that lets you know the page is soon to come. The topic comes with a high-level custom Visual Composer release.

Then use Visual Composer to customise the home page of your church motif! There comes piled with Revolution sliders (I like layers sliders better, but hey FREE), Visual Composer (there's $30 you didn't have to spend), and all the X short codes that round out the theme. I am a minister who knows quite a good piece.... at least enough to help other church rulers!

Our video creation forums and knowledgebase are first class and will help you make your church site look the way you want it to! General-use website theme. Use it for anything...cluding your church. Fast reacting topic. I have very much appreciated my experiences with the X theme as a church theme, let me know about your experiences with it!

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