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Build beautiful websites with X Theme and Cornerstone with Wordpress. Beautiful 25+ examples of the WordPress X theme in motion So as a kind of follow-up to our last posting (where we talked at length about the best-selling WordPress X theme on Themeforest), we contacted Theme.co (the firm behind the theme) to ask them if they happened to have beautiful samples of X themes in use.

Courtesy of you, we thanked you with a rather large display case - in which we found a series of absolutely deafeners! Here's a listing of your favourites. Many thanks to Themeco for being so useful in drawing our attentions to their large X Theme displaycase (from which the above mentioned lists are compiled)!

Would you like to use X Theme to create your own website? Do you know any other beautiful samples of living websites that use the X theme? Spikefly is definitely one of the best names on the Yup page! - Thank you. Hi any samples or property pages with x-topic?

I have just kept a copy of X. This will be my first attempt to deal with a "multi-purpose topic". It seems as if most topics (for me) are hard to change, outside the field of musicality. Do you plan to create a schedule for 2016? What is your X and WordPress skill set? Think I' s a Jedi master of the X theme.

We' ve used X THEME to create our website for our all-inclusive slimming bootcamp here at Fit Farm - http://fit.farm - don't hesitate to let us know in the commentaries if you think the website has worked well, we're still collecting feedbacks!

Theme vs. Divi: Advantages and disadvantages

Getting the right WordPress theme can be a tedious task.... WordPress template is available on-line in hundreds of thousands and it can be hard to know which one to choose. Divi is one of the best WordPress design on the web today. In the last year we have been comparing Divi with the Genesis Frameworks.

As Elegant Themes Divi has recently upgraded with a number of new functions, we thought it would be a good idea to visit the theme again and see what it has to offer. Instead of Divi and Genesis, in this paper we look at the Elegant Themes flag ship theme and X the theme. X is one of the most beloved themes on ThemeForest, with around 62,000 copies sold.

Let's take a close look at the strong and weak points of these two diverse WordPress topics. X offers nothing on a paper basis that cannot be found in other WordPress topics on the ThemeForest Marktplatz. Comes with several fast-response fashions, it contains a page builder to create customized pages, and it has a customized portfoliopost style.

On the other hand, his featured listing doesn't tell the whole tale. X has added many new functions since its launch in late 2013, and as I speak, the theme has achieved its final year. By doing this, you ensure that you can update the design through the WordPress administration areautomatically.

Trial function to modify WordPress Theme Customizing to show what can be done with X. There are tens of demonstrations for all four themes (known as batches, but more on that later). The import of the demonstration files changes all WordPress Customizing parameters. The Cornerstone is the page build enhancement contained in X. While Divis Page Builder works in the backend, Cornerstone works in the frontend.

Page builder can be used for blogs and pages. Among the items are post-accordions, Google Maps, video, sound, image controls and more. You can then modify an item by selecting what opens the Setup Option on the far right. Being able to modify things at the front end of your website means you can see exactly what items and changes in your designs will look like on your website.

Allows you to customize aspect of your website appearance with the WordPress Theme Customizer. Not as many layout possibilities are offered as other WordPress topics, although most things are dealt with in the thirteen different category. As well as design-related preferences, you can edit things like type, page width, headers, footers, button names, blogs, portfolios, and share content.

I' m sure you know that with the WordPress Theme Customizing you can see all the changes you make in the WordPress Theme Customizing in a real world. Spending some quality case to happening environment, you should be competent to get the arrangement you poverty to kind. Fortunately, the demonstration is available for those like me who don't have the creative imagination to make a good website outfit.

The X contains four distinct styles that designers call "stacks". For each batch different functions and choices are available. Choose which batch to use in the WordPress Theme Customizing program. Batch selector boxes display the batch selector settings for a specific batch. If you modify the batch, various different choices appear in the following field (although all other choices in the Topic Customizing are the same).

Looking at the stacking process, I noticed that some settings were somewhat non-consistent. Guess that each batch has its own set of properties, but it was odd to me that something like a blogs headers is only available in two sets and only in one. That' a little critique, but hopefully the developer will offer more theme choices than default across the line.

As we take a close look at each batch, you will see why each theme has different WordPress customization features. A universal designer, available in both bright and deep colours, integrality is the key to a successful world. It is a minimum size theme that offers great functionality for supporting blogs.

That is my favourite one ( although I prefer minimum designs!). The Ethos is a magazin designed with mail pushers and mailcarrousels. The majority of topics and Frameworks such as the Genesis Frame have a formal pattern. Designers are able to create many beautiful skin from this one single pattern, but they are still constrained by the limitations of this one pattern.

