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Hello, you have mentioned that an example of a WooCommerce shop is good. Whoocommerce Turn your WordPress website into a fully-fledged e-commerce showcase with the click of a button (at no extra cost). Because X was designed to handle several, totally one-of-a-kind stack styles, each stack has its own look and feel when it comes to integrating WooCommerce. When you' re looking for an eCommerce option, you now have four totally different looks to choose from!

Creating an e-commerce website with the X theme

Ecommerce is fast growing around the globe with $1.5 trillion in revenue globally. The X theme offers an outstanding e-commerce solution for both prospective business owners and respected people. It has everything you need, from trolleys and ratings to an exhaustive listing of payments gateway options. I will run the rules on the X theme in this paper and emphasize the functions it offers from an e-commerce perspective.

In conclusion, I will lead you through a detailed step-by-step guide to building your e-commerce site with X-Thema. The X version provides a full -featured WordPress e-commerce interface that lets you virtually everything you need to trade on-line, from physical goods to downloadable music. This all-in-one theme lets you create a window on your WordPress page or grow with an ecommerce hub - no wonder it's the biggest seller of ThemeForest ever.

And Themeco, the creators behind X, pride themselves on being the first of its kind to refer to its stack function. A Stack is a multi-faceted, single design with a click on the X theme itself (not to be mixed up with sub themes) that allows the user to create a custom website within a few mins.

At the time of this letter, the X-theme contains four stacks - Integrity, Renewal, Symbol, and Ethos. Design is delivered with the Cornerstone Page builder directly after unpacking, which add another level of customisation option that ensures the unique nature of your website in quantity. More than 20 enhancements can be integrated into X and work perfectly with any licence - all free to use!

Let's take a look at why you might want to use the X theme for your e-commerce page. X-Thema is packed with great stuff and provides some of the best functions you'll find in WordPress topics. Is it really the best choice when it comes to e-commerce setup?

Let's go over some of the outstanding functions X has to offer from an on-line shop position. When it comes to the overall theme and aesthetics, X has not a flaw. In addition to built-in stack capabilities, X's latest upgrade also includes the Cornerstone Page Builder utility, a high-performance page building utility that allows customers to fully customise their website.

Because of this double Customizing hierarchies, no two websites built with X-Thema look the same. Almost every high end topic today has the default collection of short codes that we have come to appreciate. The X theme has all this and more. Short for Responsible Visibility, the table of contents is a great complement to any e-commerce site and will help your site get a better ranking with Google.

Though Integrity is the X stack's core competency, X allows a user to build one e-commerce site with the others. Every expansion is hand-picked to ensure optimum power and superior function. Every licence entitles the user to receive Themeco' s exclusivity and immediate help with problems with the theme or third-party plug-ins/extensions shipped with X. Suppose you are confident that X is the best (which is far from far-fetched), let's continue with the tutorial!

This section takes you step-by-step through a briefing that will help you setup your WordPress-based e-commerce page with the X theme. We use the power of these features and combine them with select plug-ins and enhancements to deliver the perfect storefront and maximise your customers' buying experiences.

When you have the X theme on your WordPress page, you must first assess the needs of your e-commerce page and choose the stack that best suits your store. X-Thema currently has four stacks, each equipped with their own distinct functions and styles: A theme with four distinct styles.

Universally designed and available in both bright and black designs. Stack with slim shape and clear line, perfect for blogs and creativity agency. Stylish and minimal, this stack is large in size so the user can take advantage of its customized colours and unparalleled layouts choices.

Allow me a minute to come back to our previous debate about X's stack from an e-commerce point of view and determine that each one of them is capable of building an e-commerce site on X. I strongly suggest that you choose the most appropriate stack after you have analyzed your website, the items you are going to be selling, and the markets you are targeting.

I will use the Integrity Stack with X topic for the purposes of this Tutorial to show you how to setup an e-commerce site. Log in to your WordPress Dashboard and browse to Appearance > Customize. Click Stack on the Adjustment window on the far side. Choose the batch you want to use and look at it in the thumbnail area.

Choose a batch from the WordPress Customizer. After saving your favorite batch, browse the other adjustment possibilities in the WordPress Customizer and customize your e-commerce page accordingly. The WooCommerce is the most favorite plug-in that turns your WordPress page into a full e-commerce page in just a few moments. As soon as you've chosen a batch and tampered with its standard look, it's your turn to focus on the store and add WooCommerce features.

