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Theme: x: Unprejudiced, detailed verification I came across Themeco's number one WordPress theme topic, Themeforest's X Theme, last year. I' ve had horrible fortune in the past purchasing unique designs because designer often throw away a theme to sell something but provide little assistance. Even though the topic seemed impressing, I had tried enough topics that completely upset my website to know that I should be careful.

Actually, I've been recommending for years to only buy topics in the Genesis frameworks for more experienced or Woothemes for WordPress beginners. I' m now switching all my websites (yes, even the one you're on right now is being switched) to X-Thema. Briefly said, X-Thema has significantly enhanced the winnings on my alcove site, loading fast and error free even on my very busy site and is now the only theme I will use in the future.

Mm-hmm. What's an X theme? Ack! I loathe talking about your wordpress topic, but it's the truth. Within one theme there are four "stacks", which are totally different themes for the website. I' ve never seen another subject do something like this before. That means you can really make this topic appropriate for almost any WordPress page without even having to touch the source at all.

Additionally to the stack, the theme of our X-Thema impresses with its unbelievable short codes. While I was thrilled to see this feature, after making the error before relying on a theme for these things and later spent a few extra nights fixing the shortcuts when I switched the theme, I was initially jumpy about using them.

Luckily, if you ever have another topic on the street, it won't affect your website, thanks to X's plug-in for all these shortcuts. Themeco has added "extensions" to the theme in its latest version. Essentially these are WordPress plugs for a few haphazard things that are available with the theme.

Hopefully there will be a more focused, topic-centric rollout for the next one. When Themeco people listen, please come to me if you're looking for an idea! There are some blueprints for the ultimative blogs topic that would be perfect for this topic. On both sides where I am currently using X-Thema, I use the Ethos-Pile.

These stacks have the ability to display a roundabout of contributions in the headline. I wasn't sure if I liked this particular piece of furniture at first, but it's hard to reason with the results I've seen. Then I tried to switch to X. In the mail merry-go-round I added hyperlinks to our most beloved blade review.

One thing is directly responsible for the surge I have seen: the postal roundabout at the beginning of the topic, which assists me in showing my most important contents to people who would otherwise only be passers-by. In a design with so many design feature, I was very worried about the flaws in the design before buying.

When I was using very large WordPress pages with many plug-ins and other things, I was worried that I would run into trouble. Luckily, after a few month with the topic on my pages, I didn't find any bugs that weren't solved within 24 hrs, neither by the (very) fast response time of the help nor by a topic up-date.

This topic works! "Often plug-ins are really the cause of WordPress problems, but theme designers like to disregard the fact that sometimes it's the way the plug-in interact with the theme that is causing the problem. Deactivating the theme would also fix the problem! It is the plug-in creator who puts the blame on the theme and the theme creator who puts the blame on the plug-in.

I asked a few questions if something was possible with the topic, and they gave the coding to make it possible. Considering the characteristics of the theme used in the game, my biggest preoccupation was to get the best possible performance. I am proud that my pages are always loaded with or just under 1 second, which cost me a great deal of work.

My page tempo remained the same after I switched to the theme from Genesis, although I use much more and bigger pictures for the theme designing. Having itself proven itself against Genesis, widely considered to be one of the quickest WordPress framework on the web, the website performance of Max is just as good.

Actually, I would even say that the theme works better because I kept similar speed while adding much higher resolutions and more pictures to the page. Inflating is another issue I had with this topic. I was worried that with so many functions, the amount of coding on the site would slower the site, cause conflict with other plug-ins, and make the installation procedure cumbersome.

Luckily, this topic is correctly structured. Yes, there are many functions, but these functions only upload to the pages on which they are used. Yes, there are many functions, but the entire installation kit for the theme is only 5. 5mb (it's really irritating if a theme is over 10mb and you have to do a manual installation instead of using the WordPress installer).

Yes, there are many functions, but I have not seen any plug-in conflict with the sentence of about 20 plugs that I normally use on all my pages. I' m not a programmer, so I can't say much more about the coding but I can say from the user's point of view that this seems to be a properly designed design!

Powerful theme makes your theme a real one. Hopefully Themeco won't screw it up in the big time. Much of what I want to see in upcoming versions of XP is changes in the way we get to WordPress topics. I would like to see functions that no one else does, like the possibility to display contributions on the website according to a user's progress.

The next big challenge in WordPress is to improve usability on the basis of their behaviour, in addition to simply list articles distributed at random across a website. Hyatt has done this with his theme, and it's a very persuasive tool for blogs who use different kinds of medium. is the easy adjustment and the nice styling.

The extension of the theme to this one is the hopefully way Themeco will go - instead of just add more built-in plug-ins, their "Extensions" version in 3.0. At $63, Theme is available for downloading on Themeforest. 63 is a fair prize for such a mighty subject. I' ve been paying a lot more for topics with less functionality.

But I don't like the fact that you have to buy a licence to use the design on any website where you use it. I have no development licence that allows me to use the design on all my pages. I would appreciate a development licence, but I like to buy such a high end design.

and the only theme I use on my pages while I'm redesigning them. Get your copy of Theme here.

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