The X has four distinct designs. This opens up many opportunities that would not be possible with other topics and Frameworks without a great deal of tailoring. Undoubtedly, the incorporation of four distinct designs is one of the best characteristics of the theme. The enhancements added in the third release of X extend the X theme with extra functions.

An enhancement I've already talked about is Cornerstone, the page creator that lets you make nice contributions and pages. There are currently sixteen X enhancements, all of which can be downloaded for free if you buy the design and type in your own unique programming interface (API) number. Plug-ins are one of the major reason why WordPress is such a diverse plattform.

Plug-ins bring new functions and functions to your website that you haven't had before. Topic designers don't always create their design with plug-ins in view. It' s not unusual for theme designers to reply to ThemeForest: "It is the plug-in that causes the error" when a users informs them of an issue when their design is used with a particular one.

Fortunately, you don't have to be worried that this will happen with X, as it offers great third party WordPress plugin compatibility. Each of the four X-Design multiples is conceived to work with WooCommerce, BuddyPress and BuddyPress right out of the box immediately (an example of BuddyPress with the Integrity multiple can be seen below).

The X comes with a style for the common Kontaktformular plug-ins Kontaktformular 7 and Gravity Forms. There is native language native language native language reading from right to left, and there is built-in WordPress Multilingual Plugin native language native language support. There is no other topic I can imagine that comes with a page-builder that gives you the ability to use an alternate page-building approach.

It is a great function that Visual Composer current user will surely appreciate. If you have any queries before selling, you can ask them in the comments section of X on ThemeForest or directly e-mail them. Your database of knowledgebase contains a tutorial on all the important features of X. If you can't find what you're looking for there, you can ask a query in their forums.

themme. co has taken an interesting step to help X. From the beginning, they have been consulting with incumbent web marketing companies and development companies on how X should be made. X-Thema attracted a great deal of interest last year when Envato unveiled that it was her best-selling WordPress theme. In less than six month the developer, Theme. co, had succeeded in achieving a million dollar turnover.

Part of the reason X has been selling so well is because it has so much to offer in one bundle. That makes it a versatile theme that can be used in a multitude of contexts. So far, I've only discussed what I think are the major functions of X. Below is a brief listing of other functions you'll find in X. As you can see, X is a powerful WordPress theme that is full of functions.

Having more functions doesn't necessarily mean a better design, but I was amazed at how X worked. Undoubtedly it is one of the best WordPress topics on the shelves. The Elegant Topics are one of the longest active themed businesses in the WordPress comunity. The Divi has converted the business. By the time Divi was first published in late 2013, Elegant Topics were widely known to offer over eighty WordPress topics at the same prices many businesses charged to get a WordPress theme.

After Divi was published, the business radically shifted its focus from quantities to qualities. There is no question it was the best choice Elegant Topics have ever made. As before, the organization offers a variety of topics and plug-ins through its member base at an accessible cost. But whenever someone refers to elegant 2015 topics, they certainly refer to Divi.

It is worth recognizing as one of the best all-in-one WordPress applications. It' a nice theme that has a lot of great functions. Ever since we likened divi to the Genesis platform last year, a lot of new functionality has been added. This is the latest publication of Division 2.

Divi's 4 was the largest Divi purchase since its inception. This has added a number of new functions to what was already a sophisticated WordPress theme. Elegant Themes 2.4 has added more than 1,000 new preferences. Let's take a close look at some of these and see how they have formed Divi.

The core of Divi is the dragging & dropping page Builder. Earlier Divi releases only allowed Page Builders to be used on pages, which limited the ability to work with them. Fortunately, Elegant Themes have lifted this restriction. Now you can use the Page builder for any WordPress mail item regardless of whether it is for pages, blogs, or user-defined mail items.

There is still a wide range of models in Vivi. Vivi 2. Full width picture, full width barcodes, full screen headers, full width postal titles, full width codes and full width postal titles. The WordPress Theme Customizing has always been included in version 2. #4 has also added a new Modulustomizer. The WordPress Theme Customizing tool looks and works the same way as the WordPress Theme Customizing tool you know and like.

More than 200 adjustments are available through the Customizing modules. It' a great new function that makes the Divi Page Builder even more powerful. The Elegant Themes has enhanced the way lines and rows are added and changed. You can also create full-width lines, create user-defined spaces between them, apply color backgrounds to the different lines, and make sure that all lines have the same heights.

The Divi-Bibliothek is another great new function. Use the Divi Libraries to store custom cartridges, paragraphs, rows, as well as layout files. Any part of your website can be changed using the WordPress Theme Customizing tool. Selecting a subcategory gives you a number of subcategories, and these subcategories give you a variety of ways to create your website for you.