This section will show you how to use the WooCommerce plug-in, how to configure it on our website with the integrated installation assistant and how to create your first products! Browse to Plugins > New from the WordPress Dashboard. Look for'WooCommerce' in the plugins at the top right of the page. WooCommerce plug-in is the first results.

A WooCommerce Setup Wizard will prompt you to do so. Press the Let's Go! buttons to begin setup of the plug-in. With WooCommerce the main pages are added as well. Next, you will be asked to enter some detail about your upcoming e-commerce site on the Shop Locale Setup screen: Your shop site.

Weight per weight units. Unity for defining size of finished part. Type the site and currencies detail on the Locale display. The next step is to customise your store's shipment and control concept, which allows the user to configure items to be shipped and VAT to be collected on the purchase.

WooCommerce makes making your purchases really simple. You can choose to pay through PayPal or choose one of the three off-line pay gateway services by default: Please note: If none of these methods of billing suits you, click Skip this stage and later add a WooCommerce add-on that includes extra billing gateway accounts.

Once you have set up your billing methods, click Next. Choose your prefered method of financing. You should now have completed the set-up assistant and you will be asked to produce your first item with a message "Your shop is ready". Press the buttons labeled Make your first work!

It'?s your chance to develop your first one. You will be directed to the WooCommerce products page, which looks similar to the Add New Posts page. The addition of a new item to your shop is really simple! Press the Publish pushbutton to view your first item on your new e-commerce page. As soon as you are finished, the item will be added to your shop.

Please click on a specific item to see its detail. It is possible to use the same methodology to create more items in your shop. Please refer to this step-by-step tutorial for more detailed instructions on how to set up the WordPress-based website. The installation and set-up of WooCommerce was the first (and most important) stage.

This section introduces you to some enhancements that you can add (all free with the X theme purchase) to further improve the usability and usability of your e-commerce site. Let us take a look at what lies ahead. From the WordPress Dashboard, navigate to Addons > Enhancements. The Content Dock enhancement has been developed specifically for the X theme.

This allows the user to present contents and market offerings in an elegant way to their clients. User can use this high performance feature to promote coming promotions and sells on their e-commerce site. The ConvertPlug - ConvertPlug is an opt-in WordPress forms plug-in that ensures more lead and subscriber traffic. This plug-in provides exiting intent detection, reduce cart abandonment, offer vouchers - all of which are key add-ons for an e-commerce site.

The plug-in allows consumers to address clients on the basis of their individual preference, behavior and purchase histories. The Envira Gallery - Webmasters can use the Envira Gallery add-on to gracefully present catalogues of products or new acquisitions to their inventory while at the same time save a Tonne of Desktop Properties. With X-Thema it is possible to create a whole well-designed page with shortcuts.

It is Themeco's understanding that short codes are a webmaster's best mate. X-Thema comes with all the key shortcuts we want from any premier theme, in additon to its very own high performance suite of shortcuts. With the Entry Share short code, the user can insert soft release button anywhere on the page.

It' s vital for e-commerce websites because it allows your clients to use your shop's items in an easy way on their own CSRs. Responsible Price Platforms eliminate the need for paying for premier price chart deployments by enabling consumers to generate eye-catching charts with a single short code. Perfectly designed for e-commerce publishers who sell bundled goods or service.

The Short Code Responsive Pricing Table allows us to build appealing pricing charts without the need to install an additional plug-in. Ecommerce websites can use their functions to show presented items or new store extensions. Featuring X theme's full short code capabilities, it's one of the easiest-to-use designs that doesn't sacrifice looks, power or ease of use.

Well, now that you have a good notion of how you can start with X-Thema to build an e-commerce site, I'd like to present some actual websites that have done the same thing with the Integrity Stack (the same one we used in our tutorial!). First, we have Space Wallet - an on-line shop that specialises in the sale of what you have been looking for.

Webmasters behind this pro-looking website have used a Slider Revolution foil to make their own (one of the many free premier plug-ins that come with buying X Theme). The Westgate Resorts use the promo short form of X theme to show information about resorts, special offers and their holiday blog on their homepage.

Ecommerce is in vogue and creating a web site for your business or creating a pure on-line business can be very beneficial. We' ve seen how you can start building your e-commerce site from the ground up with X-Thema. Are you using X-Thema for your e-commerce website?

What stack of X themes did you use?

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