XPRS's surface is smooth, but a little overwhelming. XPRS Series active PA speakers are compact and portable yet powerful. XPRRS Think you could refer a friend to XPRS? Disadvantages: Without familiarizing oneself with the technologies and a clear view for layouts, colors, etc. At the moment you use Squarespace for customer sites, but the additional features for whitelabeling and discount hosted are enormous!

Did you notice a projects we're embarking on today for which I'm using this for, that it's sometimes a little annoying (expected during Beta and Walk out) and some things that are missing as far as comparison of SP and XPRS, but overall the grace and ease of it really comes through.

Create your website with POLYDOMS (Smart Contentblocks ), which can be created and created in infinite ways. It' s like a play - adding parts, mixing the design, customizing and publishing them. Preview your phones, tablets, desktops and animate between them!


XPRS Series PA loudspeakers are small and affordable, yet powerful. Featuring 12-inch rechargeable XPRS12* loudspeakers, it fills the room with a vibrant, lifelike tone thanks to its wooden enclosure and powerful power amps. VPRS12 is available separately as a standalone loudspeaker. A 15mm hard wood Birch case, 12" FERRIT AF and 1.75" titan membrane compressor provide a naturally low-distortion audio experience throughout the frequency response, even at high volume levels.

PFC (Power Factor Correction) technology helps reduce energy usage and ensures consistent levels of output in all conditions. Customize to a wide range of styles and settings by using the knob on the back of the loudspeaker to instantly gain 4 EQ modes: Edge: Reduce the low frequency to achieve a more even tone when using the loudspeaker as a ground monitoring unit.

Featuring driver, amplifier and amplifier unit protection, the XRS12 loudspeaker gives you the security, consistency and durability you need to extend the lifetime of your audio system. Reduce the loudspeaker's ouput rating to safety values in the case of an ouput current.

Distance from DC Offset: Turns off to avoid further damages if the loudspeaker explodes. Fixed high-frequency protection: Provides loudspeaker isolation from noisy impulses such as feedbacks. Entrance bias limiter: Cut the AF and compressor driver seperately when both reach their maximum. Overvoltage AC protection: Provides surge suppression.

At the front of the enclosure, a front panel indicator light has 3 different modes - either powered, limited or off - and optionally provides a visible indication of the loudspeaker's state. Adapt to any room with 90 degree rotatable horn units that provide a 90 x 60 degree spread so you can flexibly install the loudspeaker either vertical or horizontal.

Put the wedge-shaped loudspeaker on your platform as a folding screen, use the mounting points to fix it to the floor or walls, or place the rod holder perpendicular ly or at an angle of 7 degree to guide the tone exactly where you want it. A sturdy cabinet made of beech wood protects your PA speakers, while meticulously placed grips make it easy to transport and assemble.

Connect the XPRS series anywhere in the globe - even in places with alternators or tempers. It recognizes and adjusts to the tension without affecting the audio performance. We extend the free guarantee for the XPRS series of powered loudspeakers.

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