Vivi 2. For the Theme Customizing 4 a lot of new features have been added. Where Elegant Themes has really extended Divi is in nav. You have new possibilities to adjust the size of your logos, centre and design your logos online, and adjust your fonts and styles.

When I last compared Divi, I said that there were 18 ready-made lays. Now there are 24 structure for your heading and 9 structure for your blogs posts heading. Stylish designs have a good image as customer service. You have a large section of information that will explain all the functions of Divi.

As with any all-in-one approach, Divi has a small learn curve. What's more, Divi has a small learning- curve. This will take less than 30 min to become familiar with how everything works, but you will need to devote more of your attention to the topic to make the most of it.

As soon as you have a better grasp of all the Divi functions, you will be able to build nice and original pages and contents. Featuring 18 fast-reacting ready-made layout templates and great mail formats the Divi has something for everyone. I' ve talked about Divi many a time in the past in stories about Divi.

In the past, one of the things I've had trouble talking about about Divi is how to check it out. So many functions in the theme that I can't enumerate them all. Stylish themes have made my work even more challenging. Having added over 1,000 new preferences and choices to the latest Divi release, I just couldn't get it to show everything it can do.

For more information about what Divi can do, I recommend reading the Divi Theme information page and the latest release 2.4 release news. What subject is less expensive? The X and Divi have two very different price scales. Although it is the biggest WordPress theme marketing platform in the world, ThemeForest is not a GPL-friendly site and X is not fully GPL-compliant.

X's creators do not allow you to use X on more than one website. WordPress product creators are not allowed to limit the use of WordPress in this way, as this violates the General Public License on which WordPress is based. Allows you to dowload the Cornerstone Page Builder, Slider Revolution, and Visual Composer enhancements without having to enter an APII code.

However, you can move the theme and enhancements onto other domain names by hand (this is allowed under the GPL Terms of Use). For many WordPress editors, the problem that X is not GPL-compliant may be a small problem, but in my opinion it is a dark spot against X.

Here is the hope that the developer will fully adopt the GPL in the near term and not limit the use of their work. Fortunately, Elegant Topics is a GPL-friendly business that doesn't limit the use of its designs and plug-ins. Stylish topics have three different types of subscription plan to choose from. At $69 per year you get instant on all 87 Elegant Threads WordPress topics.

Divi and other high-quality design such as manoeuvrability belong to it. At $89 per year you get free entry to all 87 Elegant Threads WordPress Threads and 6 plug-ins. First-rate plug-ins contain their e-mail opt-in plug-in Bloom and their beloved Monarch online community shareware application. Livetime Acces Licence provides the same functionality as Development Licence.

When you think that you will be using Elegant Themes for more than two years, this is the licence to buy. Which one is for you? It has more resemblances between X and Divi than distinctions; certainly if you look at these themes against a frame theme like Genesis.

Each design includes a Page builder for page layout and both designs use the WordPress Theme Customizing tool to style your website. Divi Page Builder and Cornerstone Page Builder are great tools for the creation of great looking contents. You work in different ways, but sharing many of the same moduls and functions.

So it depends on which user surface you choose and whether you want to use your Page Builder in the backend or whether you want to process things at the frontend. Divi is the clear champion when it comes to designing your website. The WordPress Theme Configurator has several hundred more configurations that are just not available in X. This gives you a much greater degree of flexibility to manage how your website is presented and customized.

The Divi comes with 18 ready-made ready-made laysouts, but X's demonstration font function provides a combined 33 different laysouts for its four designer stages. X and Divi are both unbelievably diverse WordPress topics that allow you to simply build nice and sophisticated web sites. Hopefully you have this look at X the theme and Divi enjoy.

All-in-one X and Divi are great end-to-end tools that allow anyone, regardless of their technological expertise, to build professional-looking website design. Elegant theme, however, provides a much better price-performance ratio. With Divi, you get 86 additional topics and 6 high-quality WordPress plug-ins, all for the same cost as X. And with Elegant Topics, you have no limits on how many domain names you can use your work on.

Because of these considerations, I believe that Divi is the better choice for most WordPress user because you get much more for your budget and you can use Elegant Themes on as many sites as possible. However, if you're only planning to use X on a single Domain, the GPL problem shouldn't be a problem for you, and you might want to take a close look at X's functionality and see if it has functions that you need.

Hopefully this comparative piece has help you see what X and Divi have to say. I' ve done my best to discuss the best feature sets of both theme choices, but this is hard on items like X and Divi because they come with so many choices and unparalleled functionality.

Please do not take my words as my own true good when it comes to my own opinions on these issues. It' s up to you to take a closer look at both topics and determine which one is better for you. What is your view on these beloved topics? Disclaimer: Some of the link in this article are affiliated link, which means that if you click on one of the link and buy an article, we may get a referral fee.

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