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Below are some nice visual styles and free Window XP themes for Windows XP. Learn why Free Visual Styles Free XP Themes Free Skins are available for download to change the look of your Windows xp desktop. You can download the Royale Blue, Royale Noir, Zune and Embedded Themes for Windows XP.

We will be sharing 4 Windows XP theme files published by Microsoft today. Most important and impressing about these topics is that they do not need patches. This way you can simply add and remove topics without having to worry about patch the uxtheme.dll in your system. Here are the topics:

"The topic "Embedded" was taken from the Windows embedded standard CTP Refresh series. It' a modification of the "Royale" theme. Execute the installation program and use the design via Desktop Properties. "Zune " theme was published by Microsoft to offer its new mobile players "Zune" like feel in Windows XP. It' also built on the theme of royalty.

Execute the installation program and use the design via Desktop Properties. "The theme "Royale Noir" is a dimmed variation of the theme "Royale". Designed as a monochrome copy of the "Royale" theme, it was never published by Microsoft as it was not flawless and included some problems such as colour variations. The Royal design was made for Windows Media Center Edition 2005 and Windows XP Tablet PCs Edition.

The theme is a mixture of blues and greens. Run the installation program as normal and use the design via Desktop Properties. What is the best way to activate real aeroglass transparency with blur and reflection in Windows 8 and higher?

Fifty-five Most Beautiful Free Window XP Themes and Present Styles

One of the best and most user-friendly operating systems released by Microsoft on August 24, 2001, Windows XP is the second most beloved Windows operating system available on the market today, powered by the Windows installation basis. Windows XP is designed specifically for PCs, home and office desktop PCs, laptop PCs and multimedia centres.

The one thing I don't like about XP Vista is it's blau and grün user interface, but now so many third-party websites provide free Desktop Design for XP Vista that you can Download and use to install your XP Vista Vista with Style XP to get these topics applied. It will help you customize your system with new designs.

Below are some nice Vista and free Windows XP theme for Windows XP.

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