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Wallpaper Xmas Live

The Xmas Live Wallpaper HD is a free, simple and yet beautiful live wallpaper for you! Would you like to use videos as wallpapers for your desktop? Are you looking for the best live Christmas background for your desktop? Their search for Christmas live backgrounds for their Android devices ends right here. Christmas countdown begins with Christmas Live Wallpaper for the Android.

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The Xmas Live Wallpaper is a free, easy and yet nice live wallpaper for you! Christmas is approaching. Father Christmas is going to the city. Check out Xmas Live Wallpaper Xmas High Definition, one of the best live Christmas wall papers right now! Happy Christmas to all! 20 lovely, great pictures of Christmas. Everything in high-definition quality, as backdrop for this live wallpaper.

The background images move as you glide through your Home screens. You can adjust the interval between each wallpaper switch. You can mix your wallpaper. You can touch at the top of the display to move to the next wallpaper. You can activate the spark effect to see nice sparkles that fly and glitter in your background images.

NOTE: Sometimes you need to turn your monitor off and on again for the live wallpaper to work correctly.

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You can use these backgrounds for different types of device, e.g. PCsystems, Ipad, Iphone, Android, Tablet. Feel free to get in touch with us if you would like to create your own wallpaper and add it to this page. Make more people who like great wallpaper use more inventive backgrounds. Similar backgrounds:

Xmas Live Wallpaper Full 7.01P Download APK for Android

Thrilling Christmas countdown with glittering Christmas trees and watches! Christmas Live Wallpaper Full' is a breathtaking live 3-D wallpaper with a glittering Christmas ornament and an exhilarating Christmas timeline where you can choose to track the dates until Christmas, New Year's Eve or any date you choose. Each scene is equipped with a myriad of customisation choices, and can be used both as a live backdrop and as a fully immersive front-end application, where you can browse around and quickly adjust your work.

There are *many* added functions and personalization settings in this version: New 4 Christmas Ornaments and Multicoloured Glitter Modes! Watches with glittering date and timepiece. Supplementary lighting for treetops. HD video playback option to enhance your screen experience. ? Many different output choices for smooth operation and low maintenance.

The possibility to calculate either in round off dates (the vernacular days-to-Christmas method) or in a completely precise and nerve-racking day, hour, minute and second time. Screen position and zooming capabilities. ? and much more to gamble with! When you liked the free edition, consider showing your appreciation for our tough work by buying this full edition that offers many more functions.

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