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These are structural templates for creating compliant HTML and XHTML documents. Free CSS templates available. Our XHTML / CSS templates have been created from scratch to be easily modified and used for any web design. It' just an empty XHTML page template with a simple tag layout, ready to use immediately.

Free CSS Templates and XHTML Templates

Those drafts were created as easy as possible. Everyone is equipped with clear coding that is easy to view both by looking at the sources and with any WYSIWYG HTML editors (such as Dreamweaver). They are intended to be willing to visit web sites, and are great ways to study HTML.

Everyone has easy-to-understand instruction on how to change them when more than just fundamental changes are required.


The XHTML is HTML, spelled as HTMLML. XHTML - what is it? About XHTML The XHTML was created by the combination of the power of HTML and HTMLML. The XHTML is HTML that has been newly designed as HTML. A XHTML DOCTYPE a xhtml doctype must have a XHTML DOCTYPE statement. You can find a full listing of all XHTML doctypes in our HTML tags reference.

, , and must also be present, and the must specify the

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