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Creator IM Review (XPRS) - Create a beautiful & Lean website quickly. Nice themes - but stunning in application. The XPRS Web sites are created by piling portions on a Web page. Whilst XPRS rarely felt overloaded, I found it sometimes awesome to use.

XPRS requires some habituation to learn - there are many symbols that fly around. While exploring various stages, I repeatedly encountered complicated structure issues.

Simple things like processing a template, for example, are complicated. To process the successful completion report of a formula in this formula (formula), you must click on one of the entries (for example, Name) and then on the symbol for the formula format. The simple concealment and re-display of the caption of this shape, for example, made the items really thin (they were previously full width).

Also, by clicking the Right Orient pushbutton, the shape was adapted to the side of the page - and I couldn't find out how to fix it. By clicking the Right alignment pushbutton, the page has been adapted to the page. All in all, the XPRS is a very elegant one.


The IM Creator, or IM, () is a New York City based computer programming and web services firm with an offices in Tel Aviv, Israel. In 2011 IM Creator was established by Jonathan Saragossi, President and General Manager. In early 2011, IM Creator was formed by Jonathan Saragossi, who was previously VP of Wix's creative teams, as well as Jonathan Zaragoza's CTO.

With headquarters in New York City and an offshore branch in Tel Aviv, Israel, the firm is backed by angelic investment talent seeking before it was founded.

One year later, the firm released the IM Creator Mobile Website Builder and 2014 IM Free-a free resource book that is a free resource book available for free for commercial use. IM Creator released its latest plattform - IM XPRS - in 2015 along with its older website creator, now generally known as IM Creator Classic or just IM Creator.

Legacy websites created in IM Creator Classic will still be maintained, but all new clients will be redirected to the new site. It also introduced IM Self, an XPRS-compatible blogs builder for portable computing platforms.

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